All Your “Bachelor” Spoilers for Brad’s Season – 12/8/10

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Episode 4: (14 down to 11)

1-on-1: Chantal O’Brien. They are picked up in a helicopter and flown to Catalina Island to re-live where “Kip-Ten” fell in love with publicity, uhhhhh, I mean each other. Their date consists of walking across the bottom of the ocean floor in some sort of giant helmet as equipment. They keep these two in Catalina overnight to make the girls think that Chantal doesn’t come back and got eliminated, but she didn’t. Her and Brad just stayed overnight in separate rooms, she got a rose, and returned to the mansion the next morning.

Group date: Dr Drew radio show. At one point in studio, they blindfold Brad and ask all nine girls on the date to kiss him one by one. Hey, if you’re a germophobe, you may turn away. You’re welcome for the warning. Afterwards, they go to Brad’s house and have a pool party. Apparently Ashley Hebert gets really drunk at this party and upset a few of the girls. The story about the ex-boyfriend that recently died is at the forefront of all this drama. Britt gets rose on this date.

Updated 1/3: Dr Drew Group date- Not on date: Marissa, Chantal (1-on-1), Michelle (1-on-1), Shawntel, and Emily. On date: Ashley S., Ashley H., Alli, Lisa, Britt, Meghan, Lindsey, Jackie, Stacey.

1-on-1: Michelle Money. Before he picked up Michelle, he takes Ashley H outside to talk to her about her behavior night before. Michelle is pissed since, well, she seems to be the resident jealous girl. They go to Brad’s place to hang out, then a helicopter picks them up and flys them to a building in LA that they rappel down. Promos show these two making out while rappelling down the building. Once they rappel down, it drops them off at the pool where they make out some more. On this date, Michelle has a black eye from something that happened earlier in the house. I guess she bumped in to something. Cuck-koo, Cuck-koo. Michelle gets a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Stacey Queripel, Meghan Merritt, Lindsey Hill.

Episode 5: (In Las Vegas, 11 down to 8)

All the girls are staying on the top floor of the Aria hotel.

1-on-1: Shawntel Newton. Brad takes her to the fashion mall at Aria, then they do a helicopter tour of Las Vegas. They have dinner on a rooftop and see a fireworks show. Shawntel gets a rose. During this date, in a true rip-off of the originator Kasey Kahl, the two Ashleys, Lisa, and Marissa end up getting small rose tattoos in what I assume is a girl bonding moment. Very cute. I would’ve much rather preferred a lingerie pillow fight though.

Group Date: NASCAR time trials. Lisa won the time trials, but because of it’s NASCAR theme, Brad worried about Emily the whole date and ends up giving her the rose. After the time trials, they all went back to Aria for a pool party.

Updated 1/3: NASCAR Group date- Not on date: Ashley S. (2-on-1), Ashley H.(2-on-1), Shawntel (1-on-1). On date:(All the remaining girls) Alli, Marissa, Lisa, Michelle, Chantal, Jackie, Britt, and Emily.

2-on-1: The two Ashleys, Hebert and Spivey. Supposedly these two are really good friends in the house. At Aria, these three start rehearsing with the Cirque de Soleil show, “Viva Elvis”. Both girls train and rehearse with the dancers to see which one will join Brad in the show. He takes them to dinner at a restaurant in Aria, and during dinner decides to eliminate Ashley Spivey. After dinner, he and Ashley Hebert appear in the show.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Ashley Spivey already gone from the 2-on-1, Marissa May, and Lisa Morrisey.

Episode 6: (In Costa Rica, 8 down to 6)

1-on-1: Chantal O’Brien. They go camping. While camping they get rained on, and Brad lets her wear his shirt. She ends up back at where the ladies are staying wearing Brad’s shirt and jealousy ensues. She gets a rose.

1-on-1: Alli Travis. This date had something to do with a cave, and eating dinner in the cave. While at dinner, Alli didn’t receive a rose and was sent home.

Group Date: Unsure what this group date was but I’m sure bikini’s were worn, girls frolicked around and giggled, and I’ll be aroused at some point. Updated 1/3: The remaining group of girls rappel down a waterfall.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Alli Travis gone after her 1-on-1, and Jackie Gordon.

Episode 7: (In Anguilla, 6 down to 4)

1-on-1: Emily. Helicopter tour of the island before a romantic dinner on the beach. No rose is given out.

1-on-1: Shawntel. They ride bikes and go to the farmers market to get food for a picnic before having a beachfront dinner. No rose is given out.

1-on-1: Britt Billmaier. They go jumping off a cliff and into the water. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Updated 2/13: They board a yacht which takes them to a bay. That’s where they go cliff jumping. Then back on the yacht for conversation, and Brad basically sees no future with her and despite it not being a rose-or-go date, he sends her packing. A little dingy comes to pick her up from the yacht, she goes back to the house and the girls think she’s there returning from the date, but in reality, she’s there to pack since she didn’t need to beforehand thinking that leaving wasn’t an option.

The only other thing I know right now about the actual dates in St. Martin is what I posted back on Oct. 27th. There was a group date that took place on the beach (SI Swimsuit date), and one date had Brad and a girl riding bikes together (Date with Shawntel). Not sure which girls were on what date outside of Britt’s 1-on-1. These dates and the group date in Costa Rica are what I’ve been holding out on for the last week. Thought I’d get it, but I didn’t. At least right now. Oh well. You’ll live. Weird how for the life of me I can’t find anyone to fill me in on the dates in St. Martin’s, yet I know pretty much every other detail about the season. If I do end up finding out, I’ll let you know. Updated 1/3:

Group date: Chantal O’Brien, Michelle Money, and Ashley Hebert pose with Brad in red bikini’s for a photo shoot done for Sports Illustrated. The pictures will appear in their magazine on Feb. 15th, which I’m assuming is their swimsuit edition. Makes sense considering this episode will air the day before on Feb. 14th. Ashley gets a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Britt Billmaier eliminated during her 1-on-1 date, and Michelle Money. Michelle has the most anticlimactic exit considering what we’ve seen from her the previous six weeks. Says barely anything, gets in the limo, and lays down. Bravo! Great acting.

43 thoughts on “All Your “Bachelor” Spoilers for Brad’s Season – 12/8/10

  1. Congrats on the scoop! Lets see how many tabloids run with your info. Season sounds a lil dull, but to be expected since they’ve obv run out of ideas

  2. Great job, comprehensive and a public service ’cause now I don’t need to bother watching that tired old tire retread.

  3. you got me curious, too, re chantal. googled her and couldn’t find her. but found an article about daddy and they spelled her name chantel. with an E.

    however, i didn’t see anything using that spelling either.

  4. steve,
    to say you’re the best would be the greatest understatement. i can’t wait for the season to start. i always look forward to reading your comical take on the episodes. thanks as always!

  5. Thanks Steve! I’ll have to admit, it does sound pretty boring, but I’ll continue to watch anyway just so I can read your funny commentaries. I’m SO tempted to post a link to your site and who wins on WetPaint’s Facebook page but I won’t.

  6. Oh my gosh I’m so excited about reading your column after each show. Now that Train song is in my head and I can’t get it out. Thanks a lot.

  7. I grew up with this girl and her name used to be Chantel Smith back in the day. O’Brien is her stepfather’s name.

  8. I have no intention of watching this season. I think Brad Womack is a dick. But I enjoyed looking over your season pre-cap. I’ll be checking the results … although I already know you’re right.

  9. I don’t know if this is of any interest to you, but:
    Keltie Colleen once dated the guitarist (Ryan Ross) of Panic! At The Disco. It was a pretty high-profile relationship in the pop world and there are quite a few candid photos of the two available online. And if you’ve ever seen Ryan Ross, you’ll probably agree that Keltie is unlikely to go for a guy like Womack.

  10. I totally get that your omission of Madison from the PSA date cast was a simple error, but surely you can understand why you are getting so much flack for it.

    You of all people should know there’s no way they’re going to do a segment about donating blood without the vampire girl!

    Since she self-eliminates in episode 3, I’m guessing her entire role on the show was negotiated and arranged differently than they did with the rest of the hamsters, I mean contestants.

    I think Roberto’s already “gotten out,” for all practical purposes.

    Ali said in an interview with some magazine or other that they were “slowing things down.” Which means that the only thing left is working out whether there’ll be an Official Dumper & Dumpee, or if breaking up will be a “mutual decision.” (While for “regular people,” that might indicate that one or both has some passive-agressive tendencies, with Ali and Roberto it probably has more to do with contractual obligations for appearances “as a couple” at one or more events).

    Viewing Enhancement Tip: A screen grab of the Bachelor House at Night makes a great background image for Dream Aquarium!

  11. “-One of the girls tells a knock-knock joke to Brad when she meets him out of the limo. Don’t know which girl it is, but is something along the lines of: (Her): “Knock-knock.” (Brad): “Who’s there?” (Her): “24 women.” (Brad): “24 women who?” (Her): “Exactly.” Which is funny because even on the night they arrived, this girl still didn’t even know there was 30 girls on the show, or else her punchline would’ve been “29 girls”. “…..

    didn’t happen?

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