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Not too many “Reader Emails” this week, but we did have a full set of “Dr. Reality Steve” ones which is why I used some on Tuesday and the rest today. Enjoy…

Dear Steve,

Is it just me, or has this most recent group of Bachelor/ette contestants gone sour?

I love watching the show, I really do. While it’s airing, I look forward to Monday nights all week. I find it extremely entertaining, and generally, I find that I form a bit of an attachment in some of the people. I am certainly not delusional, and it’s definitely a ‘find someone to date for a while’ show rather than ‘find someone to marry’.

But, it seems to be like something has changed this past year in how these couples (and even the rejected contestants) have been covered in the media. Can you give us any insight into why this might have happened?

Thinking back on 2010, Brad and Emily and then Ashley and JP, it seems like there wasn’t even close to this much attention paid to them. I do remember there being some rumblings about Brad and Emily, especially when their relationship was already on the rocks at ATFR, but I hardly remember being inundated with pictures of them at the grocery store or at football games. Was I blind back then? Was coverage this constant for Ali and Roberto? Why does anyone care that anybody was spotted buying eggs and milk?

Ashley and JP had managed to lay low. They both seemed to dive back into normal life, even after moving in together. Come to think of it, I remember seeing occasional pictures of Ashley in her scrubs, but nothing even close to the Emily/Jef coverage. Although I’m sure there are many more factors behind Ashley and JP sticking together than and outside observer can pinpoint, the return to normal life must have something to do with it, am I wrong?

I get that viewers want to know what the couples have been up to once filming is over. We watched these people every week, and yes, we want the occasional check in. “Oh, they moved in together!” or “They’re planning a fall wedding!”, “They got a dog!”. Great, I’m all for knowing that. I’m even interested in knowing that! But we have to know where to draw the line.

Do you think it has something to do with some of these people’s livelihoods? It seems to me like Courtney has kept herself in the spotlight on purpose to keep her name and face recognition out there as a model, whereas Ben was more inclined to keep to himself (Although it’s arguable that Ben’s continued exposure to the media would also help his wine label). Jef wants to stay in the spotlight to keep up with his business’ expansion as well (which, I’d like to make clear to those who are reading this and will think “He only wants to expand to do more GOOD” — it’s still a for-profit. Jef, in addition to whatever salary he probably gets, also gets profits), although I’d say he’s been very smug about it all and is starting to give me the impression that he might be a big creep.

Do they have a choice in the matter? Are things the way they were for Emily and Jef because they made it so? If not, how did Ashley and JP manage not to have cameras in their face at all times?

I hope this past season was a special case. Maybe if you can figure out what happened to Courtney/Ben and Emily/Jef, you can give Sean some tips on staying a real person.

Oh, and PS. I realize that your website is intended for spoilers, but I’m wondering if I can make a simple request that you delineate the paragraphs in which you are writing spoilers so that those of us who want to be surprised but still want to read your column can know which portions to skip? For example, in today’s column I didn’t want to see who Sean’s final 4 were, but I did want to know what you had to say regarding Courtney and Arie, etc. Usually it’s easy enough to do, but a row of asterisks would sure be helpful. I do like spoilers, but I wait to read them until the season is actually airing to keep some of the surprise.

Thanks for reading until the end, and thanks for all the work you undoubtedly do!

Comment: I think ever since the Jason/Molly/Melissa fiasco, this show has completely changed in the tabloid world. Name another reality “game” show that gets more tabloid coverage than this one? It’s not even close. “Real Housewives” franchise is really the only one, but it’s not a “game show” with eliminations and stuff like that. So you may not remember stuff about Brad and Emily or Ashley and JP being written, but it was definitely there. Not nearly as in depth as the Jef and Emily stuff, but Brad and Emily were getting their pictures taken anytime she was in Austin with him. There wasn’t much on Ashley and JP, but you’re right, a lot had to do with they weren’t dramatic people and they moved away from all of it.

People have a short term memory when it comes to this franchise. Every season everyone is all excited about it starting, then at the end of the season, they’re whining and bitching about the final couple, or who got eliminated, or which person they hate blah blah blah, then the next season rolls around and it starts all over again. Nothing will ever change with this show outside of the people you see every season with the exception of the lead (well, and Kacie this season).

As for the spoilers, I’m sorry. It’s impossible. I can’t NOT talk about them. It’s what I do. I don’t know what to tell you, but just assume if filming is happening, and I’m writing a column, chances are there are going to be spoilers in there without any warning. I’m a spoiler site for this show, plain and simple. Have been for three years. To start giving heads up every column when a new spoiler comes out will never work. Nor will having the season spoiled in a separate column, but then when I write my recaps, I have to pretend like I don’t know what happens coming up.

Hi steve! I was wondering if you think they will ever use a celebrity as the bachelor/bachelorette. I know in the summer there were many rumors that Ryan Lochte wanted to do it but im not sure! I think it would add an interesting twist on the show! What do you think! Thanks for reading.

Comment: Not going to happen. I addressed this in Tuesday’s column as well with all the Cheryl Burke nonsense.

Hi Steve –

Enjoy your column. I was glad to see your Reality Roundup piece. I was surprised that you did not mention Revenge, since it’s been such a hit since its debut last year.

Absolutely love the show. Would be interested to hear if a) you watch it and b) if you do, what you think of it. I love it because it’s so different than any show I’ve ever watched and it has gotten a ton of pub. Great show!


Comment: A) No B) Not applicable. I already have enough shows on my plate on a weekly basis. Not interested in adding Revenge. There’s only one show that I haven’t seen that I plan on adding shortly, and that’s “Homeland” since I already know I’m gonna like it because it’s from the creators of “24,” my all-time favorite show. I just need to find the time to go buy season 1 and rip through it in a couple days. Then I’ll eventually catch up on season 2.

Hi Steve,

I love Olivia and Nicholas, but I have to say that Nicholas pulls some interesting facial expressions in the photos you posted, absolutely adorable.

Comment: He’s quite the character. Sometimes I don’t know where he comes up with the stuff he says or does, but then again, that probably applies to a lot of kids. I’ll be back in CA in a week to spend Thanksgiving with him. I’ll be sure to update you on any of his crazy antics.

Forgive me if you’ve already answered this question before and I missed it!

I really like reading your columns, and I love the info you provide. However, I dislike being spoiled ahead of time because I just feel like it makes the shows less fun for me to watch (I’m sure others feel differently). I know you have a spoilers tab on your site, but I feel like all of your columns are so infused with spoilers, that I will sometimes stumble upon many without wanting to. Any possibility of you doing columns without spoilers (just general info on the casts, behind the scenes, recaps, etc) and then keeping the spoilers to a separate column? I realize this may be more effort for you, and harder to write. Just a question from a fan who wants to read during the season without being spoiled!

Comment: Wow. Twice in the same column this gets requested. Sorry, but no can do. It’s impossible to write a column pretending I don’t know what’s going to happen. Once I post the episode-by-episode spoilers, that will definitely be in the “Spoilers” link in the navigation bar, however, once the season starts and the recaps begin, the spoilers will be alluded to in every column. So I guess you’ll just have to either accept knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time, or just not read. It’s up to you.


Thanks for the heads up on “Friday Night Lights.” I never would have watched it, thinking it was just some football show. Loved it.

Comment: I hope that more people realize just because the premise of “Friday Night Lights” is set around a high school football team, doesn’t mean that’s what the show is about. Ask anyone who’s watched the show and they’ll tell you football is most certainly not what the show is about. If you enjoyed high school, whether even playing competitive sports, or were a cheerleader, or just enjoyed your high school years, you’ll love the show. It’s kinda impossible not to. Best part is, it’s a show for both men and women. So see? It’s a television show that couples can watch together. Then go make out or something.

Dear Reality Steve,

I am just your normal, average closeted Bachelor fan who embarrassingly reads your (great) column. I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. I hope you get some good compensation out of it… at the very least, I am sure it can be quite amusing for you at times.

Your Dr. Reality Steve is funny and quite accurate. Good idea.

By the way, I am an English teacher and your grammar is fine.

Comment: Well that’s a first. Someone who is an English teacher who tells me my grammar is fine. I’ve had plenty tell me otherwise, even go as far as to say they’ll edit my columns for me. Nah, I’m good. I’m not an English major. Never was in college. I don’t expect every single sentence of every single column I write to be picture perfect. I write like I talk. I have a ton of run-on sentences and I have a ton of short sentences. And I even start sentences with conjunctions and prepositions, just like I did with this one. Look, I’m not trying to win any Pulitzer’s here. I’m just a guy with a blog expressing my opinions about a silly show, and for as many words that appear in my columns, I think I do a decent job of keeping grammatical errors to a minimum.

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  1. heliofan

    November 22, 2012 at 6:03 AM

    I think the same thing about Penner. I’ve told my husband all season that he sounds just like Alan Alda but my husband doesn’t hear it. Thanks so much for the validation!!

  2. Dianne

    November 22, 2012 at 6:25 AM

    @lobsterandbeer! Well said! I mean, come on, Whitney was a few short of a 6 pack..what a horrible, horrible girl she is. I wish I lived in Calgary..I’d track her down and give her a piece of my mind, lol! We shall see about Brad and Bianca. I honestly think the entire “journey” was more that what Brad expected, but I honestly wish him and Bianca the best. I heart Brad..I really do!

  3. FanofSteve

    November 22, 2012 at 11:22 AM

    ***Bachelor Canada***

    lobsterandbeer & Dianne. Hurray! Brad booted Whitney before the “final rose” … although she sounded like she was trying to beat him to the punch – she almost didn’t let him say what he had to say!

    I didn’t find Whitney remotely attractive – especially that practically permanent scowl of hers – & couldn’t understand why Brad kept referring to her as “hot.” But then, did you notice on the visit to Brad’s family that Whitney actually looked VERY much like Brad’s sister?! Seriously, except for the platinum blondeness of the sister’s hair, they looked spookily alike!

    Whitney’s visit to Brad’s family was a disaster & her scowl was on full display. You could tell no one in that family liked her. Bianka, on the other hand, had a fabulous visit, seemed to fit in with great ease, and was genuinely liked by Brad’s family.

    That said, I believe that, just like with the U.S. Bach franchise, there’s no way these two are going to get married. They barely know each other! Eventually, Brad’s going to see Bianka’s emotional neediness; and Bianka’s going to see Brad’s immaturity (he’s got a whole lotta growing up to do).

    As for Bachelor Canada’s host … jeeze, I thought HE was in love with Brad! Did you see the overly-long hug he gave Brad after escorting him to the proposal site? Hahahahahaha.

    **Survivor Phillipines**
    I agree, lobsterandbeer, Penner sounds exactly like the Hawkeye character on M*A*S*H! I’ve said that from day one, too.

    Malcolm was smart to put the kibosh on any talk of strategy during the spa reward. I have to say, I’m rooting for him. He took a HUGE risk not playing his idol once Abi played hers, knowing that any votes against her wouldn’t count. It paid off though, so right now he’s sitting pretty.

    I am soooooo glad they forced Abi to use her idol. I can’t wait for that beyotch to leave!

    I think Penner may have shot himself in the foot when he passed on making a deal with Lisa and Stuben.

    **Thanksgiving Wishes to my Fellow Fans in the U.S.**
    Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as my Mum was in hospital at the time. Maybe I’ll celebrate today, instead (Mum’s out of hospital and recovering, so that’s definitely something to be grateful for)!

  4. Dianne

    November 23, 2012 at 6:47 AM

    LOL@Kasey33! Thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting, but we celebrated our Thanksgiving last month. It’s a Canadian thing, lol! Hope you have a great Black Friday! Typical Canadian stores trying to compete with the U.S. Black Friday..which is truly crazy, but then again, that’s Canada, lol!

  5. heliofan

    November 26, 2012 at 3:43 AM

    Good weekend for football here. Both my teams beat their arch rivals Ohio State over Michigan and Browns over Steelers. Doesn’t get any better than that for me!

    **Amazing Race**
    The best thing about last night is that we didn’t have to see the Tweenies much since did fast forward. Yikes…they get on my nerves. Jammes cracked me up in their bowties and colors. I want them or the goat farmers to win. I think just 2 more weeks.

  6. heliofan

    November 26, 2012 at 3:45 AM

    Collars not colors…..geez. shouldn’t post before my morning coffee!

  7. randais

    November 26, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    Hey all, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoying turkey and family. Who watched The Amazing Race?

    How strange was it that “twinnies” had to convince the ticket agent to sell them a ticket? Since when does a ticket agent refuse to sell you a ticket just because they think the time between flights is too short to connect? “Awesome balls”? Did I hear that right?

    Abbie and Ryan have NO luck in Frankfurt….first they miss their connection then their plane has mechanical difficulties? Really?

    Then the “twinnies” go fruit loops over the “boat bus”! Having to eat that fish raw would totally gag me.
    I think my favorite thing about this show is getting see all the places they travel, that I most likely will never get to visit.

    Not going to lie, when the Chippendales “took it off” for the cha ching, I was mesmerized :D. I wanted to donate. How sweet are they, they struggle to U-turn any other team just because they don’t want to lose friends. But in the end…. :\ .

    What a “plan” though, to U-turn the Chippendales after seeing they had already been through so that the the “u-turned” team was pretty much guaranteed a last place, only way they were getting out of elimination was if this leg was non elim….What a refreshing change this season, everyone seems to have a conscience, well except for the “twinnies” of course.

    @helio – at this point, I’m team Chippendales all the way. Go boys!

  8. iheartvino

    November 26, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    Morning, all! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Back to reality for me at work today. (And what do I do within the first half hour, come check RS for new comments of course, sad.. ) 🙂

    Anyone else notice RS’s “KA-BOOM!” tweet yesterday? I’m wondeing if that was directed at Fleiss and that he’s about to release the Bachelor spoilers? Here’s hoping! I’m getting sick of Wetpaint running their same stories over and over again on FB. Especially the one that says “Did Sean Lowe get engaged this weekend?” Then you click on it and the story was posted over a week ago.

    Crappy, crappy sports results for me the past few days. Lakers lost 2 out of 3, and my Boys lost at home on Thanksgiving (not surprised there, considering all week ESPN had been repeatedly saying that Romo had never lost on Thanksgiving- thanks for the jinx, a-holes)

    Interesting episode last night! I thought the first 20 min or so lagged but it got better as it went on. At least we know for sure now why Kenny and his brother have it out for the Porter boys. Next week’s looks really good. Ewwwww about the images of Ashley with Conrad in the previews.

  9. jillbeau

    November 26, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    @Helio and @Randais…I knew I would log on today to see comments from you both! 🙂 I love the Chippendales…I am rooting them to win it all! I actually like all of the teams left (the Twinnies still annoy me on occasion, but not as much as they used to). I was happy to see Ryan go…he was definitely cast as the pretentious, arrogant male this season. I did feel bad for Abbie…I may have shed a tear when she hugged that lady after the Detour who gave them the money they needed to complete the task. They were definitely the strongest team this season. But with their departure, I have hope that the Chippendales can win it all.

    It seems like 2 things happened on last night’s episode that I haven’t seen on TAR before, although there were a few seasons that I skipped…first, Abbie and Ryan booked 2 flights in case they missed their first connecting flight. I didn’t realize that teams were allowed to do this. Also, the Twinnies definitely showed that they are very strategic players. I don’t remember another season where someone who already passed the U-turn was intentionally u-turned. It made sense so that Ryan and Abbie were unable to use the u-turn, but I don’t think this has been done in the past. However, if Ryan and Abbie were not delayed at the airport, they still may have been able to avoid elimination. I think that their flight was supposed to land at 2:30pm before the delay and the Beekman boys were not supposed to arrive until 4:45pm.

    It seems like the rest of the teams are evenly matched, so it will be a good fight to the end. While the Beekman boys do not pose a physical threat to the other teams, they are both very smart and do well at some tasks that are difficult for others.

  10. randais

    November 26, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    @jil – I’ve seen the double booking of airline flights before. I can’t remember specifically when but I was just as surprised as you when it happened. The u-turning a previous team, I’ve seen that too but not intentionally. In fact I’m pretty sure it happened earlier this season, wasn’t it the goat farmers, they u-turned a team they hoped/thought was behind them but they were actually ahead of them.


    “Mother”….saw that one coming. “Mommy Dearest” may be a better description. Great casting. Vicky got a little “revenge” of her own, didn’t she? Talk about devious. I don’t think there is as single character on this show that doesn’t have an agenda/plan/vendetta.

    So am I the only one that thinks Victoria’s lips are lopsided? Maybe too much botox in the left side, not enough on the right, or is it just me?

    Flashback Thanksgiving 6 years ago. Well now we know where Ashley and fauxEm’s first met. Apparently the same day as fauxEm and Aiden (who was on a “mission” of his own). So are we to now think that the Russian mafia was involved in the plane wreck they blamed Amanda’s father for? The plot thickens.

    Nolan, who gives/gets presents on Thanksgiving? AND we now know where fauxEm’s got all her money from too! Way to drain an account Nolan, but we always knew he was indebted to fauxEm’s dad and thus why he is so devoted to fauxEm.

    “Perhaps Daniel should have been a poet after all”…perhaps Conrad is right.

  11. cathym

    November 26, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    @randais, Are you really that dense??? You only got that you know now where FauxEm got all her money from too? Repeat after me, David Clarke invested in Nolan’s company. Nolan gave Amanda aka FauxEm her share of her dad’s investment. The only reason this was brought up in last night’s episode was the reveal that Nolan’s ex lover the CFO was aware of this fact so that when we go back to present day and Daniel wakes him up by calling him, we are aware he knows that “Amanda” got 500 million dollars. I suggest you go back to watching shows like Sesame Street where you can learn words and numbers and leave Revenge to people who are more intelligent than you showcase yourself to be.

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