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The Bachelor 17 - Sean

The Bachelor Sean Recap Including a Minor Correction to the Spoilers

-Now it’s time for the limo exits which can be entertaining. Or not. After 25 seasons, they’re kinda running out of creative things they can do that are remotely original. But lets see what this crop has in store. First, Sean arrives to greet Chris Harrison. Have you noticed that Sean definitely walks with a certain strut? I think I first noticed it when he went to greet Emily last season. Now I REALLY notice it. He almost sways all the way left and all the way right when he walks. I’m gonna keep my eye on that this season. Chris tells him that “all 25 women specifically signed on to meet you.” Really Chris? You mean when you were casting women as far back as 9 months ago, before Sean was even on Emily’s season, those women specifically were signing up for him? Stop lying. It’s getting embarrassing.

I’m not gonna talk about all 25 limo exits because not all of them were that memorable. I’ll just talk about the ones that stuck out to me.

AshLee: Says something about usually saving the best for last, but happy she’s first. Sean fakes laughs, and AshLee doesn’t bother to tell him she spells her name like my nephew in kindergarten who still capitalizes every third letter.

Jackie: Since she’s involved in make up, she says she wants to put her mark on Sean tonight by putting on lipstick and giving him a kiss on his cheek. I loved this entrance. Why? Not so much for what she did, but for what came next.

Selma: A very, very busty Selma introduces herself to Sean, and in an obviously pre-planned schtick between her and Jackie before her, Selma pulls some kleenex out of her cleavage to wipe it off Sean’s face. That’s it. Greatest entrance ever. Any entrance that has a chick with DD’s reaching into her cleavage for anything wins the award for “Best Entrance” in my book. I’m sure Mike Napoli is watching in pure disgust. Ex-boyfriend.

Daniella: She decides to go with the baseball player high five, handshake, slap nonsense. I guess Sean wasn’t too put off by it, but any chick that wants to address me like that should just turn and walk the other way. Sean’s not looking for a workout buddy, he’s already got one in Jeremy Anderson. He’s looking for a wife.

Kelly: She’s a singer from Nashville (and quite orange), so naturally, she sings some awful song about Sean coming to her home and tasting her mom’s sweet tea or something. Kelly, I’m only gonna say this once. Don’t you dare try and take down the greatest night one singing performance of all-time. You are no Emily O’Brien my dear. No one is.

Katie: Yoga teacher who wore no shoes on the wet driveway and decided to help Sean with his breathing. If I didn’t think her hair made Medusa look like she uses a flat iron, I’d say I liked the entrance. But the no shoes and out of control hair distracted me too much.

Ashley P: The producer’s dream. “Here’s what you do. Run with the whole 50 Shades thing. Sean will love it. You’re totally gonna get a rose by doing this.” Something tells me that Sean’s church probably has book burnings every Sunday about the 50 Shades trilogy. Not a good start, Ashley. Awful gimmick.

Catherine: 26 limo exits and hers was honestly the least memorable. Not because it was bad or anything, but obviously knowing they’re engaged, you try to look to see what she did on the first night to stand out, or if she told a corny joke, or said something stupid, or did a stupid trick. Nope. Nothing. Told him he looked sexy, gave him a hug, said “I’ll see you inside” and that was that. See future contestants? You don’t need to act like a jackass on your first impression to get a paid for Neil Lane ring at the end.

Robyn: Our gymnast tries to get cute by doing a back handspring in a dress. Not a smart move as she falls on her noggin. If Sean was any sort of man, he would’ve ran out to where she fell down, picked her up, dead lifted her, then put her back down. But he didn’t. Where’s your heart, Seanie?

Tierra: She has a heart tattoo on her finger that’s half open and she’s looking for someone to close it. This apparently blew Sean away so much, that he just HAD to go and “change the rules” by giving her a rose right then and there. When realistically, I’m sure Sean was told off camera “Hey, we want you to give a rose to someone right out of the limo. So pick someone to do it with and we’ll make it seem like it’s this big game changer, when in reality, it’s not. It’ll just add to the dramatic effect since we’ve never cut away to commercial in the middle of the limo exits with a girl just standing there not knowing what’s happening.” I should produce this show.

Amanda: At least she came to the table with something different talking about awkward pauses in relationships so she figured they should just get theirs out of the way now, rather than later. Points for originality. The bright red lipstick was a tad distracting, but she seems likable. I’m guessing her plan of going on the show to make her ex-boyfriend jealous worked since she’s together with him now. Now THAT’S how to use the show to your advantage.

Desiree: You know what’s amazing about Desiree’s intro? Granted, there have been over 600 limo exits in this show’s history and I don’t claim to remember them all, but Desiree definitely wins award for best entrance this season, and probably over the last 10 seasons. How in the world has no one ever thought of using that fountain to make a wish in before her? We see that fountain every season (well except for Emily’s since they bent over backwards to accommodate her in Charlotte) right behind the lead, yet it took 25 seasons to think of making a wish? Props to you Desiree. Best entrance yet. Lets be honest here, exactly how was Tierra’s introduction so superior to Desiree’s that it deserved a rose over everyone else? Head scratcher until you realize her getting that rose first really meant nothing.

Lesley: Well, at least Lesley didn’t come to the table with any sort of political joke or carrying that lame “Lesley Sean 2016” sign. You figured at least one of them would try and appeal to Sean’s sports side. Lesley is a UGA grad. I’m glad she was at least home from filming in time to watch them gag against Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Nice play calling at the end of the game there, Richt. And just think, you guys too could’ve stomped a mudhole in Notre Dame’s ass last night if you were given the chance.

Kristy: So already in her video she’s told us girls will be jealous of her. Now she steps out of the limo and says “Sean did you invite these girls, cuz I didn’t?” Safe to say Kristy wasn’t the author of “How To Win Friends and Influence People” because what she’s done in an hour seems to be exactly the opposite of that. She seems so excited to be on the show and so thrilled to potentially fall in love with the man of her dreams on this show, which is rather amusing considering what she had tweeted just nine months ago when watching Ben’s season. How could we forget?

So already she’s lying to Sean. Not a good start, sweetcakes.

Chris Harrison comes up to Sean and informs him there’s still one more woman left. In fact, she requested that she wanted to see him for a chance at love. Did you see the look on Sean’s face? Why did it look like he was sh**ting his pants thinking Jenna Burke, who he’d made out with a couple weeks earlier, had somehow found her way onto the show to stalk…errr…court him? I’m sure Sean’s heart skipped a few beats when Chris told him that. Or 100. No worries Sean. Jenna’s moved on to other guys from Emily’s season, so I’m pretty sure she’s over you.

Kacie: Well I gotta say, Kacie looks awfully good in that dress. Yowza. I had tweeted about that dress that Britney Spears wore the something very similar on the X Factor semifinal show. Kacie should’ve stepped out of the limo and said, “It’s Kacie, bitch.” One thing I’m glad these two did was mention the fact they’d recently just spent time with each other. Would’ve been awfully disingenuous if they, or the show, never acknowledged it.

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  1. randais

    January 10, 2013 at 5:38 AM

    Wow. I was completely surprised that this episode started out with Sean and Juliette eloping. I mean we all saw the previews and I, incorrectly apparently, assumed it would either take a few episodes to get there or they were misdirecting us with the hype, but NOPE, bang they’re hitched. On the other hand, no shock that Scarlett fell right back into bed with Avery, I’m so over her sorry butt. How can one female be so sorry, sad, pitiful? I want to like her but I can’t respect her, she’s just…..backboneless. (Don’t judge, I did make that up, sounded better than spineless).
    I was happy to see Rayna, in the end, didn’t write off the family. Nothing to get a momma’s back up, like someone (her dad in this case) threatening your family. Again, surprised to find out that Teddy did, in fact, know about their daughters’ parentage. I’m loving the twists. No surprise with Avery ditching his band to “get his time in the limelight”, I hope they continue to keep a story line for his band. I’m a little confused where Scarlett and Gunner are headed, I want better for Gunner, guess we’ll see where they take them. Another non shocker, was the ending. Ok I was surprised it happened so quickly, within the same episode, but “poof” Juliette changes her mind and runs from the actual ceremony and the previews show her asking Sean to sign divorce papers. Can we all agree, we’d like to see them keep Sean around?

  2. karynr

    January 10, 2013 at 7:00 AM

    I just came across this article and LMAO. Wouldn’t you know Emily found another way to keep herself in the spotlight. Wasn’t her 15 min. up a long time ago??!!

    Sean Lowe may have taken over as center of attention on the new season of The Bachelor, but Emily Maynard’s feedback is still deemed of utmost significance. After all, this is the guy Emily decided to reject during her time as the Bachelorette. Fashion lover to the end, Emily shares her thoughts on the best and worst dresses of this season’s premiere.

  3. randais

    January 10, 2013 at 7:31 AM

    GAH can we NEVER get rid of her? “Utmost significance”? Really? Does she write this stuff for herself? YES her 15 minutes were over about 2 years ago.
    @karyn – where’d you read that?

  4. iammesoucantbe

    January 10, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    @Randais: I almost fell off the couch when I saw that it was him that bought the firms debt. LOL. The look on Alicia’s face was priceless! lol. I love love love that they cast Michael J Fox in that part and that even with his illness he is still willing, and able, to work. I also love the character he plays.

  5. iheartvino

    January 10, 2013 at 9:14 AM

    @Randais, I’m with you, I didn’t think they would start the episode with Juliette and Sean eloping either. I found the rest of the episode fairly predictable, and I think we all knew she wasn’t going to go through with the wedding. I’m glad Rayna did the right thing by not yanking her kids out of school to go on tour. Will be interesting to see how that distance affects their marriage, good or bad. I’m sure at some point her tour and Deacon’s tour will somehow cross paths. And yep, I wasn’t surprised either that Scarlett ended up back in bed (ummm or couch in this case?) with Avery. She continues to bug the hell out of me though, and if Revenge and Nashville ever had some weird crossover episode, I wouldn’t be upset at all if Scarlett’s character got killed off by Fauxmanda or The Initiative. 🙂

    Next week’s episode looks good!

  6. randais

    January 10, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    @iheart – I hadn’t considered, the “tours crossing paths” angle. I think you may be on to something. I also, find your “crossover between Revenge and Nashville” idea hilarious, in a “story line, not reality” sort of way ;). I’m starting to think Juliette needs help though, she definitely has Diva personality disorder, DPD.

  7. randais

    January 10, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    @iam – I KNOW! I love when a story line takes an unexpected twist/turn and that was sure an UNexpected one! Perfectly, scripted at the very end of the episode when no one would be expecting anything along that line. Michael J. Fox is excellent in this role and I think he brings a lot to the show. I also, like that they’ve introduced his wife, I like her character too but have to wonder how “innocent” she actually is with regard to his “business/actions”…..I’m looking forward to finding out.
    I’d be willing to bet, based on his inconsistent appearances, that the show is working around his illness and kudo’s to them for being that flexible.

  8. iheartvino

    January 10, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    Forgot to say “Hi” to Liz123 in my last post. Welcome back!!

    @Karyn, I’m not surprised Emily’s keeping herself in the spotlight one bit. Honestly I’ve stopped reading things with her name in it. Wetpaint seems to love her as they’re always covering what she’s doing. So annoying.

    @Randais, hey what can I say, I’m just really annoyed by Scarlett and wish she would somehow get written off the show. Maybe her band will make it big and they’ll get to travel and the white haired man will mess with her plane- problem solved! lol

    They did a great job casting people for that show. Hayden Panettiere plays the diva character well, Connie Britton is genius, and I think Powers Booth does a great job with his role as well. He plays the powerful, rich mean guy role well, just as he did as the evil President Daniels in 24. I miss that show so much.

  9. iheartvino

    January 10, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    *Powers Boothe not Booth. my bad

  10. iammesoucantbe

    January 10, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    *The Good Wife*
    @Randais, that’s the same thing I said. I think it’s great that they work around his schedule and he is able to work inspite of his illness. I think it says a lot about that network and the producers.

    I really like that his wife is now involved also and I wonder what kind of drama she is going to bring. =) Going to be interesting to watch. lol.

  11. randais

    January 10, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Last Resort tonight, for anyone who’s still watching.

  12. iheartvino

    January 10, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    I never did get around to watching any episodes of Last Resort However, I’m super excited for the return of Scandal tonight. There’s a new Grey’s tonight too, but that show is declining in my opinion. This may be my last season if it doesn’t get better.

  13. kasey31

    January 10, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    @iheart- did i see white haired man? in a nashville post? haha.. i agree with u about grey’s.. i used to be a HUGE fan.. but it just got so old and repetitive, and it lost my interest.. sure there were good episodes still, but i think they have dragged that show on for far too long now.. it almost devalues the show.. and thats what i DONT want to see happen with revenge.. i want revenge to end on a high note so the integrity of the show isnt lost..

  14. iheartvino

    January 11, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    @kasey, you definitely wouldn’t like it now then, because they have a whole new group of intern newbies and are trying to make them bigger characters. The only episodes I like are the ones that still focus on Mer, Derek, Christina, Bailey, etc..

    And yep! I was just thinking of how it would be if Nashville and Revenge ever had a crossover episode, there’s a character on Nashville that is extremely annoying and I was thinking the WHM would be the perfect person to somehow kill her off. lol (Not that the two shows would EVER collide- can you imagine the Hamptons clan in a country honky tonk bar? ha)

  15. karynr

    January 12, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    @randais, I found the Emily article somewhere on the sirlinksalot website. It’s .net, not .com. This is the site where I found RS years ago, but he no longer lists his site on it.

    I finally watched The Bach last night. Sean’s not as bland as I remember. And I thought the cheesy interaction between Sean and Arie was adorable. I just don’t find Sean that attractive except for his magnificent body, but I’m not big on blondes. Somehow I ended up married to one, but got rid of him (legally) a long time ago!

    I agree with a lot of the first impressions of most of the women. Ms. Shades of Trashed/Trash was really trashy. Sean handled himself well with the women and showed more personality than I remember. He seems like a genuinely nice guy with good morals and values. I didn’t think I’d get into as much this season, but hooked again.

    The Soup
    Does anyone watch this show? Joel McHale had a hysterical end of the year show, and he had a bunch of 2012 reality show contestants singing We Ruined the World to the tune of We are the World. It was hysterical. I remember seeing Kalon, Charlie O’Connell and a few others from the Bachelor franchise.
    Here it is….enjoy!

  16. karynr

    January 12, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    Clarification……they are obviously not all 2012 contestants.

  17. webwench

    January 12, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    This is probably old news, but I just wanted to thank you for making your site mobile-friendly, previously it was almost unusable, limiting me to reading only when I was in front of my computer. Now it works great with my Android phone. Muchas gracias.

  18. randais

    January 15, 2013 at 5:02 AM

    @iam – thought I’d keep this comment here since it is about The Good Wife, and you were the only one conversating with me about it :D.

    **Good Wife**
    I like the Elsbeth character so I enjoyed this episode. Elsbeth’s intelligent insanity keeps me guessing.

    I loved Will’s face when the three judges strolled in and started the proceedings all in French. I also, loved the judges faces when Will turned the tables by bringing in Diane who surprised all of the foreign judges by understanding everything they were saying and called them out… French.

    I did find it a bit contradictory, just from my perspective, that a girl who is struggling so badly with herself about having an abortion, had no problem telling her lawyers to lie so she would win. Just me, I guess, but both seem equally moral struggles.

    “When the law’s an ass, someone has to kick it” my favorite line of the whole show.

  19. krak13

    January 19, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    Side note on Kacie’s dress … Erica Rose also wore a hot pink version on last season’s Bachelor Pad … way to recycle, Kacie!!

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