Reality Steve Live Video Blog – March 8th 9:00PM EST/6:00PST

March 8th, 2012 | 9 Comments | Posted in The Bachelor 16 - Ben

Here is tonight’s video blog in case you missed it. I apologize for the microphone being so hot for a lot of the show. Forgot to set the volume lower. Yes, my mother joined me for the last half hour or so and I guess didn’t embarrass me as much as I thought she would. If you’re trying to view this video on your Ipad or Iphone. However, if you go to this link, you can download an app which will allow you to. Thanks everyone who joined in and watched tonight, or participated by asking a question. We set a record as a whopping 73 questions were asked. Yikes. Enjoy…

9 thoughts on “Reality Steve Live Video Blog – March 8th 9:00PM EST/6:00PST

  1. Oh come on, tell us who final two are in Celebrity Apprentice! SOME of us are interested – and you can’t just tease us like that!

  2. you can google celeb apprentice final two. think he didn’t want to spoil for those who don’t wanna know yet

  3. I enjoyed your mom, otherwise I would have stopped watching because of the “feedback” on the sound. Please try to check that before you do this again next week. The sound was fine as long as you talked quietly, but once your voice, Maddie’s bark, or your mom went just a little, itty bit higher, it was bad.

  4. Your Mom is a very bright and charming lady! Bring her on again, someday!

  5. @bsheer – I looked up the final two for Celeb App…. Just google it, ever site I went to says the same two names.

  6. The sound was horrible…next time could you do a voice check before you begin!

  7. Canada fan here—just wondering if Vokle does not permit out of USA participants in live blog.

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