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Hi Steve,

So now that Catherine doesn’t have a one-on-one date until episode 6, doesn’t that seem pretty late for the chosen one? Like wouldn’t Sean be infatuated with her a little earlier if he is eventually gonna propose to her and would want to spend time with her a little earlier? It just doesn’t make sense! Thanks!

Comment: Who cares if it makes sense? Does anything on this show make sense? Sean got engaged to Catherine in Thailand and they are still engaged today. I don’t care what episode who did what in. All that matters is the end result, so, I guess it wasn’t pretty late for a first date since that’s the one he chose. I think you shouldn’t read into who gets what date and when. It’s not important.

Hey RS,

I’ve noticed that every time Sean tweets about Kansas St or football, he always hashtags #EMAW. What does that mean?

Comment: It stands for “Every Man a Wildcat.” That’s their school motto. You know how all the ‘billies down in Bama end every sentence with “Roll Tide” or the kooks at Auburn greet you every morning with “War Eagle?” Or even the snobs at SMU wanna tell you to “Pony Up?” Well, Kansas St.’s motto is an abbreviation of EMAW. College sports are great, aren’t they?

Okay RS, I just can’t understand how the “stand-bys” as you call them, tolerate their boy/girl friend leaving them for bachelor/ette/pad and just simply take them back when they get back from filming. I seem to remember one of Brad’s first-season finalists doing something like that, maybe even marrying them eventually, and you’ve said Michael Stagliano and a few of Sean’s girls did/are doing that. So basically these people are getting dumped for a TV show, watching them make out with someone else on national television, and still take them back. Boggles my mind

Comment: Yeah, it is pretty comical, but some people enjoy the attention like that and want to be made a storyline out of. The Brad girl you’re talking about was Jenni. She admitted she got picked up at the airport by her ex-boyfriend and started dating him immediately from getting back. Of course, they ended up breaking up eventually and now she’s married to someone else, but it does happen.

There’s something to be said for women who go on this show and essentially get dumped on national television in front of millions of people. So yeah, I’m sure their embarrassed, so immediately when you get back home, you want to get back into your “comfort zone,” so you’ll tend to get back with someone you’re familiar with who kind of understands what you just went through, since you’re not allowed to tell a bunch of people.

Now in the cases where people are dating someone, then leave to do the show, that’s a bit different. I think you’d have to take it on a case-by-case basis because casting for these shows starts well in advance. You go to your first casting call probably a good 6 months before you ever leave for filming. I don’t think anyone who goes to a casting call ever thinks “I’m definitely getting cast.” So you do it on a whim, not thinking something will ever happen, then go about your life. You start casually seeing someone or whatever, then you get a call back to send in a video and questionnaire about yourself. Then if they like that, usually it’s a phone interview or something, and then you’re out to LA for final casting weekend. So maybe you aren’t serious with someone you just started dating, but technically you applied for the show before you even met them and they were in the picture. So it all depends on what each individual thinks is the respectable thing to do. And 90% of the time, they’re just banging someone on the side, but it’s not serious enough to prevent them from going on the show knowing how much more attention they’ll get from the opposite sex once the show airs, then they capitalize on that.

But anyone who had a serious, committed relationship and went on the show is definitely an idiot, however, their significant other is just as bad. If either of you allow that to happen, then your relationship wasn’t worth a damn anyway.

I’m laughing as I look on Facebook and twitter and people are acting like they haven’t read spoilers and are just guessing that Sean picks Catherine after the first episode!! They didn’t even really show her or anything about her on the first episode! No way anyone would guess on their own that he chose her based off that first episode!!

Comment: Yeah, that is pretty funny because there’s no way that anyone who hadn’t read any spoilers or heard rumors about them could possibly watch episode 1 and says, “Oh yeah, you could totally see he liked Catherine over everyone else.” We never even saw them interact outside of her limo exit which was what, 10 seconds? So no, if you don’t even see two people interact, yet you “predict” he’s gonna pick her, it’s obvious why you think that. I guess these people want to impress their friends or something. To each their own, but seems kinda lame to me.

Hey Steve,

I’ve been reading a lot of different rumors online about who the next bachelorette will be for season 9 (Emily again (no thanks), Cheryl Burke (nope), Vienna (N.O.), Kacie B (the only one I would actually see myself watching), and a fan favorite from Sean’s season) and I wanted to know who is actually being considered for it. If you know anything or have any insight about who is being approached, considered, or anything like that, that would be awesome to know. Thank you!

Any Bachelor Pad predictions too? I know it’s a total stretch at this point hahaha sorry. I could see John Wolfner doing it.

Thanks again! I know you get a ton of these e-mails.

Comment: Plenty of people they have “talks” with, but the only serious contenders would be the final three girls from this show who weren’t picked. With that said, I’m telling you, this is Lindsay’s gig to lose. And she’s not gonna lose it.

Haven’t really thought about “Bachelor Pad” much, but if you’re asking me who from Sean’s crop of girls they’d want, and who’d probably do it, I’d guess: Selma, Kristy, Lesley M., 50 Shades, Daniella, Jackie. And of course Paige because she needs to be on every season moving forward just so she can keep not receiving roses.

Hi Steve, I just love how the producers of the bachelor try to give exciting/impressive job descriptions for these people. I have the break down of what these jobs really are. Of coarse many of them just speak for themselves but here are some of my favorite:

Job title———Real meaning:

Entrepreneur- Knits Friendship bracelets and sells them at garage sale
Journalist- Blogs on Internet
Grad Student- Taking break from college, and lives with parents
Substitute Teacher- Unemployed
Jumbotron Operator- Operates a ride at Disneyworld
Community Organizer- Has block parties
Bridal Stylist- Works at a Bridal Store
Cosmetic Consultant- Sells Avon
Model- Unemployed, lives at home

Comment: I’d say that’s pretty damn accurate. Remember, there aren’t many high level jobs in America that if you go to them and say, “Yeah, I’m gonna go appear on a reality show, and I could be gone a week, but I could be gone 8 weeks. So can I go,” that they’d let you. Hence the reason we see a lot of “models,” “bartenders,” etc. I’ve still always been shocked that we’ve occasionally seen lawyers on this show. Why would any firm let one of their lawyers walk for possibly 8 weeks? Seems odd.

So I know this is way creepy and out of what you care about, but are you going to address anything on the Elan and Casey relationship? If I remember correctly, that is the Casey from ben’s season, right? Kinda odd… Interested in hearing how that came about, but know its none of our business. Just comes with being a fan of the show I guess… Haha

Comment: Yes producer Elan Gale, he of the giant bushy beard bordering on homeless, is dating Casey Shteamer from Ben’s season. I know nothing about their relationship nor do I really care. I’m sure they’ll last forever and ever.

This is such a joke. Seriously, how big of a threat are you? You do post spoilers but most importantly, you expose the show for what it is: a JOKE! You do not ruin the show for the millions of weirdos that want to believe it is real-you just echo the thoughts of the rest of us. The nut cases do not believe you anyways. What does the production company care? Just the fact that they served you four days before Christmas shows their compassion for people.

Good luck Steve, if I had any extra money I would donate to your defence.

Happy New Year?

Comment: In terms of donating, I haven’t put any donate buttons up nor do I think I will. Last season, I didn’t put a donate button up until 5 months in to the proceedings, and every single cent that was donated went to my legal team. It certainly helped, but I still have a bill to take care of that I’ll do on my own. We are still very early in the process here and I’m weighing all my options about what I plan on doing. A counterclaim is certainly not out of the question.


Don’t you think it’s time to just stop with spoiling the show? I mean, it’s probably costing you a lot of money to go against them. I just want you to stop being bothered. It was nice while it lasted and I thank you for your website, but I’d much rather see you not having to deal with lawsuits all the time. I’m just a fan looking out for you. I hope you have a good day!

Comment: Appreciate the concern, but I will fight this how I choose to fight this, thanks. When we finalized the Settlement Agreement last May, I basically agreed, “Hey, if I break the rules, then you can come after me again.” I haven’t broken any rules in the Agreement. If anybody has, it’s them. So I am not going to sit here and let them dictate how I operate. I’d admit guilt if I was guilty. I’m not.

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  1. breezy23

    January 9, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    Soy guapo! fff ffff! You sir.are.awesome.

  2. JovisMom

    January 9, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    To the emailer who talked about the Bachelor Party and there not being any strippers….
    I worked in a strip club as a cocktail waitress and I can tell you while someo of the girls (Strippers) are broken a lot of them are just like you and every other girl who posts on the column. The strippers do not want your man. They want his money. The majority of men don’t want those women. They want to look at a naked women dance. The guys just set there at their tables quietly drinking beer. They aren’t as bad as you think. I once made $700 tip off of 1 table in a couple of hours. It was a bachelor party. I am glad that I did experience working there because now when my boyfriend goes to one (so far has been 1 time in a year and a half) I don’t care because I know what they are all about.

  3. Vanilla Thunder

    January 9, 2013 at 12:00 PM

    Eres guapo? Very humble, senor Steve. 🙂 Heh heh.

    The whole “strip club as bachelor party” thing is, I guess, typical, but now people are getting more creative and thinking of other “guy” types of things to do at bachelor parties. And maybe the groom isn’t comfortable at a strip club, or it’s just not his thing, so the plan is to do something else “manly” like drive race cars or go to a beer tasting. So what? It doesn’t mean the guy(s) are any less of a man.

  4. Vanilla Thunder

    January 9, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Also, Columbo starred Peter Falk, not Robert Blake.

  5. strick432

    January 9, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    STEVE!!! I can’t believe you don’t know Beretta from Columbo!!! You aren’t THAT young….or maybe I’m just that old…..huh……

  6. sarah771978

    January 9, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    To the e-mail that referenced posting a spoiler on Emily’s twitter…

    I did the same thing on the ABC site message boards. The day before the premier, i was bored, and reading through the message boards on the ABC Bachelor site. One string was talking about how they couldnt believe that there had been no spoilers posted, and commetned that it was a first or something. So, i thought, “this could be funny!”
    I posted the final four, and then said the Catherine wins.
    I think everyone on that string jumped down my back at how rude and appaled they were that someone would have the nerve to post something like that on someone elses string. I mean they were pissed. they flaged my account and by the next morning all my comments had been deleted. i thought it was the funniest thing ever, and sort of want to keep screwing with them.

    This is a Fake TV romance where you win the chance to be a little miss? I can think of better prizes to win.

    Also, because you know some pathetic plebe from ABC reads through this stuff daily, here it goes.

    I stopped watching the bachelor before the 2nd Jason Mesnik season. I only started watching again as soon as I found Reality Steve. You can guarantee that you will lose viewership if you keep bullying Steve. Many people only watch your show now, to see that Steve was right. I know that i will not watch if the spoilers get shut down.

    Thanks for doing what you do Steve. I appreciate the info and the laughs.

  7. TXChic2

    January 9, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    Thank you, Steve for the laughs as always. To show my support in this lawsuit I am not watching this season.

    ABC, if you are reading, I’ve watched EVERY season of the Bachelor, Bachelorette and B-Pad, with the exception of Emily’s. After about two episodes I just couldn’t take her any longer. The only reason I watched this fake show for long was because this column paired with watching the Tweets made it funny!

  8. iheartvino

    January 10, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    To the person who sent the reader email asking Steve about getting an iPhone app-
    I was hoping for the same a while back but understand his reasons for not getting an app. So I have his site saved to my home screen so now I can access it that way. All you have to do is open the site in Safari, click on the arrow, and select “Add to Home Screen.” I know it’s not the same thing as an actual app, but it’s a quick and easy way to access this site on my iPhone and iPad without having to go through Google or Safari’s history.

  9. elizabeth82

    January 10, 2013 at 9:03 PM

    ^I find the issue is that it’s hard to read on a mobile device not that accessing the site itself is hard.

    Understand why it wouldn’t be a priority, though. Always read it on a computer unless I’m on a trip.

  10. iheartvino

    January 11, 2013 at 8:55 AM

    ^ Completely agree with you, elizabeth92. I don’t like commenting from my iPhone because it doesn’t show what I’ve already typed so it’s hard to catch and fix errors. It also seems to take all the comments a long time to load on movile devices. Most of my time on RS is spent while at work anyway. 🙂 (I think that’s the case for a lot of us!)

  11. iheartvino

    January 11, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    Sorry, I meant elizabeth82. Can’t blame my phone on that one.

  12. strick432

    January 11, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    me, too ihearvino….I have to have some sanity every now and then at my job – oy, Reality Steve, sanity??!!! lol

  13. tamara

    January 12, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    she seems very nice, but why would you agree to go to a hotel with a man you haven’t even dated yet. are you really surprised he expected to have sex with you? sex toys or not, if you go to the hotel with him, you are both expecting to be sexual without knowing anything about eachother.

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