Where the Final Rose Ceremony is Being Filmed, & Two More Confirmed Contestants – 10/13/11

October 12th, 2011 | 13 Comments | Posted in Bachelor Ben Spoilers, The Bachelor 16 - Ben

Two more contestants I can now confirm for this season. They’ve both been added to the Ben’s Girls link, which is now located in the drop down under “Spoilers”. Scroll over “Spoilers” and you’ll see “The Bachelor”, then scroll over that you’ll see “Bachelor Ben Spoilers”, and scroll over that to get to “Ben’s Girls.” Simple, easy, and my 7 year old niece could do it. Any emails saying they can’t navigate the site now, I will shoot you. On to our two newest contestants.

10. Courtney Robertson: Santa Monica, CA, professional model, was on the cover Fitness Magazine in April 2011. I even included a YouTube video of her in a Caesar’s Palace commercial.

Courtney Robertson Modeling Website


11. Rachel Truehart: 27, sales rep at Lucerne Textiles in NY, originally from Massachusetts, graduated from Roger Williams Univerity in 2006. She is the second girl from the right in the Puerto Rico group baseball date. Courtney is right next to her on the end.

LinkedIn Page – Rachel Truehart


13 thoughts on “Where the Final Rose Ceremony is Being Filmed, & Two More Confirmed Contestants – 10/13/11

  1. I could not agree more about the Eliza/Jeff ratio. My hope is that if the returning Survivors trend continues, that we’ll see Eliza & Parvati together again one of these upcoming seasons. Also, as far as the challenge goes, far worse than the visual was the audio. The noises those people were making & the ripping sounds of the meat were possibly the most disgusting sounds I’ve ever heard. Thank God for mute.

  2. Hey Steve, Just wanted to say my FAVORITE thing about the new site? That stupid pop-up window thing “awarding” me a free apple iPad and making me click 3 times to get rid of it is gone. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

  3. @monkeylove: I HAVE to agree! I’m SOOOOO glad that Free iPad pop-up window is GONE!!! Definitely my favorite thing, too. I love the look and ease of this new site. Great job, Steve!

  4. I have to agree with the above posters…so glad that pop-up is gone…and this new look is great…keep up the good work Steve!!!!!

  5. Love the new redesign, Steve! And I’m also in agreement with everyone else that it’s awesome that the pop-up is gone. I hope now you’ll have far less morons emailing you whining that they can’t find anything on your site.

  6. Well I must say that thus far, these women for Ben are faaar too lovely for him! If I looked like any of them, I set my sights on a much more attractive man! But then after the show ends, they’ll be flooded with all types of men!

    As for Survivor, I was actually in gag mode looking at them rip that pig apart…and they took the meat back to camp, cooked it and ate it! That was even more disgusting and over the top! Sickening! PLEASE never repeat that Jeff!

  7. On DWTS, I was completely awed by Derek Hough’s choreography to the Psycho film theme. And also impressed by Ricki Lake’s abilities. It’s become obvious to me that Derek excels at both teaching and choreography. Not that Ricki doesn’t have some dance potential, because she does — but I was waiting to see how Derek would do when not given a partner who was basically a lock to win from the beginning (as he was the last two times around). And he has done wonderfully well so far.

    So yes, I agree with Steve that people vote for the professional dancers probably as much as or more than they vote for the stars on DWTS. I also like Tony Davolani a lot, and always wish he would get a partner who had a chance (he’s had a couple of those, but not many through the years). I was impressed with Chynna, and wish that she had not frozen and forgotten her routine… bad luck for Tony again!

  8. Interesting..fake snow and skiing in San Fran, then real snow and skiing in Switzerland. Maybe Ben has a thing for snow, lol!

  9. Maybe the final rose ceremony will actually take place INSIDE a building in front of a huge plate glass window with a view of the Matterhorn outside. Otherwise … I do agree – a winter coat would spoil the fun.

  10. OK, would love to know filming locations and times in Nov. I am an American living in Switzerland and would love to run into the cast during filming. Any chance to get more specifics?

  11. Hi there…Love reading your blogs, reality steve……and getting spoiled on all the shows… But I agree with swissmrs… I’m also an American living in Switzerland and would love to know specifics. Have anything else to share?

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