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JLH Addresses the Ben Rumor, Exciting Site News, “Reader Emails”, & A Story I Hope You All Watch – 8/19/11

So… who gets stuck washing the sheets post coitus in the Bachelor Mansion? Is there a housekeeper just like in a hotel, or are contestants responsible for doing their own wash during the duration of their stay? Did the producers send in an intern to go deal with cleanup after Kasey and Vienna did the dirty, or were they advised to do it themselves out of courtesy for the next couple’s romp?

Gross question, but apparently I had a lot of time on my hands today.

Comment: Yes, A LOT of time on your hands. I don’t have the faintest idea what the answer is to that question. Nor do I really want to know.


I just wanted to let you know that you have a reader in Kuwait (at least for a few more months). I am currently deployed and I enjoy reading your blog. I usually read your recap before I am able to watch the episode, which makes the episode much more interesting. It is one of few sources of entertainment I look forward to in my free time other than keeping in touch with my family. Have a great day!

Comment: That is awesome. They gave their full title and everything in the email, but, no need to share that info. Stay safe and thank you for what you do.


So this isn’t really a question more of a thanks.

So I’m from teenager New Zealand (don’t know if you know it. The country closest to Antartica haha) in the City of Christchurch. Recently we have a had several massive earthquakes which have devestated our City. (It’s not been publacised that widely because of the Japanese earthquakes and they are a much more populated country.)

Anyway I’ve been reading your site since Jakes season and I have absoloutley loved your column. However because in NZ they don’t show bachelor/ette on tv here i’ve had to watch it online. Sadly next month Copyright laws are coming up so i won’t be able to watch it anymore. I would just like to say thanks for the entertainment during the days I was be stuck at home by myself while there were frequent aftershocks because my parents were helping victims and my friends had left the City . I know you regard The bacholrette as utter crap – which it is haha BUT it did keep my mind occupied during a hard time.

So since i won’t be reading your column anymore because I can’t watch the show, i just wanted to say thanks and keep up the jolly good work.

Comment: Well, I’ve always said that my column is strictly for entertainment for people to escape their every day lives. Most of us work long hard hours and I just try to provide entertainment in any way I can. Sure, you have your select few that still don’t get that, but for the most part, a lot of people enjoy what I do. Glad I could help in any way.

Hey Steve,

Question 1: Out of all the reality shows,which one is the LEAST fake? **********crossing my fingers for Survivor*************

Question 2: Taking Rob out of the picture (everyone knows hes the best/ coolest person to ever play Survivor) who is your favorite person from the show? I think I would say Todd, at least I think he was good stratigically.

Comment: 1) Oh geez. They’re all fake to a certain extent. And when I say “fake”, I mean manipulated or contrived.

2) Ummmm, I’ll go with Eliza. She got hosed on Fans vs Favorites when that doofus fell for the fake idol. I think Eliza is the only “Survivor” contestant I’ve spoken with before, so I’ll say her.

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  1. loralee

    August 19, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Wow, I was so excited to see if you shared my questions and even more excited for the answers to them! You have given me nothing, NADA. I was anxiously waiting to get some juice because there is nothing I love more than celebrity gossip especially from The Bachelor. I was disappointed that I did not get what I came for. But even more so I realized what a respectable human being you are. Oh my gosh, Reality Steve is not the villian behind the scenes like I once thought. You had your chance to trash our beloved cast members and you took the high road instead. Good job!

  2. catgismo

    August 19, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    thank you so much for the video of little Josiah and a chance to get to know him, i have posted the story on my facebook to spread the words.

  3. Nobody

    August 19, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    To the AA pilot, f..k American Airlines (not you, though). AA has all this cash in order to purchase new planes, but then turns around and raises fares and still has the bag fees? Like I said, f..k AA. I will never fly on that greedy companies planes.

  4. MizSazzy

    August 20, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    I belive the other one they bought back with Mary was Heather from Texas from season 2 Aaron’s one

  5. Sunnyside422

    August 21, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    Wish Blake was a consideration for Bachelor! He has some depth, has a wicked sense of humor, very good looking. But then Holly is probably holding on for dear life as he is a considerable step up from the others she has played with…and as she so aptly put it “he uses big words”! Nice Holly. I wonder in his taste for women cause Holly is not attractive at all. But then he took up with Melissa for a few episodes. Guess slumming is in fashion.

  6. canuck_chik

    August 21, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    Love your column. Just wanted to say thank you for the video about Josiah. I’m a District Administrator for Little League Baseball here in Canada and there just simply is not enough coverage given to the kids who play Challenger Baseball. Every sports network in the world is tuned in to the little League World Series in Williamsport, PA this week and little to no coverage is given to these special kids. It’s definitely the hidden gem of the program. Thanks Steve!

  7. SherryfromD

    August 22, 2011 at 12:52 PM


  8. CaliGirl

    August 22, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    @SherryfromD, my thoughts exactly.

  9. wisewords

    August 22, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    qwe627866212 is a spammer. It looks like he’s copying our posts and putting them through a translator several times and then back to English again. After you read it and go WTF he wants you to click on his link. DON’T DO IT!!

  10. jennieh

    August 26, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    Answer is 69369

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