Your “Bachelorette” Spoilers for Ashley’s Season

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Episode 4: (In Phuket, Thailand, 12 down to 11)

1-on-1: Ames Brown. At some point, they end up sitting at the edge of the water in the sand in their bathing suits. Ames gets a boner I’m sure. He gets a rose.

Group Date: At a local orphanage where the guys are building and painting stuff all day for the kids. Since Ben F. is the artistic one of the bunch, he ends up impressing Ashley the most and Ben Flajnik gets the rose.

1-on-1: Constantine Tzortzis. He gets a rose.

Rose Ceremony Elimintion: West Lee.

Episode 5: In Chaing Mai, Thailand, 11 down to 8

1-on-1: Ben Flajnik. According to the press release, they go shopping at an outdoor market, visit an ancient Temple, then end the night with Thai music, dancing, and fire eaters. Ben gets a rose.

Group Date: Eight men compete against each other in Muay Thai boxing, tournament style. Kinda similar to Ali’s guys wrestling in Portugal, except much more manly and less oily. Ryan beats Ames and accidentally gives the guy a concussion, sending him to the emergency room. Blake beats Lucas. Constantine beats Nick. JP beats Mickey. Constantine and JP bow out of the competition, so Blake and Ryan have one final match. Blake ends up winning and he gets the rose later that night.

2-on-1: Ben Castoriano and Will Holman. Both are sent home on this date.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Ben Castoriano and Will Holman already eliminated on their 2-on-1 date. Nick Peterson sent home at the ceremony.

Episode 6: (In Hong Kong, 8 down to 6)

This is the episode where Bentley returns and makes an appearance. If you didn’t read Chris Harrisons conference call with the media on Wednesday June 1st, you can read the summary here. One thing I think that was clarified in this conference call, is now we know why Bentley returns to the show in Hong Kong. Look at Chris’ answer when asked about reports that Bentley returns:

Will Bentley return to the show? Chris wouldn’t confirm a Bentley reappearance later in the season (Reality Steve says Bentley does return), but he said Ashley “definitely has a hard time moving past this” and the only reason they would allow Bentley back on the show is if Ashley wanted it. It’s her call.

So there’s your answer. When Bentley returns to the show in Hong Kong, Ashley is fully aware he’s coming back and is the one that asked for him to return because she needs some sort of closure from him. I guess the reasoning he gives her in episode 3 for leaving doesn’t sit well with her, and three episodes later, Bentley is still on her mind, so they bring him back per her request. He comes back, they talk, she gets her closure, and he leaves. He does not go on any dates, doesn’t see any of the guys, and he’s not part of the rose ceremony.

1-on-1: Lucas Daniels. He gets a rose.

Group Date: Three 2-man teams competing in a dragon boat race. They have to run into Stanley Market and get random strangers to join their boat to compete in the race. Ames/Mickey vs. Ryan/Blake vs Constantine/Ben F. Ames/Mickey finish 1st, Ryan/Blake finish 2nd, Constantine and Ben F. bring up the rear finishing 3rd. Ryan ends up getting the rose on this group date.

1-on-1: JP. He gets a rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Blake Julian and Mickey McLean. Updated: Mickey actually walks out at the cocktail party, and doesn’t even make it to the rose ceremony.

Episode 7: (In Taiwan, 6 down to 4)

1-on-1: Constantine.

1-on-1: Ben F.

Group Date: Ames, JP, Lucas. JP gets a rose.

1-on-1: Ryan. He gets sent home on this date.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Ryan Park sent home on his 1-on-1. Lucas Daniels eliminated at the ceremony.

53 thoughts on “Your “Bachelorette” Spoilers for Ashley’s Season

  1. Ok,I this sounds like a snorefest, and none of the guys are hot!!! I’ll pass but I’ll keep reading.

    PS…saw Nikki K at Macy’s yesterday; hmmmmm short and kinda thick. Would think a pageant type would hit the gym more than the cupcakes.

  2. The final two and the chosen one are irrelevant. What matters is which of these mediocre guys will be the next bachelor. Ames is my bet. It was better when they had a themed bachelor.

  3. to “luv it” – here’s a hint: when you show you are only interested the exterior appearances of other people .. which both parts of your comment do .. it doesn’t reflect badly on any of them – only you.

  4. Awesome as always ! ! Sounds like another *yawn* installment. I think these final guys are kinda icky.

  5. Mickey – NOT the first one out of the limo. Goes in but misses on the kiss.

  6. Ashley is by far the WORST pick ever as the new “Bachelorette.” Her hair extensions look like he** and her laugh is annoying along with her personality! Ratings will go in the toilet for this poor pick. Her forehead – there are no words! She could scare flies off a meat wagon in the middle of a sh** storm!

  7. Who is thejerk with the mask on and when does he get booted off? the previews show bentley saying he could not care less about ashley and he wished the bachelorette was emily so i guess he is still on but her choice in the final four are icky! she is not the worst bachelorette – that would have to be the manly looking and sounding and drunk JILLIAN!

  8. If you want to find Bentley or whatever his name is along with his ex-wife just check That is the “dating” site of choice for all of the Mormon rejects of the world. They should do a Bachelor/Bachelorette just for single Mormons. The “fantasty suite,” would consist of a night of the ultimate Levi Lovin and instead of having a lovely glass of wine with dinner they could run to the local Walgreens and spend a night drinking Robitussin with the BYU co-eds.

  9. Wow, that Bentley guy is an A*S!!! I can’t believe some of the crap he was saying in his ITMs.

  10. I say that she choose Ben F it will be done to him and Constantine. Ashley has way different tastes than I do…so far my top 4 would be Ryan P, Mickey, Will and Matt…
    Wow Bentley is awful, I wonder what Ashley thought of last nights episode seeing him say he wishes it was Emily and that later on we see him say that Ash has none of the items on his check list. Honestly he is not good looking IMO, I would not have kept him I would have kept Jon instead, but once again that is my thoughts if I was there instead of her, Bentley and Ames would have been sent home and Jon would have been given a rose

  11. Ben F. Is a really great guy. I have known him for years. He may not be super hot, but he’s sweet and cut. I hope he wins.

  12. Reality Steve, I love you! Now I don’t have to start watching til mid-July! You make my life so much easier! =-)

  13. Bentley owns a “trampoline” family fun center in Draper, Utah called Airbound. He would never have survived the Bachelorette with his Mormon Jammies and his BYU honor code lifestyle. I can’t believe he was even cast as a potential. Rumor has it…he cheated on his first wife and he wanted Emily to be the Bachelorette because she looks just like his ex-wife. Just think Ladies, you could be stuck living in Utah dating douche bags like Bentley who think they are Brad F’ing Pitt. He’s an idiot!

  14. Love the blog and would love to blog for you. alas, i have no time.
    So, Ashley seems very peppy, love that she’s more alive, love the hair. I think that after 2 – 3 episodes people will start to see that guys are actually more attractive (or less, as the case may be). However, there is definitely a lack of Roberto’s this season.
    In no particular order and because i have not read all the way through spoilers, i’m going to start naming these guys as the actors they resemble.
    Ray Liotta godfather – did they really think it was that interesting to spend all that time showing a drunk guy? yawn.

    Heath Ledger – he’s back. and oh, so smiley-eyed – like.

    Adrien Brody – would have liked to see more of him. packed his meat bag and sent home. The only time we got to see him was his exit. – Bring back.

    Brandon Fraser – He’s the intellectual one. Does he speak French to her, or was that Mr. New Orleans? My guess is he lost his jacket before the introduction, or decided to go without, and somebody 2 sizes too small loaned him a horrible jacket. – Like

    Soap opera actor (name one) he’s the first impression rose guy.
    - Like.

    My votes are for Winery Ben – Really classy touch bringing the bottle of wine to toast. Who doesn’t love that? Really cute but needs something done with his hair. Maybe hairdresser guy can help.

    Nick from Florida – because he looks different from all the rest.

    Will “Wills” because he’s down to earth.

    I also find Constantine and Jeff “mask” intriguing. . .

  15. OMG! This season is soooo boring! The guys are awful and the plot lines are uneventful, so far…

  16. Thanks for the heads up that it’s JP who is the final guy! Love him and how he allowed he to just be mellow on their date. Great pick.

  17. I hope Ashley reads this: She is NOT less attractive than Emily. Certain men fixate on certain types. Ashley could be Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie, and if she wasn’t the type a certain man was looking for, she would leave him cold. Ashley has a gorgeous figure, and is graceful and vivacious. Many, many men would be thrilled to be able to date her!

    Bentley, on the other hand, is a sociopath — no question about it. Sociopaths can fool ANYONE — just read how Ann Rule (an experienced crime writer) was fooled by Ted Bundy. Or think about how Scott Peterson, who later murdered his pregnant wife, struck everyone as being so charming and romantic. What women (and men) need to learn is that any person who is incredibly charming, and always seems to know exactly what to say to please you, and never seems to have an awkward or clumsy moment, is probably hiding something. Be VERY VERY careful!

  18. I didn’t think last night was boring, it was actually refreshing to see some real conversation. And oh my gosh, i loved Ames corniness. Take some pointers from him Steve, it works!

  19. I didn’t see Ames’ boner so how did you? I even slowed down my TIVO to see if I could find his boner!!! Damn! As a women, I like to check that kind of thing out but I’m a little worried about you…being a man and all…lol

  20. My friends and I have made “Bachelorette Ashley” season into a drinking game. Every time she says “Bentley” we have to drink a shot. We’ve been getting REALLY drunk! :) She is such and idiot and I bet the show is really sorry they picked HER to be their bachelorette….although it has made for interesting TV.

  21. I’d love to be a fly on the wall as Ashley is watching the show play back and hears all the stuff her “love” Bentley, said about her!! I bet she feels even worse about herself! Can’t wait for the reunion show!! Its gonna be awesome. I hope Bentley shows up for it!

  22. awwww, I like JP, I think he is a good fit for Ashley, and she seems to be into him throughout what i’ve seen so far. Thank you Reality Steve, you are the best ever for giving us the information. I don’t even let it bother me watching something I know is comming, I just enjoy watching the guys act all macho on bachelorett, and the girls act all catty on the Bachelor. Cool news, much thanks and may you be well.

  23. ashley makes me want to throw a brick thru my tv…isn’t there some kind of psych test the show should give ..she is a mess and as dumb as a plank…if she says ..moving foraard..spelt like she says it…if the guys had any brains they all would have walked out by now…she may be becoming a dentist…but she has no common sense and is wound so tightly that she would drive a dead man crazy
    great job steve…
    without the travel log..the show would be so boring..
    the show has no one but themselves to blame…she was a neurotic mess last season..get rid of these second chances..the show needs new blood…

  24. I agree with above post about bringing in new blood. I understand their reasoning but I think if they’ll invest in someone new they may even get new watchers.

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