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“Reader Emails,” The Conspiracy Theories Flying Already & Another Hour of Sean


Do you think the producers ever try to tell the lead (or at least encourage them) not to pick someone because they want them to be the next Bachelorette? Seems ridiculous but with ABC you can never be too sure…

Comment: I think they have a certain influence and might lead people in certain directions, but ultimately, it’s the leads call. Whether that call was made because a producer was telling them, “Hey, I think this one is ready for marriage and would probably say yes,” or, “I’m not so sure so-and-so is ready for an engagement,” I guess we’ll never know for sure. You’d have to ask the leads.

Hey Steve!

Love your site! Good luck with the lawsuit!

I was wondering your opinion on Arie raising funds for his car or whatever. Seems he’s pimping on Twitter a lot, and…well, taking advantage of the female admirers he’s accumulated. I mean, hasn’t he raced before and made money? And wasn’t he paid for The Bachelorette?

What’s your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Comment: According to his page, he needs to raise $400k to race. He’s got a little over 20 days left. As of last night, he hasn’t reached $7,000. Ummmm, I don’t think he’s getting his goal, and since the money he’s asking for isn’t going to charity and it’s basically asking people, “Hey, donate so I can work,” I hope each and every one of them gets their money returned when the goal isn’t hit. I can’t see how he could keep it if he doesn’t reach his goal. VERY bizarre fund raising if you ask me. Never really seen anything like it.

Hi, Steve.

I was reading your reader emails section from last week and came across the question that someone asked wondering if the rose drop from the balcony and getting the perfect shot of it landing was fake or not.

I recently directed an indie feature. I had no experience with film making prior to this film and I was thrust into the role of director after writing the film (I’m a writer, not a director). Anyway, the project opened my eyes to just how easy it is to fool people into thinking that things are shot sequentially and that many things CAN’T be shot sequentially. Between your column and my recent experience as a director, the fairy tale of “reality” TV is over for me. It’s just not possible to film reality the way it is portrayed on reality television without doing multiple takes and calling for cuts in the action to change camera angles, etc. In my book, that’s not reality.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the rose Sean dropped from the balcony is not the same rose that hit the floor. For that to happen, they’d have to have a camera on Sean and a camera in the landing area which wouldn’t be seen in the shot of the rose falling to its death and then from 3 stories up have Sean hit the target in one shot. That’s like a one in a billion shot and it definitely had to be set up ahead of time (i.e. not reality at all). In fact, when I saw that, my eyes just about popped out of my head at how ridiculously fake it was. (Not to mention over-the-top cheesy.) To get the rose to drop in a perfect way like that so that the petals flew up in the air, my guess is they dropped a lot more than one rose (not counting the one Sean dropped) and Sean wasn’t even in the building at the time. They could even have gone back to the location and shot it after principal photography was over because they thought it would spice up their edit. They could even have done it BEFORE Sean even got there if they’d decided Lesley was going home and Sean was going to drop a rose off a balcony.

Considering how fake most of your readers know this show to be already, I’m sure this is just icing on an already thoroughly iced cake, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in on this because I noticed that shot too and it irritated me no end because it was blatant manipulation of the audience and a totally unnecessary shot. I would have been fine seeing Sean just drop the rose. I think we all got the picture that we were supposed to be sad for Sean’s pitfall on his quest for love (if you can call it that since no one ever thought Lesley was really a contender) without the exploding rose shot on the floor.

Comment: Thank you.

Desiree is rather snide…she picked at Amber to try to get a rise out of her, and she was the one that set Tierra off tonight with her snarky comment (“Jackie is so sweet, it was so hard to see THAT send home”)…but very sweet with Sean. Tierra got the bad edit, but I feel like she had a target on her back since she got the first rose (and everyone knowing Sean really liked her). Are you picking up on this too, or am I the only person in the world who is sympathizing with Tierra (and maybe I’m just delusional).

Comment: Uhhhhh, who’s Amber?

You are the only person in the world sympathizing with Tierra and are delusional. But hey, at least you can admit it.

Hi Steve,

Why are the travel locations (prior to hometowns) for the Bachelorette a bit more extensive and exotic compared to the locations for the Bachelor?

Examples: Jake (North & Central America), Brad (North & Central America), Ben (North & Central America), Sean (North & Central America), versus the women’s seasons flying across the ocean: Ali (Europe), Ashley (Asia), Emily (Europe).
Don’t get me wrong, I think U.S. travel is great and its wonderful to invest travel dollars in our own beautiful country – it just seems far from coincidental that the travel locations are aligned accordingly to Bachelor vs. Bachelorette seasons.

Comment: I agree with you that it seems like the Bachelorette gets more time in Europe mid season. And if what I’m hearing about the upcoming season is accurate, it’ll hold true once again.

Hey Steve,

This is a 1/2 Reality Steve, 1/2 Dr. Steve question. Can you think of any instances where one of the girls has “tattled” to the Bachelor about the crazy girl or the girl that no one likes and the Bachelor has been like – ok, I see it and has eliminated the crazy girl? It seems like every time someone tattles, it’s the tattler that leaves. I feel like the Bachelorettes in the past have listened – am I correct?

OK Dr. Steve – why doesn’t any Bachelor listen? Is it a man thing, a Bachelor thing (the kind of guy who may be more sensitive than the average man), or just the producers whispering in the Bachelor’s ear that the other girls are just jealous – she’s really not all that crazy. I think most women would want to know what was going on and would appreciate hearing what was going on behind the scenes.

Comment: Definitely happens a lot, no doubt. I guess it’s no different than telling your friend who’s dating a douche, “Hey, your boyfriend is a douche. Leave that guy.” Do they ever? No. They want to believe their significant other over their long time friend, and the friend usually ends up getting ignored.

I think inherently the leads want to give people the benefit of the doubt. And the more others attack that person, if the lead hasn’t seen any of it for himself, I guess they feel they need to discover it on their own and not let others dictate. Personally if it were me, I’d listen to the others. If everybody hates my girlfriend, that’s a problem.

So, I read your recap of the Bachelor… and got the CM Punk reference… Let me ask you, do you get insiders with the week-to-week scripting.?

If so, how long is The Rock going to be champ, and when is Ryback going to get another shot.?
Would you think HHH is going to come back due to Vince having his hip “broken” and challenge Lesner at Wrestlemania again.?

Any other insite would be great. I’m almost at the point of not watching anymore.

Comment: If you don’t want your daily wrestling fix right now, you can skip to the next question.

No, I have no insiders within the WWE. I just read certain sites that have good information and are usually pretty accurate with their “spoilers” for storylines.

From what I’ve gathered, the Rock was always going to win the Royal Rumble, and that made sense. You don’t promote it almost a year in advance only to have him lose. With that said, the plan is for Cena to redeem last years Wrestlemania loss (along with a horrible 2012 that saw him lose pretty much every big match), and beat the Rock for the title. The Rock just can’t stay champion long because he’s not a full-time wrestler. So the title reign was always going to be short lived.

HHH comes back next week, and he will be fighting Lesnar at Wrestlemania to avenge the Lesnar “breaking” his elbow, and F-5’ing Vince last week.

Not sure what they have in store for Ryback regarding Wrestlemania yet, but I gotta imagine it’ll have something to do with The Shield.

I absolutely just nerded out on all of you. What can I say? I’m multi-talented.

Hi Steve!

Love your blog and I liked to wait until the next day to watch episodes so I can read your blog while watching the show. Of course, I read the spoilers way before hand, but your episode by episodes are awesome.

I have a question about the fact that Tierra posted (real or fake) pictures on her Instagram of an engagement ring – Isn’t there something in her contract she signed that this would be against? It seems weird to be posting this BEFORE she gets the boot vs. waiting for the outcome of her fate in the show to be aired. I would think that Catherine definitely would get in trouble for posting THE ring, right? This makes me think Tierra could get in some sort of contract trouble.

Anyways, keep being awesome!

Comment: I have no idea what Tierra’s doing or why she’s doing it. Hopefully I’ll have a more clear answer after this weekend and I can address it next week. But frankly, with her being gone after Monday, I really don’t care what she does anymore. The more people talk about her, the more she’s “winning.” This is exactly what she wants. I’m almost to the point of letting everyone else talk about her and I’ll just ignore it. She’s become that irritating in my eyes.

If she thought she’d get in trouble, she never would’ve posted the pictures. So either she doesn’t care, or they don’t care. Or both.


Love your blog!!!

Why don’t the producers put a camera inside the girls’ mansion so the lead can SEE if these women who are “different with the lead than they are with the other girls” are in fact, acting differently? Since the show wants drama, why not create it by having the lead “shocked” by how someone like Tierra acts in the house vs. how she acts with Sean? This happens every season! I suppose they think it creates more drama to have the lead “figure out” what’s really going on….but there might be just as much drama if he secretly watches and confronts her.

Comment: Because they want them to find out on their own.

Hi Steve,

I was reading your column recap of last night’s episode. I noticed that you mentioned that Robyn lasted the longest, from any African American. However, in Season 12 of the Bachelor-featuring Matt Grant, Marshana was an African American and lasted until the week before hometowns. It happened to have been episode 5 as well, however, in terms of how many contestants were left, Marshana made it much further.

Comment: That’s right. Marshawna did last that long. I believe she’s the only other one. I stand corrected.

K, Tierra legitimately thinks “fustrating” is a word. The first time she said it, I thought it was a mistake, but 2 times in a row=no, she really thinks that’s the word. My questions:

1. As a man, what is the appeal of Tierra? She’s clearly high maintenance, unfriendly with others, and in my opinion unattractive. Why would Sean keep her for so long? Do men find girls that other girls hate intriguing? Because this has also happened with Courtney, Vienna, etc.

2. Have you noticed that this season, a lot of the girls have very high-pitched, whiny voices? I feel like there are more voices like this in this season than there have been previous seasons. Kind of a random observation, but I find these voices so annoying! I’m kind of glad the girl with a more normal/moderate voice–Catherine–wins.

Comment: Never noticed her saying “fustrating.” Yeah, not a word.

1) I find absolutely nothing attractive or appealing about Tierra, so, you’re asking the wrong guy.

2) Now that you mention it, yes. And I agree that Catherine’s voice isn’t whiny or high pitched. She just seems to have the dialect of a teenager. That’s what I hear when listening to her speak.

Pretty sure you are a fake, bought and paid for by ABC to “create’ controversy & increase viewership.

Comment: And I’m pretty sure you don’t have a f***ing clue what you’re talking about. My legal bill for the month of January that just arrived yesterday begs to differ.

Hi Steve,

Random question: Do the contestants have a contractual agreement to attend
the Women/Men Tell All at the end of the season?

The reason for my question is, after watching the editing some people get,
why would they come back for more? (Besides the obvious 15 more minutes of
fame) Bentley did not return for the MTA, whereas Courtney had to return. I
wonder if Tierra will come back, seeing how she is the flavor to hate at the

Thanks for writing about this stupid show. Keep up the good work.

Comment: They want them to attend, but nothing is forcing them to. Rego didn’t. Wes didn’t. Bentley didn’t. Frank didn’t. Might be a couple others I’m forgetting. But Tierra loves the attention too much. No way she won’t show up for the WTA. She’ll be there, and will probably go on the defensive immediately, instead of doing the smart thing and apologizing.

Why can’t you have just good country people instead of all the rich ones. I am a middle class widow age 50 and my dream is be on the bachelor or be the bachelorette. But I’m not one of the rich people .

Comment: I hate to crush your dreams, but you will never, ever, ever be on the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”

Hi Steve,

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks to your insight and commentary, The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I was bored on Instagram and came across this. Don’t know if you’ve seen it or will find this interesting, but here ya go. Keep up the good work.

Comment: Seems like she makes friends wherever she goes, I guess.

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  1. bunbun

    February 10, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    whatireallymean:thanks I didn’t notice the first “r” being missing. Now I get why she said it wasn’t a word. Glad you noticed it and cleared it up for me.

  2. catloverx2

    February 10, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    Why aren’t they traveling this time. I look forward to seeing exotic Locations with this Show.

  3. karynr

    February 11, 2013 at 5:45 AM

    **Response to iheart…..Situation in CA.**
    iheart, I’ve been reading about it in the paper every morning. That’s pretty scary stuff going on in your neck of the woods. I read that one of the police Captains hasn’t left his house since this started, as he’s named in this guy’s “manifesto.” I sure hope they catch him soon. They’re now offering $1M for his capture, so maybe that will motivate someone to pick up the phone if they know where he is, and get him off the streets.

  4. Meghan

    February 11, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Everyone, just FYI, I recently installed Adblock Plus and the annoying ads at the top and side of the screen are no longer there. I downloaded the one for Firefox, but it is available for several different browsers.

    To the person who wrote Steve about Sean’s sincerity and why he would go on the show, etc., I just wanted to say that I would not be surprised at all if Sean is either 1) a total fake and knows it or 2) a total fake without realizing it. I have known so many guys who profess a very deep faith and values, and even seem to give back to the community on a regular basis, but are still total jerks, womanizers, players, and the like. Some of these guys seem like they probably know they are being fake, but some genuinely don’t get it. The fact that Steve said Sean was making out with crazy Jenna Burke before filming the show kind of tells me he’s not quite what he presents himself to be. Personally, I don’t think someone with the kind of faith Sean says he has would go on this show–I mean, he’d have to be pretty dense to believe God’s method of connecting him with ‘the one’ would be this show, not to mention all of the making out with multiple girls and leading them on. That said, I haven’t been watching this season and am only basing my perception of Sean from what I’ve read.

    Is anyone watching The Office?

  5. velatria

    February 11, 2013 at 8:51 AM


    Been a fan of RS since I found this site during Bachelor Pad 2. But I finally registered last night because I know some of you are followers of the TV *****REVENGE*****. What do you think about last night’s episode?

  6. velatria

    February 11, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    My comment is awaiting moderation. 🙁

  7. velatria

    February 11, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    Hello people. I just registered last night as a new poster, but not new here. I read RS spoilers since Bachelor Pad 3.

  8. iheartvino

    February 11, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Karyn- yep it’s been pretty crazy around here. The news shifted gears to cover the Grammys briefly, but other than that all focus has been on that manhunt. I hope they find him too, but honestly, he knows how they operate and I don’t think he’ll be found until he’s ready to be found.

    **Revenge** (Spoilers!)
    Amazing show last night! Helen had it coming and I’m glad Victoria took her down. I hope Emily can still get the answers she’s looking for though, without Helen. And after last night’s episode I’m leaning towards Fauxmanda being one of the ones that dies. She also was missing from the funeral scene pictures I mentioned last week, so it definitely could be her. I hope I’m wrong, but it just seems like that’s how they were setting it up. I think the body with the wedding band on the hand is Nate Ryan.

  9. Sunnyside422

    February 11, 2013 at 10:56 AM

    Oh my goodness, Revenge was incredible last night. Loads of drama and fast paced entertainment! Very good TV.

    And tonight…The Following at 9:00!

    Since I am invested in Idol, will probably watch Survivor On Demand. Wish they didn’t conflict. Notice I’m not mentioning The Bachelor at all! Think I’ll skip it again this week and just read Steve.

  10. addicted2rs

    February 11, 2013 at 11:15 AM

    If the altercation goes down on the boat, I’m thinking it has to be Jack that “makes the ultimate sacrifice” for Emily. If by land, it could include Aiden. I highly doubt it will be faux Amanda since she is a fearless badass that does some dirty work for Emily. Jack doesn’t do much, and if Jack dies, Emily can forever be tormented by “what could have been”. There wouldn’t be the same effect of loss if it were faux Amanda.

    Love that Victoria “offed” Helen. 🙂

    Confused that Nolan confronted Padma so directly, against Emily’s better judgement.

    This episode did not disappoint after being absent for so many weeks.

    @iheart Thanks for mentioning the pic of the funeral, I hope I can find it!

  11. velatria

    February 11, 2013 at 12:04 PM


    I don’t think they’d kill Jack this early on the series, that would eliminate Emily’s conflicting love-interest which will then make her character somewhat boring and predictable. I also think that the hand with the wedding band was Nate Ryan’s….or so I hope. 🙂

  12. randais

    February 11, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    GREAT show…have I said that before? I think we all think that.

    Helen DID have it coming to her, I can’t wait to see how Moma Vicky gets herself out of this one though. I can see where you’re coming from, IHEART, regarding fauxMandy ending up fish food along with Mr. Scarypants Ryan. I could get on that train. But I watched the show last night, fell asleep for the middle of it, read these comments this morning, went back and watched the show again and did not see the wedding ring on Nate’s hand. So IF this plays out like that, I either missed it OR it’s not him?

    Addicted, nothing Nolan does (especially regarding his “feelings”) surprises me. He’s ever the hopeful romantic and can be pretty clueless at times. I just hope that Padma isn’t feeding him another line of poo.

    Ok so any thoughts on Daniel breaking up with fauxEm’s? Protecting her? How about fauxEm’s relationship with Aiden? I mean she’s clearly still in love with Jack. In fact I was shocked she gave fauxMandy his pipe cleaner ring for the ceremony! Perhaps that means she truly has moved on? She also seems to have genuine feelings for Aiden.

    YES Sunny, The Following, tonight! Biggest Loser, the previews want us to believe that Jill has a soft side…..”skeptical look”. 😀

    I read the previous comments about The Taste, I don’t disagree. It needs more. The Job, from Friday, seemed very similar in format. It was ok, but I’m don’t think it will be able to compete with The Apprentice.

  13. randais

    February 11, 2013 at 1:54 PM

    May I add:

    This “comment awaiting moderation” is becoming annoying :\.

  14. iheartvino

    February 11, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    *The Following*
    Randais, I watched last week’s The Following about an hour before Revenge last night. I liked watching those shows back to back and wish The Following was on Sundays instead of Mondays. You were right about episode 3 (I think that’s how many they’ve had?) being more predictable. It was fairly obvious to me that that guy’s wife, Maggie? was in on it. And how creepy was it when they had Joey say “Hi Ryan!!!” to the camera? I am really liking this show and wish I had time during the week to watch it.

    I think in some earlier scenes, Nate has been shown with a ring on, but not sure. Regarding Daniel’s call to Emily, I think he asked her for some distance just to protect her from Helen and The Initiative. I think Nolan will regret going against Emily’s advice and that Padma’s going to try to screw him over but I hope not.

  15. iheartvino

    February 11, 2013 at 3:41 PM

    Also- Sean’s sister is on The Bachelor tonight! She seems much less boring than her brother is. I love her blog- she has some good recipes. I’m no Rachael Ray in the kitchen so I love when people post recipes that are easy to make but still really good. I made Shay’s “Lasagna Soup” recently and my family loved it.

  16. randais

    February 11, 2013 at 5:54 PM

    Hey Iheart, have you discovered pinterest yet? I make SO many things from that site. I love the low cal recipes I find on there and I love trying out sweets but I only bake on Saturday so I can take them to church on Sunday and give them away, if I have any left over I give the rest out to the kids behind the desk at the gym, where I go after church, that way NONE are in the house! But anyway, it’s a fun site.

    I’m not watching the Bach, so fill us in with what happens. Regarding The Following, this whole show is soooo creepy, I can NOT figure out why I like it so much. I NEVER watch scary shows but I can’t NOT watch this show. I FORGOT about Joey saying that! “chills”

    P.S. Revolution is coming back and there’s a new one on NBC to rival Bach, called “Ready for Love”, starts 3/3 I think, as does the Apprentice.

  17. addicted2rs

    February 12, 2013 at 7:17 AM

    I didn’t see Tierra produce a single tear. It seemed like she was trying really hard to cry, and I am glad it backfired on her. No doubt she will end up on BachPad.

    Catherine completely confused me with her melt-down. It seemed like she was rooting for Sean to choose Leslie in the end. Huh?

  18. JovisMom

    February 12, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    @ iheartvino – Hey what is the name of Shay’s blog? I’d like to try to make that soup.
    Ever watch Trisha Yearwoods cooking show? Her stuff is relatively easy to make.

  19. iheartvino

    February 12, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Randais, I refuse to Pinterest because I know I would spend waaaay too much time on there (as I type this from my office lol).

    Addicted, I was confused by Catherine’s little meltdown too and the only thing that makes sense to me is it had to have been edited to look as though she was saying that just then. She could have said something completely different and they spliced it together. Who knows. I noticed they finally decided to show us when Tierra actually cried “I hope the girls got what they wanted…” in the car- earlier in the season they played that as a voice over in previews when they showed her right after her “fall” down the stairs. So dumb.

    Jovi, Shay’s blog is

  20. karynr

    February 12, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    **Amazing Race**
    randais, thanks for the heads-up regarding The Amazing Race. It’s always been one of the best reality shows on the air.

    Did anyone notice when Tierra called the show a “game?”

    IMO Catherine was just very emotional that night. I’m sure after a few weeks the tension can get to you and cause you to have little meltdowns. I also think maybe she and Lesley grew close and she was sad she left.

    I loved when Catherine said “I’m low maintenance.” “I just need to pee.” Can you imagine? I won’t even go hiking without slapping on a little makeup, deodorant, etc. Of course I’m probably almost 30 years older than Catherine!

  21. kaster

    February 12, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    Hi Steve and All,

    I thought Catherine’s melt down showed a more vulnerable, human side to her. It showed she has doubts about herself and her compatibility with Sean, based on how different her own family experiences were growing up to his, they really come from completely different worlds.

    I think all the remaining girls seem nice enough, but I don’t see it with any of them and can’t understand how it would dramatically change in the short amount of time left. The fact that Sean still doesn’t have a front runner by St.Croix speaks volumes.

    During Emily’s season I wanted her to pick Sean, I thought he was the best match for her out of a not so suitable batch of guys, certainly better than the to immature players that made it to final two. However, after watching Sean’s season I see why she didn’t pick him, he seems a nice, genuine sort of guy but perhaps too much on the bland side.

    Lastly, Lindsay as the Bachelorette, nooooo! Nice girl but a whole season of her would be like listening to Minnie mouse hopped up on hormones.

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