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Arie & Courtney Kissing, Jef & Emily Keeping Quiet, & Getting to Relive One of My Great 8th Grade Moments

And finally, yet another email chain I think you’ll enjoy. Either that, or you’ll be scratching your head asking “Why?” like I’ve been for the last 5 days since I started receiving these. Let me be clear here, these are 10 emails I’ve received since last Wednesday, NONE of which I’ve responded to. They just keep coming in for no apparent reason whatsoever. I’m confused here. Am I supposed to respond to these? Are they rhetorical emails? And when I didn’t respond to the first, oh I don’t know, three or four, why did 5 and 6 more keep getting sent? I guess I could’ve saved these for “Reader Emails” on Thursday, but I felt this needed it’s own page. Check this out:

Wed. Oct. 10th…

Hi RS. I disagree with your statement that Sean needs someone who believes in God. Sean is a devout Baptist, according to his sister’s (Shay) blog. He and his family attend the same Baptist Church, in Texas. Sean’s dad, Jay, has written a book on how to Witness to others (share about JC). Sean, himself, witnessed with some of the other bachelors, during Emily’s season. Many of us believe in God. But, Baptists believe that one must ask forgiveness from God and accept JC as their lord and savior. According to the Baptist faith, to not do so, means a life in hell. Baptists believe in regular Bible reading and attending Baptist Church and witnessing to others. Baptists want to save as many people as possible, which is a lot of people, since most of the world’s population is not Christian. Baptists are very dogmatic. Congregationalists are more liberal.

I agree with you that Bachelor is more fantasy than reality. However, if Sean is to do the near impossible, and, have an enduring love relationship, with one of his bachelorettes, he will need to find a gal who shares his love for JC. And, if she is going to feel comfortable with Sean’s close-knit family, a family which works together (at State Farm- Shay Shull, Andrew Shull, Jay and Sean work in the same building) and prays together, she will have to feel comfortable with the Baptist faith.

Seven of the remaining bachelorettes are living in California. Lindsay, Lacey, Sarah, Amanda, Selma, Leslie Hughes and Daniella. I should not be generalizing. But, California is not in the Bible Belt. Generally, Californians are free thinkers, believers and non-believers. Hopefully, there is a devout Christian in the bunch. But, I would think that many of these girls are liberal thinkers and would not feel comfortable with Sean’s family, over time.

Fri. Oct. 12th…

Hi Steve. Is Catherine off the show? Her food blog has an entry on October 1st. Looking forward to your continued posts.

Fri. Oct. 12th…

Hi Steve. Love your posts. I have read that you are friends with Sean. I wonder if it is important, for you, to portray Sean as being a very open-minded guy of faith. Perhaps, you feel, if you portray Sean as a Bible carrying Baptist, that will turn off some of the Sean fans. But, you have said that your job is to be real. My only other thought is that Sean has confided, in you, that he is not the Baptist that Shay and his family have written that he is. Perhaps, Sean has confided that he is more open-minded than his family. Maybe, Sean is starting to change, to break away from the family mold, or, he has watered down his beliefs to appeal to the majority.

I am going to continue to read your posts and read your twitter page, regarding spoilers for the Sean season. I would rather have reality, than scripting and editing. I don’t know if I’ll be watching any episodes that air, in January. I watched Sean on Bachelorette. He seems like someone I would be friends with, too. That is why I want to know more about him. That is why I hope he will find true love. Some of us need a matchmaking service and the career opportunities, which the show provides. And, I adore Sean’s family, from what I saw on the hometown dates. I have wanted to know more about his family, because the closeness in his family had me in awe. It struck a nerve.

We all perceive reality, because reality is learned through our human senses. All you can give, your readers, is your perception of reality. We all perceive different things, which makes life interesting. The fun thing about the show is that I must calm the fantasy, so that I can see the perceived reality. You help me to do that. Thank you.

Sat. Oct. 13th…

Steve, didn’t Courtney major in Moral Turpitude, in college? Didn’t Ari major in Kissing? So,I agree with you, the latest news about those two is totally expected. Was it wrong? Was it right? She waited a week, after her statement to the press, about a break-up with Ben. I would not be surprised if pictures surface, with Ari or some other “lucky” guy, from 2 months ago. So, a week is pretty good, considering. I have my own moral code. They have theirs. They are entitled to live according to their own moral code. Some people wait a week, before dating others, some wait much longer. Was Ben wronged? People get hurt. Older and Wiser, I say.

Regarding Sean’s scripted date with Lindsay Yenter? Lucky guy. He has a harem of girls competing to see who can thrust their tongue the furthest down his throat. Maybe, Lindsay was following a script, to make mad passionate love to Sean. But, these girls have to take advantage of any chance they get with Sean. Each wants to make sure she makes that lasting impression, that will get her the ring. This is so effed up. You are right. So, you think she will make the final 4, at least? Didn’t she tell him to kiss her? I’m waiting for the post, from you, where Sean doesn’t need any coaxing, to kiss the girl. That will be so hot! She will be a final 2 gal.

Sun. Oct. 13th…

Steve, I see a pattern with these reality exposures. A domino effect. First, one pic surfaces. Then, the other pics start coming in. One of Jef’s girlfriends comes forward. Then, another girlfriend…and another. It’s like Lays Potato Chips. One is never enough. Some people can’t seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar. Wouldn’t be surprised if more Courtney pics surface. Don’t think we have a serial cheater, here. Probably, no sexting. But, who knows?


Yesterday, 10:02am…

Steve, the statistics from Bachelor and Bachelorette are not very promising, regarding marriages with the “winner” of each season. The only exceptions are Trista and Ryan (season1 Bachelorette) and, soon-to-be, Ashley and JP (season 7 Bachelorette). Two of Bachelorette’s final choices have ended in marriage. None of the Bachelor final choices have ended in marriage. Whether these marriages will last, is another story, another statistic.

The good news is that the statistics among Bachelorette and Bachelor alumni is pretty good. Tara Durr and John Presser, Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton, Holly Durst and Blake Julian, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, and, Ann Lueders and Jesse Csincak. All marriages. DeAnna Pappas married Stephen Stagliano , the brother of contestant Mike Stagliano. Again, whether these marriages will last, is that other statistic.

In the history of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, only 3 hometown dates have led to a marriage. Jason and Molly, Trista and Ryan, Ashley and JP.

If Sean marries his final choice, he will be the first, on the Bachelor show, to do that. Seems this show is cursed. So, I’m hoping Sean can break the curse. Are you a betting man, Steve? The Bachelor viewers will be focused on who gets a hometown date, who wins this season. I’m saying, look around at the alumni. Sean has already hooked up with Jenna Burke, one of the Bachelor alumni. What do you think, Steve?

Yesterday, 11:07am…

Steve, I have a lot of respect for Brad (season 11 Bachelor) and Jen (Season 3 Bachelorette). They chose no one, no winner. In a land of manufactured relationships, under the Bachelor and Bachelorette bubble, they walked away, an unpopular thing to do. I think the unpopular thing was the right thing to do. Even Jason Mesnick was unpopular, to dump Melissa and choose his runner up, Molly. But, that was the right decision. So, three cheers to Brad, Jason and Jennifer, for their decisions, on those particular seasons. Did the producers push Jen and Brad to choose a winner? Do most of the season’s Bachelors and Bachelorette feel pressure to be popular, or, to do what the producers tell them to do?

What about the contestants? Do you know of contestants who walked away from the show or were forced to leave, because they didn’t do what the producers told them to do? Thanks.

Yesterday, 2:37pm…

Steve, it seems that sharing (surviving) the experience of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, brings people together. There are 8 marriages that have resulted. Sean has already hooked up with Jenna Burke, Bachelor Alumna. Any chance that Sean will reunite with Jenna?

Yesterday, 4:37pm…

OK. Paige and Kacie were duds. But, the producers have the right idea, to put some alumni in the mansion?

Heading into episode #5. He’s got to drop some gals? 1on1 date with Sarah Herron? Great story line, there. Sean falls in love with the gal born extra special. His left arm is her left arm. Something different, refreshing.

Today, 9:26am…

Steve, I have watched 2 partial seasons of Bachelor and 1 partial season of Bachelorette. Each time, I brought my own agenda to the show. None of my favorites won. Shannon Oliver, Brook Smith and Sean Lowe lost. I was emotionally involved. And, I was disappointed. But, over a short time, the season winners and Alex, Aaron and Emily, were kaput, too. So, I realized that, ultimately, who wins and who loses is a non-issue. But, the shows are effective in bringing out our competitive nature. These are shows about winners and losers. And, the shows bring out the competitive nature in the 25 contestants, each season.

I can’t help, but be emotionally invested, in Sean’s season. Still, I bring my own agenda, my own fantasy, my own fairy tale. I’m picking Sarah Herron, to win. It’s like horse racing. She may be the bitch, in the group. She may be an atheist. She may have been eliminated, already. She may lose the race. My fantasy will die and I’ll be disappointed. Just a picture of Sarah, just a few words about her, conjured a fantasy in my head. Fantasies take hold, quickly. She has a French Bulldog. I have an English Bulldog. She looks a lot like Sean’s mom and sister. She must be very brave to get on the show with her physical defect. Etc. Etc.

It is in our human nature to become emotionally invested. And, the producers know how manipulate us, accordingly. I can see you are emotionally invested, as well. In your tweets, you assigned blame/wrongdoing to Courtney’s date with Ari, a week after the break-up announcement. But, how do you know what was going on, in the Courtney/Ben relationship? Based on their tweets? You, yourself, have said that the tweets mean nothing. Maybe, Courtney had been lonely and miserable, for some time. Maybe, her date with Ari was an act of self-love. You don’t know, unless you put your feet into someone’s shoes. Regarding Ben, he followed the fantasy of the show. He picked Courtney. Over time, the fantasy rubbed off and he knew what he got himself into. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain. It is not unusual, for one person to work harder at the relationship than the other. Ben also has his “groupies” and Courtney has hers. Apparently, Ari was waiting for his chance. Ari and Ben were not friends. Friendship forms over a longer period of time, than the time together that Ari and Ben had. Just my opinion.

Uhhhhhh, help? Remember that episode of “Friends” where Brooke Shields thinks that Joey’s soap opera character is real life? I think this person thinks that everything I write is being directed specifically at them. Wow.

Coming back Thursday with the first “Reality Roundup” I’ve done in a while, plus “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” and any other Bachelor news that comes down in the next couple days.

Send all regular and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you soon.

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  1. JovisMom

    October 18, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    @ absolem – I never knew all that about Dolly! I always liked her and thought she came off as very kind and down to Earth. Wow, what an amazing woman?!?
    @ everyone else – Any ideas on what RS may be getting JP and Ashley as a wedding gift?

  2. flightgirl

    October 20, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Reality Days and Nights had a story about Emily back on Jan 10, 2012. This comment was in the comment section and says so much about who Emily really is:

    “Back in 2004 I was living in southern Virginia when that plane crashed that killed Ricky H. and his fam. I was one of the emergency responders in a lil place called patrick county – and i worked that scene for 4 days and nights including helping the VA State Police load and sift debris and bodies. very sad.

    The Hendrick family came to the site for 2 days. A pretty blonde chick was there too and some said she was dating Ricky. I was tasked to help with the family and assist them. Tragic cannto describe it. Broke my heart. Except for her. She acted like a spoiled total bitch even barking orders at family members (yes, honestly). But baby when those sat trucks and cameras rolled in she turned on the tears, trying to get interviewed. At one point she asked me if she could stand in the background of the cameras during live newscasts on WDBJ7 and WXII12. I lost it in disgust and left their camp, preferring to return to the mountaintop and haul debris down on ATVz.

    It was the last accident I worked before moving to LA full time. Then when I heard about her and her fame? I barfed in my mouth. SOme said the baby is nto really rickys but the hendrick fam didnt ask for a paternity test just so they could cling to Rickys memory and this Emily girl took advantage of their pain. Just when you think youre jaded from shallow celebs (like thsoe who anon blog on celeb sites-lol) someone always stuns you more even.”

  3. nora j

    October 23, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    OMG I’ve lost all respect for Arie. Courtney is the most annoying person in the world. Can’t stand Ben either so don’t give a crap that they broke up but ewwwww…Arie and Courtney? And Arie and Ben were friends kinda. How stupid.

    And LMAO about Emily and Jef….I thought they were a dumb couple to begin with…its ended even faster and more retardedly than I expected hahaha.

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