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The Bachelor Sean Recap & Clarifications on Tierra News

-Remember how yesterday I said this was a brilliant idea to run back-to-back episodes? I take that back. I feel like I’ve been watching this show on a 24 hr loop and haven’t left my computer since 9:00pm CST Monday night. It’s like one giant long movie that won’t end. Sure, before last night we had 11 girls and now we’re one week away from hometowns, but man, that was almost “Bachelor” sensory overload for 24 hours. I need an IV drip of the “Joe Schmo Show,” mixed with “Catfish,” then topped off with “90210.” I don’t want to think about this anymore until I’m forced to next Monday. Whatever the case, Chris welcomed the women to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. There will be 3 dates, two 1-on-1’s and a group date. Lesley and AshLee are still commenting that there’s tension in the house because, well, Tierra is still walking upright and talking. Because of their ingenious math skills, they’re able to deduce that Catherine, Daniella, and Tierra are the only ones who haven’t had 1-on-1 dates yet. Date card arrives and it’s for Catherine: “Lets find our fairy tale ending.” I agree, since most fairy tale endings begin in snowstorms in the middle of nowhere. At this point though, Catherine will take what she can get considering she’s been the invisible woman for five episodes. Hey everyone! It’s Catherine Giudici! She’s the tiny little Filipino girl who barely gets shown even though she’s been engaged for almost 3 months now! Say your hello’s, cuz after this 1-on-1 date, she’s basically gonna disappear again for the remaining hour and forty-five minutes of this episode.

-Sean arrives to pick Catherine up in a giant snow bus in essentially a blizzard. Cold, snowy, the wind is whipping sideways, and Catherine’s nose ring doesn’t know what to do, it’s appearing on both sides of her nose in consecutive shots. Go figure. Sean informs her that they are going to go play on a glacier in Jasper National Park. Ummmmm, fun? I guess? They seemed to make the most out of it doing flips, somersaults, sledding and making snow angels in some of the worst weather we’ve ever seen on this show. Sean: “Catherine has passed the blizzard test.” I don’t think she did. Why? Because neither of you made yellow snow. In the two or three days a year it snows here in Dallas, Maddie loves doing that. I think making yellow snow is the sign of whether or not your engagement will last. So since neither of them took the time to drop trou and relieve themselves, I’m seeing a very rocky courtship ending in a breakup. Sorry guys. Do you think at this point Catherine is thinking to herself, “So you don’t give me a 1-on-1 until episode 6, and then when you do, we gotta rough it in 0 degree temps and a snowstorm? I’ll wait another week if you’d just gimmie one in St. Croix. F**k this sh**.” I sure would’ve. Lets face it, Catherine got screwed.

-After that horrendous afternoon snow job, they go back and change and Sean picks her up in a horse drawn carriage so they can start the next portion of their date. To cap off such a lovely day, they will be entering a wind tunnel set to 75 mph, all while icicles are thrown at their faces. If they’re able to dodge them all, then they will then advance to the final stage where they must stand in an ice chamber for as long as possible. Kidding. However, he is taking her somewhere cold yet again as they’ll be eating dinner at an ice castle built specifically for them. Hey, is Robbie Benson gonna be there? Will Lexi Winston be performing blind and trip over all the flowers? Hey, I have an older sister. Leave me alone. I was forced to watch it when I was a kid. Sean is giddy. “Sometimes it just clicks. It just clicks with you.” Sooooo, I guess it’s clicking for these two. Just like it was clicking with Lindsay in last night’s episode. And how it clicked with Desiree later on this episode. Must be hard to constantly have to tell every girl what a great time you’re having when, lets be honest, you obviously like some better than others. I don’t envy Sean for that at all. Every woman essentially hears the same stuff on every date, just worded differently. Sometimes. And that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever change. Why people choose to read into things they see and hear on dates from one person to the next is beyond me.

-The group date card arrives back at the hotel, and before it’s read, all the women are SO sure that Daniella is getting a 1-on-1 that there’s no humanly way possible her name would EVER be read on this group date card, right? Right? Uhhh, wrong. Guess whose name was saved for last to build zero suspense? Daniella. I’ll let Ali Fedotowsky’s tweet from last night answer your question as to why did Desiree get two 1-on-1 dates before Daniella ever had one?

@AliFedotowsky : Daniela didn’t get a one-on-one date this week for one reason and one reason only. Sean isn’t into her. End of story. #Bachelor

That pretty much sums it up right there. Sean knows at this point who he wants to keep and who he doesn’t. If they would’ve decided to give Daniella a 1-on-1, he would’ve sent her home. But producers thought process is lets show more of his relationship with Desiree than give a girl a chance we know is going home this episode. And props to Ali this season for revealing more and more behind-the-scenes stuff about production in her blog for E! Online. Did you see this doozy she wrote in yesterday’s blog about the 2-on-1 date as it related to her season when she had it with Rated “R” Rego and Kasey?

“Time for the infamous two-on-one date! Look, Sean knew who he was sending home on the two-on-one date before it even started. Let’s face it, you either know who you are sending home before the date or you bring two people you’re not into at all so you don’t care who goes home. Think about it: Why would you ever bring two people that you really like, knowing you have to send one of them home? Makes no sense. My guess is that the producers asked Sean to bring both girls on this date. I’m not so sure he cared who went home. At least that’s how it worked on the two-on-one date on my season. I brought Kasey and Justin and I knew neither was right for me, so I asked the producers to pick. Justin was the one chosen to stay. I didn’t know at the time, but I think it’s because he had a girlfriend at home and the producers knew that was going to play out in the next episode. Let me be clear that producers don’t always choose, but when it didn’t matter either way to me, I was happy to let them decide.”

Good stuff. THAT’S the kinda stuff we want to hear from former contestants. Last year, Ali didn’t delve into production stuff all that much. This season she seems to be on a rampage giving away show secrets. She did another candid interview talking about her experience on the show, and I gotta say, I’m loving the fact she doesn’t seem to have a filter anymore since she’s more removed from the show. And yet here I’m the one that production’s panties are in a bunch over and they can’t stand me, when even ones from their own franchise are spilling behind-the-scenes dirt. Keep doin’ it Ali. That’s what people want to hear.

-We see Catherine get serious for the first time this season with Sean. Then again, we’ve barely seen her at all up to this point, but she opens up about a tragic loss in her life.

“I have a goofy side to me…but I want to show you a serious side…been through some tough times in my life…when I was 12 me and my best friend were at summer camp…we were walking on a trail and she was about 100 feet in front of me…we heard a tree start falling…it fell on my friend and killed her instantly…and at 12 years old, I realized that things can be taken from you very quickly and I learned very, very early what my biggest goal in life was, which was like, to be in love and have a family and have a partner for life. So that’s why I think I’m here, because I knew going into this that you want that too. That’s why I wanna be with you because I know that we can be great.”

Aaaaaand breathe. Hell of a monologue. I have one too. Back in the summer before 8th grade, I went to Student Council camp with my best friend because we were elected President and Vice President of the school. I’d been away before but with family and friends. Never with a bunch of complete strangers. It was a three day weekend at the Pomona-Pitzer colleges and at first I hated it, but by the end, I’d learned how to be a leader and what was expected of me for the following school year as class president. From that experience, I then always vowed to sleep on the right side of my bed at night. My point? Uhhhh, I don’t get what Catherine’s story had to do with anything? I understand she wanted to open up about a traumatic experience in her life, but because she witnessed her friend get killed at 12 years old, she knew she wanted to come on the “Bachelor?” Oh well. I guess it worked. She got a rose, and a month later she’s engaged to him. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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  1. Dianne

    February 7, 2013 at 5:50 AM

    For all of those that are blaming Sean for the way Sarah was eliminated, think about it for a minute. Sean had absolutely NO SAY on how Sarah was sent packing. It’s 100% the producers who stage this kind of thing, and always have. They played the poor girl up for everyone to feel sorry for her because of her missing limb. That got old and boring, so off she went. Same deal goes for Tierra..her antics are now so predictable, and the producers figure her 15 minutes are up, so bye, bye, Tierra.

  2. cheryl1

    February 7, 2013 at 6:10 AM

    I’m sure SR doesn’t consider Canadians freaks…unless he means freakishly nice, freakishly good looking 🙂 In those cases, he’s right. Moving on…I actually feel uncomfortable watching Ashlee’s scenes. She has some serious issues…which given her history makes perfect sense, but hashing them out on The Bachelor? Bad choice. Oh, I do tire of Lindsay. She’s a teacher? Yikes! She hasn’t said one interesting thing or had one interesting moment on the show. If she is The Bachelorette I’m not watching. Des on the other hand is great…very likeable. Yep, poor Lesley. That was a terrible break up….awful to watch. I kind of understand why he did it that way. It was likely bothering him. He wanted to get it over with, and not sit through an awkward per-rose ceremony conversation. But still – awful. And, pease, please could they show us a little more of Catherine!

  3. Dianne

    February 7, 2013 at 6:31 AM

    @peepsforpeace – Selma, is that you??!!

  4. randais

    February 7, 2013 at 7:28 AM

    Dianne – bwahahahhaah I almost fell off the bed with that last comment! Good one.

    Peeps and anyone else defending Ms. Selma via “do you know the back story” – Really? A back story to why/where/when she took off her top for a video, could excuse it or change the fact that she STILL appears hypocritical? I will never understand that rationale. I don’t know her or what’s in her heart and don’t begin to suggest that I do, BUT I DO know how she “appears” based on what she has done and has been put out there for EVERYone to see. That’s the ONLY thing we have to go off of. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. I’m not suggesting she’s not a “nice” person, I think many hypocrites can be very nice people, or has a “good” heart. I just think the term hypocrite, in this instance, means she is sending two different messages, that’s all.

    Having said all that and slightly changing the subject, I would have NEVER jumped into that freezing water either no matter if it sent me home or not. In my opinion, if it DID send me home, that would tell me, without question, he was NOT the man for me.

  5. megbird711

    February 7, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    I’m a girl, and I really like Lindsay. Not huge on Des, she seems boring. *Shrug*. Now, when I say “like”, I mean like for a lead. I didn’t want Sean for a lead, and lo and behold, this is the most bored I have ever been watching this franchise. Thank God for some of the girls I like (Lesley and Lindsay are my faves). I think Lindsay would be funny and entertaining, two things Sean and Emily were NOT.

    As for the ring thing, I think that it’s sloppy editing, but I think it was filmed when they said it was.

    And cheryl, did you mean Poor Sarah? Lesley is still on the show! And I thought it was rude what Sean did too.

  6. megbird711

    February 7, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    And Dianne, all we are told this season is how everything is Sean’s choice. If he can give roses out to whoever the hell he feels like on the first night, you honestly think he can’t refuse to embarrass Sarah? Of course he could’ve. He just is dumb enough to think he was doing the respectful thing. He embarrassed both Sarah and Kacie, and his muscles-for-brain is too slow to realize it.

  7. addicted2rs

    February 7, 2013 at 8:13 AM

    Daniella didn’t get a 1-1 date because Sean already knew he was going to send her home. But he was going to let her wait until the rose ceremony. It is really cruel the way he eliminated Sarah. I wouldn’t put it past the producers forcing it, but I also wouldn’t put it past Sean either.

    When I saw the ring on Catherine’s wedding finger I thought it might be a family heirloom because it seemed to have a wedding ring attached to the engagement ring. It didn’t look impressive enough to be a ring from the show though.

    I noticed Des packed the exact same red and black suitcase that Sarah did. Must have been given to every girl who made it that far.

    One last thought… I think Sean and Catherine would make a good couple now that we’ve gotten to see a few minutes of them together. He doesn’t seem to want a serious person. Kind of surprised he doesn’t eliminate AshLee sooner.

  8. jillbeau

    February 7, 2013 at 8:17 AM

    I will miss Selma for her snarky comments. She had a gem during the cocktail party that I haven’t seen mentioned in any blogs. Talking to Lesley and Des about Tierra: “Let’s be honest. You’re going to WIFE that?!??”. Sure it was mean, but it made me laugh. There’s a deleted scene that Steve may post in today’s column that pretty much shows why Sean eliminated her. But for some unknown reason, the producers decided not to include it in the show. Who knows anymore.

  9. Dianne

    February 7, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    Megabird, honey, you just keep on thinking the way you’re thinking. But, you have to realize, Sean is paid to be there, and is under contract to be there, and that leads me to belive that he has to do what he’s told to do, not vice-versa. But hey, that’s only my opinion.

  10. randais

    February 7, 2013 at 9:34 AM

    I can’t help but think of one more thing, after reading everyone bashing everyone on the show (and me too), but it seems to me, this ALWAYS happens. No matter who the bach/ette is, since we’ve ALL met whoever it is previously, they ALWAYS appear to morph when taken out of a competitive role and placed in a control role. EVERY single one of them. I have been disappointed in the lead, going from one role to the other, EVERY SINGLE SEASON. They turn into clueless, thinking with their crotch, hypocritical idiots. So why are we surprised? I’m not, it’s the same thing every season, time for us to just accept it and carry on.

  11. jensmith05

    February 7, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Hey, Steve, big fan. Women put perfume on their wrists and their necks because they are “pulse points” where your blood vessels are closest to the skin, thus the hottest (temperature) areas. Because these areas are warm, the smell reignites when activity happens. Also, my mom said you should always wear perfume a little higher on your neck, so when a man kisses it, it smells wonderful, but doesn’t taste like rubbing alcohol. Love the column.

  12. cheryl1

    February 7, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    @megabird, you’re right. I get the names mixed up.

  13. LynnMJ

    February 7, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Dianne – I feel the same. Producers want/need for certain things to happen. There is no way they’re going to send the resident b#tch home when she’s the person everyone talks, writes, blogs about. Is it a coincidence that Sean, just like many bachelors before him, keeps an obviously obnoxious personality around, even after being told straight out by other women that he needs to know the truth? The drama queen makes the show….without one of those, it’d be boring.

  14. mariet

    February 7, 2013 at 5:10 PM

    cheryl1– Yes, you get the names mixed up. Like when you said, Lindsay. She’s a teacher? Yikes! I’m sure you meant, Ashley Hebert. She’s a dentist? Yikes!

  15. peepsforpeace

    February 8, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    @Athena – thank you! And yes, great point about people changing, etc. I mean, these women are still so young! I agree the topless video of Selma was a bit strange but we really don’t know the backstory behind it and whether it was even released, etc. Just have a bit of a beef with people writing posts authoritatively about others cultures when they obviously don’t understand just how complex culture is.

  16. reddla

    February 8, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    Of course this show is produced but I an hardly believe you would put merit in anything that Doug character had to say. It’s called saving face.

  17. Athena

    February 8, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    @jillbeau about Selma: you’re right, that was a “good” snarky comment she made during the cocktail party, and thanks for the video clip. I don’t know why they didn’t show it either. Granted, she wasn’t very smooth when she called the other girls “idiots” for taking the plunge by not realizing that Sean was one of the “idiots” too. But, I thought what was most telling is how put upon he seemed by her comment. It’s ok for him to expect all of the girls to do his (producers) bidding, but not ok for Selma to say “no thank you”. Seemed arrogant to me. Guess it’s good she went home – it was definitely not going to be a match made in heaven for those two.

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