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Looooong weekend in New York, but it was a good time. The NY family reunion is pretty much what you’d expect it to be. Lets just say Shaun T would not be happy with me after what I devoured this weekend. You know those competitive food eating leagues? I think I might’ve challenged for most pasta consumed in a 3 day span. Holy crap. I keep forgetting that Italian families don’t have one course meals. They’re at least six. And basically you have to eat from every course or else they feel personally insulted. Did wonders for my stomach. It was daaaaaaaamn good though.

I’m sure you all have seen by now that Courtney and Ben released a statement on Friday that they have broken up after 11 months. Not much else to add here other than to say that this is how break ups on this show work. No final couple from this show will just quietly break up and you don’t hear about it. Every single one of them will have to release a statement to tell the masses about it. Neither said much in the statement, but I’m sure you’ll hear stuff come out little by little as to why it ended. I don’t know what happened to be honest. But it just goes to show, that thinking you know about these peoples relationship because you read what they post on Twitter or Instagram or Sulia is just ignorant. A week before their breakup announcement, Ben is tweeting about the dinner he made for Courtney and how happy he was. Obviously things didn’t go to hell in a handbasket in a matter of 7 days, so there were problems before that. All I’m telling everyone is stop taking what these people tweet about at face value. That’s the relationship they want the public to see, not necessarily the relationship that is really happening. I’m amazed by how many people think because they see a picture on Twitter or Instagram, or see some quote someone retweeted, that they know what’s going on. Take a step back and realize that what you see on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites is only part of the real picture. You have no idea, and Ben and Courtney pretty much just proved it.

Which brings us to Jef and Emily. I’m going to get right to the point. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I don’t care if you say I’m crazy. And I don’t care if you have 1,000 questions for me. Until Jef and Emily officially go on the record and release a statement, I guess that’s when you’ll believe it, but I can tell you right now that Jef and Emily broke up this weekend. Done. Over. No longer engaged. This isn’t being reported anywhere else. No magazine or gossip site has it yet. It’s just what I feel comfortable in reporting based on what was told to me. Yes, I know, I know. I can hear your questions already coming, “If they broke up, why did they go to the Panthers game together?” “If they broke up, why is each still following each other on Twitter?” “If they broke up, why is each default Twitter picture a picture of them together?” All legitimate questions. And here’s what I can tell you: It just happened a couple days ago. This isn’t a rumor, I didn’t hear this 5th hand, and I’m not making something up for attention. All I’m here to tell you is that Jef and Emily are no longer an engaged couple and have broken up.

Right now, they are in the process of figuring out how they are going to present the breakup to the media, when they’re gonna release the statement, and who the statement will be released to. Could be tomorrow, could be in a few days, could be next week, could be in two weeks. I have no idea. They have a few things that obviously need to be sorted out and they’re gonna need to figure out what the reasoning is they want to give the media. So of course if one or both of them changed their Twitter default picture and took the other one out, that’d pretty much give it away. You won’t see that stuff done until they release their statement to the media, whenever that is. Not to mention the lovey dovey tweets between the two of them have come few and far between in recent weeks, no? That’s the biggest problem these couples have with Twitter. Hell, ANY couple has with Twitter. The second you start tweeting all these pictures of yourselves, the minute you stop doing it as consistent as before, immediately red flags get raised. I can tell you that all the stuff you’ve heard over the last two months, coupled with other things, is why they are done. If you honestly think that none of the reported stories in the tabloids was true, and all of it was made up, you have your head buried in the sand. Where there was smoke, there was fire, and these two tried their best to bury every story written about them. Unfortunately, you can only take so much.

I don’t care if either of them take to Twitter and discredit what I say today, or ignore it altogether. Won’t matter to me. I know what I know, and they’re done. Do I think they’d personally address me? No. But I could see one and/or both making some, “Oh I guess the rumors have started again” comment on Twitter. If they do that, it’s all a cover up. This breakup will be “official” (meaning a public statement just like Ben and Courtney’s) sooner rather than later. The relationship is over, a lot has to do with what you’ve read in the tabloids, and now it’s just a matter of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on how they are going to present it publicly.

I know many of you will accuse me of taking happiness in this breakup, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t care if any of these couples last because I don’t know them. And neither should you. Did I believe they’d ever last? No. But that doesn’t mean I’m glad that they didn’t and I’m happy they are broken up. I like Emily. I always have. I was disappointed she chose to go back on the show, and I just didn’t see it when I found out she was engaged to Jef. Nor did I see it with Arie. Or Sean. I just didn’t think that she was ever going to find her future husband on this show. So to go back on, get engaged AGAIN, and go through this whole post-show media blitz, and deal with paparazzi coverage and tabloid stories, hey, that’s what she signed up for and she knew what she was getting into. I just knew things weren’t going to last. However, I will say what I am happy about. And that’s all the Jemily fans who told me from Day 1 I didn’t know what I was talking about, and that I was wrong, these two are different, and that they were so happy together, and blah blah blah. And not necessarily just because I ended up being right, but because trying to rationalize with the irrational was impossible, and all those people who were saying that stuff were saying it ONLY based off of pictures they saw in magazines, tweets Jef and Emily sent out, and Instagram pictures. That’s totally and utterly ridiculous. You people really need to worry more about what goes on in your own life, then live vicariously through a couple you don’t even know, who was obviously having some major problems behind the scenes that you didn’t have a clue about. Did I know everything going on behind the scenes? Of course not. But I’d say I was made aware of things that 99.999% of the public didn’t know.

Yes, they tweeted pictures of Jef at Ricki’s soccer game. And yes, they tweeted happy pictures of them together in different cities. But just like Ben and Courtney, that’s the public image they want you to see of their relationship. What if I were to tell you I have three pictures in my possession when the cameras and media WEREN’T on them, and the pictures show these two in a completely different light, including one where Emily wasn’t even wearing her engagement ring when she was out with him? So just as much as the Jemily fans want to scream, “Look! They look so happy together!” when they see a picture on Instagram, I could post an exact opposite picture of them together, where they certainly don’t look happy at all, and it’s actually of a “real” life moment, not one where photographers and paparazzi were covering them and they’re supposed to look happy. Not saying the pictures I have prove that they were some miserable couple or something, because that’s not my point. I just find it interesting how because Jef and Emily tweeted a picture of them smiling together, that somehow Jemily fans can deduce that they’re a happy couple and they just know nothing could possibly be wrong. Now, I’m not going to post these pictures because I told the people who sent them to me I wouldn’t, but just know I have them, it adds to what I was hearing and it goes along with the point I’m trying to make. Pictures in magazines and social media sites are the pictures they control and want you to see about their relationship. Jef and Emily are very proud people and they have a public image to uphold to all their fans. So of course you’re going to see the best and happiest pictures of them on their social media sites. Just know that there are others, some of which I have, that paints a completely different picture than what you’re shown. The bottom line is things have not been well for a while, and they broke up this past weekend.

Sling any arrows you want at me. I’m a big boy. I can take them. I’m just the messenger in all this. I can’t PROVE it’s over. I just know it is. My proof will be when it happens. I don’t know when that will be. Just no need to ask questions to me about details, and why this, and why that. I don’t know. I just know they are broken up, they are no longer engaged, and this thing will be “official” sooner rather than later when they figure out how they are going to present it to the media. With the Ben and Courtney story just breaking on Friday, I can see them waiting a little bit longer to make it official just because, well, that looks REALLY bad for the franchise. I really wish Emily never would’ve gone back and done this show like I said back in January when she was first announced, but obviously that’s too late. It’s unfortunate that these two couldn’t make it, I wish they’d just stop with the public façade that everything is ok and every report about them is untrue, and just get out of this as soon as possible. They’re not fooling anybody at this point, a child is involved, and it’d be best for all parties to sever ties as soon as possible for everyone’s sake. Including Jemily fans. They probably need to be put out of their misery the most. Yes, their lives will officially be over once Jef and Emily confirm this to the media, but at least they can move on to stalking some other couple.

I am a blogger. I write about reality television, but obviously my main focus is this franchise in particular. When I hear things I feel confident in reporting, I tell you. Some things I can never get into detail about but they are still true. Going into detail would essentially be giving away my sources. So I just tell you stuff like “this happens,” then it does, and I didn’t need to reveal a source as to how I knew it happened. This is one of those times. Obviously I have no contact with Jef or Emily, and until the words “we are no longer engaged” come directly from one of them, there’s a certain group of you that won’t believe me. And that’s fine. I’m just here to tell you it’s over, and that the news is coming shortly. Sorry to ruin your day.

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  1. chloesmoma

    October 11, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    Dear god I wish they would announce this already….I look at these FB pages and the things these nut cases are saying is beyond comprehension….Now they say one of Emily’s old boyfriends gave Steve his info and this is revenge!?!?!?!?!? WTH….and begging for answers and when anyone states anything against Jemily they are down right evil……

  2. stupendous

    October 11, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    I believe all the reports, including RS. I am just curious if they are trying to work things out before they announce anything. A lot of couples break up and get back together. Maybe their “breakup” was just a really huge fight and they needed a few days to cool off.

  3. elizabeth82

    October 11, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    Wow, this comments section is kind of a trainwreck! How is it worth ARGUING about whether JEM is still together or if there’s trouble in paradise? Why be SO vehement on either side? In reading all these comments, it seems the answer is at least partly that people are laid up or bored or both and want to get into it with people who are on the other side of the fence. I don’t understand the combative attitude. Why not just state your opinion and then go do something edifying . . . read a book or something, geez. What’s the problem with just talking about the show without jumping down people’s throats? I know some people are interested in that!

    I was cautiously optimistic with the ending of “The Bachelorette,” despite struggling to like Emily the whole season and thinking she and Jef didn’t seem to go together. But hey, if there might be a love story on this show, I’ll root for the couple (except if they’re completely unlikeable *cough* Courtney *cough*). There seems to be fire where there’s smoke with these types of stories . . . remember Us Weekly’s coverage of Ed and Jillian?

    If Emily was sexting Leinart or whoever and Jef did ask her for money to keep quiet and then tried to get it on with his last gf, then they’re both sleazy. There’s been so much press about them not getting along and breaking up that I’m not interested in defending them. If they’re for real, then it’ll come out that they’re for real (like, a year down the line if they’re still together like Ashley & JP); and if that’s actually what happens, then good for them. Otherwise, I’m not interested in paying attention to a fraud for the sake of money and fame. Sounds like they may not be able to keep that up and honestly, who could do that for a long time?

  4. reese

    October 11, 2012 at 5:55 PM

    @JovisMom ..Yes it doesn’t prove anything, so does Steve’c claims. My personal opinion is that you shouldn’t take ANYTHING Reality Steve says at face value. If you carefully read what he said, he was pretty broad. All we have is RS’s word…and that simply isn’t enough for me (he’s been wrong a LOT). If Jef and/or Emily ever release a statement saying “We are no longer together”, then (and only then) is when I will believe it.

  5. cindy01

    October 11, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Im definitely not surprised at all because I really hate to say this AND I know I will get some bad replies for this but I have always thought Emily was extremely fake. I think she went on the show strictly for money and NOT for trying to find love. Also, I believe the US Weekly story 100%…I think the whole “love story” went down when Jef found the sexting on Emily’s phone and then it all went down hill from there. There is a sentence at the very end of the story in that magazine that “to me” is sooo true…it’s Jef Holm is not the person he makes out to be and neither is Maynard for that matter. I may not have quoted that word for word but it’s basically the same. These two are very selfish and that’s the one thing they did have in common.
    I agree with mommyof2 that Jef’s tweet “I will never stop falling in love with this babe” and then posting a pic is absurd. They have known for some time now about faking the relationship and then doing something like that just shows what kind of person Jef is.
    The one I feel sorry for is Ricki…

  6. jawbreaker

    October 11, 2012 at 8:03 PM

  7. beachbound

    October 11, 2012 at 8:12 PM

    Sorry but I am a normal woman with a full life and my getaway was Emily (cause I’m a CLT girl)! I also liked Ben F’s too- winning!! But I have been following RS for a couple years now and I love it, but this may be their (ABC) way to his demise and making him look not credible, that is what I would do if I were them! Not so far fetched! But I don’t have a ton of hope that I am right, just my opinion!

  8. JustJenna

    October 11, 2012 at 8:17 PM

    I have to LMAO about RS crediting himself for spoiling their breakup, and for all the anti-Jemily fans acting smug and superior about it. As if that isn’t something that you have a 99% chance of being correct about when it comes to this franchise. Of COURSE it just depends on WHEN and not IF. How many couples have survived? Two, maybe three tops? This is the kind of thing psychics do to trick you into thinking they are legitimate – make OBVIOUS conclusions and when they come true everyone is SO AMAZED. Steve you get no props from me, even if Jemily announce their breakup tomorrow. Because it’s almost a foregone conclusion anyway. It’s like predicting the sun will rise in the morning. Now accurately predict or pre-announce a marriage and you’ll have something to brag about…

  9. woogs

    October 11, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    I like this one..Jef comparing himself to the Beckhams..
    Jef Holm ?@jefholm
    I feel like Beckham & I should cruise motorcycles while Victoria & Emily go shopping & the kids play in the back yard. #SeptEsquireInterview

  10. JustJenna

    October 11, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    That article is exactly what RS predicted would happen. “A source close to the couple…” is worthless information. If they were really still together, it would come directly from Jef or Emily, not an unnamed source.

    @iheartvino – Couldn’t the opposite be true as well? If they were really broken up, wouldn’t it come from their mouths instead of the tabloids? And since RS isn’t announcing his source either, how is his story any more credible? I know he’s been right, but he’s also been wrong. Same thing with the other media blogs and tabloids.

    P.S. I am not a Jemily fan (I liked Arie better myself) or a crazy person out to attack anyone, I’m just interested in some candid conversation. No hate intended or wanted, please. 🙂

  11. lcs85

    October 11, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    I like how RS words this so he’ll be able to gloat no matter when they do release a statement about their breakup. Even if they’re not even broken up now and they end up breaking up next month, RS will still be able to say “SEE TOLD YA SO!!! Just didn’t know when they would release the statement. But trust me, I was right (duh!) and they were broken up months ago and just now released a statement. How do I know? CAN’T TELL YA! HAHA! But I know I was right b*tches! Cause I’m Reality Steve, and I always get it right sooner or later! They’ll say they just broke up, but I have super secret insiders who tell me othewise. And I’m right! Word.”

  12. JustJenna

    October 12, 2012 at 12:34 AM

    lcs85 that’s exactly what I said. XD.

  13. tamiigee

    October 12, 2012 at 2:43 AM

    Omg…just did a little catch up reading on the whole Jef/Emily saga (sorry “Jemily” just…I can’t do it!) I was really one that was trying to ignore all the stories because the cute family photos were so convincing. And lets be honest…we’re talking about a little girl here!

    The one thing I couldn’t understand all along was why would Jef’s brother tell that story if it weren’t true? I mean he was a close enough member of the family to be invited on vacay to begin with. I mean I’m sure there was a part of him that thought he could talk about it, or at least wanted to. Gotta have your brothers back!

    Plus, Jef’s sweet tweets have been few and far between as of late and he’s spending a lot of time with his bros. Isn’t that who we run to in time like this? Bros before hoes…

    Also, he really didn’t seem into her for a very long time in the season…he was riding that tv fame wave.

    This makes way more sense than the denial I was in.

    It’s gonna suck ass to turn that ring back in! I like Emily, I hope she finds happiness but I must say I’m a little disappointed in how she’s let this play out, considering her daughter. We weren’t there maybe she realized Jef wasn’t the guy for her and became really unhappy with her choice really fast, hence the sexting….. Not my place to judge, but at least things make more sense now… thanks Reality Steve!

  14. Dianne

    October 12, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    @dollywood99 – Canadian Bachelor rocks! Brad is a doll, but some of those girls?? Ummm..a pastor from AB..I dunno! And thank the lord he sent the “playboy model” from BC home..she was horrid! Steve can’t cover Canadian Bach because it’s not shown in the US, only CityTV is covering it, and City isn’t available in the US..bummer!

  15. frannie0701

    October 12, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    Steve, regarding your comment, “You people really need to worry more about what goes on in your own life, then live vicariously through a couple you don’t even know, who was obviously having some major problems behind the scenes that you didn’t have a clue about.” If we didn’t live vicariously through the couples, you wouldn’t have a following, or a blog (job)

  16. playtone22

    October 13, 2012 at 1:08 AM

    I find it funny how convinced people get just based on online posts. Considering one of my best friends will be telling me how she had a huge fight with her husband and threatened divorce and then the next day will post on Facebook how he’s “most amazing husband in the world” – I know full well that people just post things to make themselves seem better/happier than other people. Why would these people be any different.

    Personally, I find it sad in the Jef/Emily situation because of her daughter and how people have talked about all of the pictures she’s been pimped out in – not to mention the fact that he’s been in her life for several months now, but it happens and now hopefully they’ll all go away and live happy, quiet lives.

  17. Darlene

    October 13, 2012 at 11:24 PM

    Dont know why you’d think you’d ruin my day,lol, I was surprised b/c they did look crazy about each other, but these breakups are so common it is always just a matter of time. Steve, you have the best ‘source’ b/c of your track record, u are right almost always, so it makes me wonder why this source of yours doesnt start his own blog instead of giving you all the juice. Lol, thanks for the spoilers, love them!

  18. carol

    October 24, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    “Special Olympics to Ann Coulter: Stop Saying the R-Word
    … Jackass”

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