The “Bachelor” Begins Filming Tonight, 8 More Girls Confirmed for Sean’s Season Including One You’re Familiar With

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Well, let the madness begin. Tonight is the first night of filming for Sean’s season, however, you still wouldn’t know that if you’re an outsider who doesn’t read the internet since ABC still hasn’t officially announced who the next “Bachelor” will be. My guess is Sean will be in the crowd tonight for the “Dancing with the Stars” premiere and that’s when it’ll become “official.” Then again, Chris Harrison said it himself last night during the red carpet show for the Emmy’s, so it’s not much of a secret. And just like Emily’s season, Mike Fleiss says he and producers will be live tweeting tonight during the girls’ limo arrivals, which is always riveting stuff, since they basically say nothing whatsoever. Go look back on Emily’s first night to see what kinda things they tweet and you’ll realize it’s a whole lot of nothing.

Last Thursday I mentioned that Arie was going to be at the mansion that day filming a segment with Sean which will be run during the first episode at some point. Well, it’s been filmed and pretty much what I expected. Nothing important. They did a humorous segment where Arie was teaching Sean how to kiss. I guess since Sean has been taking some heat for his kissing skills last season, they figured a way to shoe horn Arie into a 5 minute appearance on Sean’s season would have him come and teach him the art of lip locking. Once again, riveting stuff. But hey, the Arie crazies will get their fix, and when the ratings come out the day after the premiere, we can listen to them all squeal about how it was because Arie made a 5 minute appearance on 2 hour show. Can’t wait. Gotta love the crazies.

The ironic thing about this Arie/Sean segment? I figured that’d be a perfect opportunity for them to actually bring Jenna Burke (Ben’s season) on to teach Sean about kissing. Remember how a couple weeks ago I told you that I had some not-so-scandalous info on Sean that I was following up on? Well, it has to do with Jenna. Two weeks ago, when Sean was back in New York for the Real Beanz event with other Bachelor alumni, he hooked up with Jenna. Nothing serious, since obviously at that point Sean pretty much knew he was going to be the “Bachelor,” but he made out with her anyway. I guess he only knows the answer to why he did it, but it definitely happened.

One last note regarding yesterday’s Lemonade Stand in NYC. I heard it was a great turn out, and judging by the donation’s page, they’re close to raising $4000 on that site alone, not to mention whatever was raised at the stand itself. However, no props go out to Ed Swiderski who committed to being at the event, but on the morning of the event says he “missed his flight” and didn’t inform anyone. They didn’t find out til later. Once again, a sh**ty thing to do, but as I’ve said numerous times in the past, I’m not the least bit surprised by anything I hear regarding anyone from this franchise. I missed my flight? Really? What a horrible excuse.

57 thoughts on “The “Bachelor” Begins Filming Tonight, 8 More Girls Confirmed for Sean’s Season Including One You’re Familiar With

  1. Wow, I can’t help but root for Paige! She seems normal enough, is certainly pretty, and had an early exit from BP3.

    The Jenna thing surprises me, kind of thought he had something going with Emily O’Brien. Guess it’s all moot now though.

  2. Hilarious! Sean getting kissing lessons. So I’m not the only one who found sucking a girl’s upper lip is Sean’s way of kissing! Ugh. Double Ugh. Sean does nothing for me, but then one of these “models” will surely become his choice.

    And for sure he will be in the audience of DWTS tonight…as per previous bachelors. Still remember Jakey’s smarmy smile when introduced!

  3. Arie should’ve given Ben kissing lessons, too . . . boy was he a bad kisser. Sean’s only marginally better than Ben, so hopefully the lessons pay off!

    Katie is adorable! I love the natural curls! Nice to see someone who isn’t a cookie-cutter type with a pound of makeup caked on.

  4. Just my thoughts
    Katie – Vegetarian thing bothers me…. Sean is a Texas boy and probably LOVES a good steak. She is pretty though and may last a while but I don’t see them working out for that reason alone.

    Tiffany – Very pretty lady, she is older – closer to Sean’s age, but like Diane I don’t see it going anywhere b/c of her divorce.
    Lacey – Don’t have a feeling either way about her. I do think the part about her attending Chapman University for Masters in Family Therapy may give her an edge b/c of how family oriented Sean seems to be.
    Sarah – I think that Sean may be able to be friends w\ that model chick who lost her arm but I don’t think he could/would ever be serious w\ someone w\ that condition. Sad but true, She is the underdog and I will be cheering for her.
    Lesley – She’s a democrat….She’s gone. BOOOO!!!
    Taryn – I like her for him. She is beautiful, close to his age, the have the fitness thing in common… Her down fall may be when he sees her in a bikini w\ that tattoo…. I little bit of ink is ok, but that just looks trashy!!
    Amanda – All we got from her on this is that she is a college drop out. BORING!!!
    Paige – I didn’t watch Bach Pad so I have no opinion on her, but based on what that show is all about I don’t see Sean keeping her around long.

  5. My thoughts are how are all these Pageant winners able to even keep their crowns after going on these shows. They are drinking, partying, making out, ect on TV and not setting a good example for someone who holds a Crown.

  6. Paige! That will be interesting. Thank God it’s not Donna though. I wonder if the girls will be rude to Paige because she was on BP.

    Katie is super pretty, but vegetarian, loves cats, and a blogger?! Let’s hope she doesn’t turn out to be a crazy face like the blogger from Ben’s season.

    @cangel44 I don’t know much about pageants, but don’t the crown holders hand their crown off to the winner the next year? They only hold the crown until the next pageant happens, I thought.

  7. Arie teaching Sean how to kiss !!! Too silly !!! Is that Arie’s second place prize because he didn’t get Emily ? Some people will do anything to get on TV.

  8. @ ashella: What about being a vegetarian, blogger, and loving cats gives a “crazy” warning sign? Tons of people blog, that doesn’t predict they’ll melt down like Jenna, ha.

    And @ Jovismom, how would being a vegetarian be a dealbreaker? She may not want to cook steaks for him but many vegetarians and meateaters get together . . . There aren’t exactly enough vegetarians to limit your search for a partner to match that qualification. (I speak from experience as a vegetarian.)

    I wonder if she’d be his type though when you put the more natural look with the vegetarian and yoga instructor things. Certainly someone I’d be friends with, though. 😉

  9. Also, re. Sarah: I wonder if the show will pressure him to keep her around past at least one rose ceremony because of her disability?

  10. Regarding Sarah, I am her friend, so of course I am biased, but let me tell you all this: Her disability isn’t going to matter one bit. When you hang out with her, you forget about it completely, and I can’t imagine Sean being in any way concerned with it considering his character. And if he doesn’t want to keep her but the show pressures him to…well, that would be a horrible thing to do not only for him, but her as well. No one should be kept on the show out of pity.

  11. Thanks misswinters for your insight. I wish your friend well on the show! I thought elizabeth28’s comment was a little odd since really, is having a shorter arm really such a big deal? I just don’t see it as being an issue for Sean.

  12. Finally, a post worth reading. I read the WHOLE TWO pages! I come here for spoilers and telling us who the girls are that got cast, is spoiling. I also, appreciate, finally, getting the “I know something you don’t and I’m not telling” story about Sean, even though it was pretty lame as far as feeling the need to with hold it until he was confirmed, I mean, why bother?

    I also watched DWTS last night, did I miss Sean? Did they confirm him as bach last night? Was he even there?

  13. @ elizabeth82 – I have ate dinner w\ people who are vegetarians and when I bite into my burger they look at me in discust and start telling me things that I don’t want to hear about the meat being slaughter blah blah blah…. All while tipping there aligator shoes on the ground (rolling my eyes at the irony). Anyways I for one being someone who does love to eat meat can see that it MAY be a deal breaker for some people. I would never date a person who was a vegetarian for the same reason I would never date someone who was an athiest. Not saying that it will for sure be one for Sean but it may.

  14. Sean will probably be introduced tonight. Arie and Jef were at DWTS last night…check Jef’s twitter page at the posted 8/28 twitter where a poster uploads current pictures. The boys look good!

  15. Dear Steve,

    RE: Contestant Sarah who was born without part of her arm. You wrote and I quote:

    “Yes, she was born without a full left arm, but considering the close friendship Sean has developed with Lauren Scruggs since her accident, I don’t see that coming into play whatsoever.”

    Gee, how generous of you Steve….what a dumb thing to write. Essentially you’re saying that because he befriended someone who was in a terrible accident and lost an arm and an eye….Sean seems to be open to embracing people with missing limbs.

    Steve, your statement makes you sound like there was potential for someone to reject this girl because she doesn’t have a forearm? Sure there are a few incredibly shallow people for whom I guess this would be an issue….but anyone with a sliver of a heart wouldn’t care….including Sean.

    What a douche-y thing to say.

  16. @elizabeth If you really don’t know what a cat loving, vegetarian, blogger stereotype would be I recommend watching Michaela Watkins “bitch please” sketch from SNL. Yes, I did stereotype her immediately from reading RS’s mini bio on her… but hey, that’s what these posts incite. Hopefully she’ll prove me wrong, she looks more down to earth than all the “models.”

  17. So I looked up their live blogging of the first night. All Chris Harrison said was that he would be live blogging, and Fleiss said Limo one was arriving and a girl likes 50 Shades of Gray.

    Riveting stuff they blogged about. Gave me so much insight into how the first night works. Or not.

  18. @bigfatwoman I think you’re taking what Steve said the wrong way. That doesn’t in anyway actually reflect the way he feels. The truth is those “shallow people” you mention are usually the people on the show. Not to mention a good percentage of the people reading this article probably had that question in their mind as to if Sean would be open to dating her. Just because you wonder if Sean will be open to it doesn’t make you a terrible person.

    I mean come on here, the whole show is “shallow” if you think about it. Look at the people on it … when was the last time you saw an ugly or over weight person on it? Sure not all the contestants are drop dead gorgeous, but most are pretty darn close minus maybe one or two.

  19. @ kayyyylynnn14 – I couldn’t agree w\ you more!!!

    The thing is some people religion, politics, even eating habits are important to them, If someone won’t date a person because they do not share these values no one bats an eye. However when someone doesn’t want to date someone because of height, weight, hair color, a disability of some sort, etc then all of a sudden that person is shallow. It is a double standard. People are entitled to be picky about these things!!! Hell you are making a decision about who you are going to be with everyday for the rest of your life!!! In these situations it just wasn’t ment to be. Like my Grandma always said “there is a lid for every pot”.

  20. @JovisMom – you made one correction on your post – but not the most obvious one – disgust is spelled wrong in your post. I should have been a spelling teacher….sorry.

  21. FYI: they may not have officially announced that Sean is th next Bachelor, but his intor Video saying that he is the next Bachelor is on the Bachelor pabe at
    Just thought you all would like to know.

  22. So they’re all up except Paige (not their bios though) . . . Maybe there’s going to be some cheesy big reveal of Paige crashing the cocktail party or something (I hope not!). Wow, three black women–that never happens! Probably a direct result of the lawsuit.

  23. Example:

    Hey Susie, I want to set you up with this guy I know who is really great. I have to tell you though, he has cerebral palsy.

    Anyway, I know your friends with Anne who also has cp, so I figured you’d be cool with it.

    SORRY GALS…..NO MATTER HOW YOU SLICE IT…that’s an ignorant thing to say. I understand we all have boundaries— you just don’t SAY It…..unless you’re completely insensitive.

  24. And…’s not a matter of whether Sean is “open” to it….that’s not the point of my comment.

    My point is that you don’t say he’s friends with someone with one arm, so therefore he’ll be fine with this one armed contestant.

    How about, Sean seems like a guy with some depth, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

    That weird comparison of “he’s okay with aliens because I’ve seen him with other aliens” has got to be one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard.


  25. ^I don’t think it made sense for RS to make that leap from Sean befriending that girl to being open to marrying someone with a missing limb, either. But he doesn’t always say things that make sense.

  26. Getting sick of being referred to as an Arie crazy. I also liked Jef and RS didn’t have many good things to say about him either. What’s up with all the hating RS?

  27. ^Yeah, I don’t get why liking Arie and preferring him as The Bachelor makes someone an “Arie crazy.” We get it, Steve, you only liked Sean out of the final three.

  28. I didn’t see Jef or Arie on last nights show either and I don’t tweet so I didn’t see that. I guess we’ll see what happens tonight.

  29. I want to comment about the girl Sarah who was apparently born without part of her arm. How can anyone not say “you rock, you’re awesome” Seriously, for all the quote unquote perfect people out there…but for the grace of God that you don’t have a slight imperfection. No one is perfect. To sarah, I say, I am so proud of someone like you to not be deterred by negative feelings or bad karma. You are a beautiful person and I hope that you last a long time in the house.

  30. Is Sean so bland that even RS has no scoop on him, other than he made out with some chick a couple of weeks before leaving for Bachelor? Lame. You’re losing your touch Stevie. Looking forward to some real scoop in the future.

  31. @randais.. 4 days left!!! : )

    reg sarah- i agree that was a pretty terrible comparison and he would have been much off better saying, “sean seems like a great guy, im sure this wont affect how he conducts himself on the show,” OR, even better, not mention it at all.. i dont think it should really be a topic for debate…

    i think the last thing we should do is treat sarah like she is the underdog bc she is missing part of her arm.. i doubt she or anyone else with a disability on this show would want to be loved by the audience, or by sean, for any other reason than their character, not bc they arise sympathy..i will be rooting for her, if i like who she is as a person, and i think that’s what we should base our opinions on.. thats all!

  32. See, what do I know? The comment did go through. I thought that some people had problems posting links in the past but I may be remembering incorrectly.

  33. Anyone else notice how excessively airbrushed the girls’ pictures look? More so than previous seasons I thought. A few of them could double as Barbie. I’m looking forward to Sean’s season.

    In the meantime, fellow Revenge fans, don’t forget to watch it tonight! They’re showing a recap of the entire first season. :) Can’t wait for Sunday’s premiere!

  34. @jillbeau- no youre right, but when i clicked on your link, nothing happened :/

    @iheart- cant waaaait!!!!

  35. I don’t know Sarah from Eve but who is to say that she is a great person? Ever notice how when somone is differnt from most people (mainly due to some kind of disability) we automatically say they must be a great person!!! Yet when someone looks “normal” but may have a bit of an edge or be too pretty or perfect looking we say she must be a bitch. Just a thought.

  36. So Fleiss has his panties in a twist over the fact that the Emmys (on ABC) left The Bachelor franchise out of the segment on reality shows. Intentional oversight? Unintentional oversight? Or does everyone just agree that The Bachelor franchise has nothing to do with reality whatsoever?

    On another note: I watched DWTS on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I understand (but did not see) Jef and Arie were there on Monday night, but there was no mention of Sean (or camera shots of him) on either night. Did I miss it – or did it never happen?

  37. The new Us Weekly cover story is about Emily and Jef: “Bachelorette Cover-Up: Emily Buys His Silence.”

  38. @ Kali. I didn’t see them on DWTS but admit that I did fast forward through most of the results show.

  39. @ Kasey – beat me to it :P….

    @jill – I’ve had problems in the past also with posting links but who knows what the deal is.

    @kali – what you said. This franchise has absolutely zero relevance to reality. It (any of the guys being show on DWTS) never happened. I watched both nights so unless they were given a millisecond when I blinked, they weren’t shown and Sean certainly WASN’T announced as the next bachelor.

  40. @randais, did you happen to catch this week’s episode of Revolution? I missed it and my DVR didn’t record it. I guess I can always watch it OnDemand but was just curious if it was any good or not.

  41. @jovismom- thats exactly what i was getting at..

    @iheart and randais- i cant keep up with all these new shows, but nothing and no one could pry me away from revenge…

  42. @randais, thanks! I’ll have to watch it sometime this weekend.

    @kasey, agreed- I don’t think anything can top Revenge! I’m also kinda looking forward to the return of Grey’s and Scandal tomorrow. My DVR is going to be getting it’s workout these next few months, that’s for sure!!

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