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“Reader Emails,” Including the “Bachelorette” Premiere Date

Had to start of the “Reader Emails” with a really solid, rational, well-thought-out email. Or not.

I told you Sean and Emily still had feelings for each other, because Sean was slamming Emily in the media, and after the Jan 11th mansion event his whole tune changed. All of sudden he was saying “Emily is so supportive of me and she’s been there for & it’s so good to know she’s in my corner, and I can talk to her” that’s ish you say about your wife not your EX!

Not to mention Sean retweeted Mike Fliess tweet that “I’ll be shocked, if you are not shocked.” I’ve been telling everybody who would listen, my friends that is. Now, Star magazine is saying the same thing? I’m going to go on call this one, Sean hasn’t seen Catherine since the show ended. Yes, he’s with Emily, and Emily has been so blatant about it. You would have to be a blind bat not to see it.

Comment: Some people have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, yet, insist they know things. Sean got engaged to Catherine on Nov. 17th in Thailand and he’s been with her ever since. Any story involving Sean and Emily is complete nonsense with no merit whatsoever. Just a tabloid trying to sell a magazine. But glad you’re so insistent on this. I’m guessing when March 11th comes and goes, I’ll never hear from you ever again.


One of the strangest hometown dates ever! Far weirder than Shawntel funeral hometown date during Brad’s season.

For all those Des fans out there, you can blame those wonderful parents and brother for her having no chance of ever being the next bachelorette. Can you imagine having to watch that more than once?!?! No! There is no way ABC is going to have those very not suited for tv poor people ever on this franchise again! I am sure they were not to happy when they showed up to film this segment! Ummm, is this a joke, don’t they screen the families too???

Question, yes there is one, not just a rant! Do you think ABC showed up in scary where ever “Ville” Ohio to film the hometown it was so insane, that they had to go to “plan b” and move it to LA, causing it to be filmed the day before the rose ceremony?

Comment: As written earlier, if I had to put my money on who it’s gonna be, I’d say it’s Des. The parents/family are in 1 episode. I don’t think that kills her chances. Hell, Ashley Hebert’s sister raked JP over the coals when she met him, and they got through that. I’m sure the brother will be on a tighter leash next time if it is her.

I don’t know the reason why Des’ hometown date wasn’t filmed in her hometown. Guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

Hi Steve-

I have never written you before but I love your column and I have been holding off on asking you this question for quite some time. I guess it is more of an opinion question really, but I have always wondered if the bachelor talks a girl up when he is in front of the cameras (Like giving Tierra the benefit of the doubt) and then when the cameras are shut off they will flip the switch and go “Man that girl is a total nut job!!!! SOMEONE GET ME A DAMN BEER! ”

Or when a girl comes and does an awkward entrance out of the limo….I mean come on. Some of the crap these girls pull on night one….I have no idea how the bachelor keeps a straight face. It’s almost like he has to go into a room and laugh or something. I just notice no one ever smirks or anything when these girls say stupid S*%t. Idunno maybe I have a harder time being fake then the leads they cast on this show?

Comment: Oh I’m sure the lead has opinions behind closed doors that the producers hear which we’ll never see or know about. I mean, essentially that’s how they plan who gets what date. Sean will tell producers, “Ok, I like Lindsay, AshLee, Catherine, Lesley, and Des,” so naturally those girls get 1-on-1’s. And girls that they know he wants to send home and doesn’t see it with, Leslie H. and Jackie, get specifically put on dates where they’ll get sent home.

hi Steve,

just wanted to say how much I love your blog, read everything every week! bet I am the only reader in Sweden! watch the show (buy it on Itunes…sad I know but as a non resident I have no other option!)

Have been watching the show since it started but missed some seasons during.
think I would love burning love but I have not yet found a way to watch it since I don’t live in the US – any ideas?

/the Swedish girl

Comment: Sweden? Sweet. Say hi to the chef from the Muppets for me.

Guess I’m not sure if “Burning Love” can be seen internationally. I link to the website today. Does it not take you there when you click on it?

Hi Steve,

Based on emails you’ve received and comments to your columns, who do your readers think was the most despised villaness; Vienna, Courtney or Tierra? Or was someone else more despised? Who do you think was the most despicable and why?

Thanks for all you do, it’s very much appreciated, and keeps the Bachelor franchise in perspective as a faux reality show that viewers love to hate.

Comment: Tierra is the most despised now because she’s most fresh in everyone’s minds. I think it’s impossible to distinguish between Courtney and Vienna in terms of the audience’s hatred towards them since they were both extreme, and made even worse by the fact that each girl won.

Who do I think was most despicable? I actually think things that Tierra did or said was worse than anything that came out of Courtney or Vienna’s mouth. But I could be forgetting things. It’s hard to remember exactly what people said from 2 and 3 years ago. I just thought Tierra, the way she talked to other people and constantly argued, was just too much. Courtney didn’t have screaming matches with people like Tierra did.

Hi Steve!

I enjoy & appreciate your site & I apologize in advance if you’ve addressed these questions/topics previously.

What is the standard protocol for the bachelor/bachelorette & the winner after the show wraps & before the finale airs? If I’m correct, there’s more than a three month gap between when the final rose is given/the couple gets engaged (assuming they do) & when the finale airs. Obviously confidentiality is paramount to producers, so does the couple simply go back to living their regular life like before & have no contact w/ each other during that time period, or are they allowed to Skype, call, text, write a letter (ha)?…Maybe fly to a foreign country under aliases? Also, who are they allowed to tell? Just their families? Friends? What would happen if a family member or friend leaked who won? Anything? Also, do the contestants on that same season find out just like the rest of the public?

Thanks so much for all of your hard work & interesting insight!

Comment: They keep in contact out of the public eye. Email, text, phone, Skype, secret meetings. Technically, they’re not allowed to tell anyone since they are under contract. But if you believe there are people who have gone on this show, left home for 2 months, only to return and never tell anyone around anything about what happened during their experience, I have some land to sell you.

Contestants find out because spoilers are out there. Whether they directly read them from my site, or hear them through the grapevine, if you’re on the show, I’m guessing you’re interested in what happened on your season, so you’ll find a way to know.


As I look over your blog, some random questions come to mind:

Over the last 10 years, you have developed relationships that have allowed you to get information that you use to create your blog. How long before starting your blog did you realize that you had enough connections to be able to make the blog work? Without your connections, the blog is just pure speculation, but your connections and information make it fun and interesting! Your comments on the previously aired episodes are priceless, as well.

Again, not to get too personal, but how do you generate an income out of your blog? Is it based on the advertising and the hits on your blog? You are much more entertaining that many of the “gossip reporters” out there, so I would hope that you make a good income doing what you do!

And a comment:

As for Sean and the after glow of being on the show… I suppose only time will tell about him and his character. Many a good Christian has been changed by fame. I think many of us are rooting for Sean–not necessarily that he stays with Catherine, marries her, lives happily ever after, but that he stays true to the man he has claimed himself to be-regardless of who he marries.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment: I started writing recaps in 2003 when the show was in its infancy. There was never a long term plan to become the #1 spoiler site on the internet regarding this show. It just kinda happened.

Ads on the site, combined with the traffic I receive are what makes me money. As I’ve said before, anyone can start a blog tomorrow and put the exact same ads on their page that I have on mine, but the heavy traffic is what makes you money.

Love your website, it really is the only reason I watch this show. I feel the need to point out a somewhat obvious observation:

If ABC is soooo concerned about spoilers, why do they have so many public dates? This season has had so many (i.e., Desire’s art gallery, White fish concert, guiness book of world record kiss, etc.). Do they honestly think hundreds/thousands of people are going to keep their mouths shut? Uhhh no! They are practically BEGGING for the spoilers. Which is smart for them, because it obviously brings viewers. I just wish they’d stop picking on you.

Comment: I think they’ve realized in recent seasons that when they have public dates, with social media nowadays, stuff is gonna get out. They know that. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: What I do only brings attention to their show, not take away from it. However, publicly they can’t acknowledge me (unless it’s in a lawsuit) because it would hurt their image and give people the impression I’m somehow in cahoots with them. If they’re talking about me in interviews, and re-tweeting stuff I say, and drawing attention to me NOT in a negative way (like a lawsuit), then it makes it seem like they don’t care that I’m spoiling their whole show before the first episode airs. They have to give the public perception that they are against what I do, when deep down, they know what I do only helps their show. It’s tricky.

Hi, Steve!

I better start this email with the mandatory “your blog is the only reason I’m watching this show!” But seriously, it is. Anyways, the wit and insight you bring to this watered out show is highly appreciated.

The producers seem much too concerned with your blog and all. They’re well aware of you “ruining” their precious show. They know you’re the number one source when it comes to people like me, looking for information on the contestants, spoilers etc. So, I was just wondering whether it has ever crossed your mind that the promos, the information the producers put out and the way they have totally ignored Catherine this season is all a scheme to throw you for a loop?

By not giving Catherine any airtime, I immediately get a sense of them trying to hide the fact that your spoilers are correct. When in reality, it confirms that you’re right. You have called them out on that in a number of your columns, but have you ever given thought to the fact that this is perhaps what they want you/your readers to think? So that you don’t investigate any further? Plus, this completely pointless, based-on-nothing lawsuit they’re making you go through again… When they don’t have any sort of legitimate reason, is it maybe something they’re doing to boost your confidence about your final spoiler? I’m slighty worried about you putting me on blast for being yet another reader reading way too deep into things. I probably am (and in the process over-estimating the intelligence of the people behind this show), but is this something you have ever given much thought to? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t at all doubt the fact that Catherine is the one Sean proposes to, but do you take thoughts in the line of these into consideration? Your readership is growing season by season (hell, I’m writing this from NORWAY!) – it only makes sense that they’re eventually going to start manipulating the viewers through you, don’t you think? If it comes to that, I’m positive you’ll outsmart them.

By the way, glad I wasn’t the only one watching Tierra on American Idol last week.

Comment: Nothing they do with their edit, whether they decided to hide Catherine or show her and Sean in love every episode can change the fact of what happened on Nov. 17th. So nothing that they did ever scared me, made me re-think info I was told, etc. This show tapes 3 months in advance. Stuff is going to get out. And it’s gotten out to me pretty much every season since Jason’s. They obviously can’t control it, even though they’d like to. Once I know what happens at the final rose ceremony, what happens after that on the show is kind of irrelevant because they can’t change the ending. They can do all these tricks with bells and whistles saying, “Hey, look over here! There’s crazy Tierra,” or, “Hey, AshLee and Sean are so great together,” on and on and on. But no matter what they do, they can’t change the fact of what happened on Nov. 17th, and that was Sean proposing to Catherine. So once I get the ending, I could give two sh*ts how they edit the show.

Hi Steve,

Have you ever seen the infamous Harry S. Plinkett Star Wars Prequel reviews? ( Once I saw those, I could not possibly ever watch the Star Wars prequels again the same way. I am starting to think you are having the same effect on me in regards to the Bachelor. I used to be able to watch them and willingly suspend disbelief. Now all I can do is shake my head in disgust at how manipulative it is. My enjoyment of the show now entirely consists of eagerly awaiting your enlightened commentary and spot-on sarcasm. You’ve ruined me.

Comment: No, I haven’t. Nor do I plan to. But you’re not in the minority, my friend. Since I started spoiling, I can’t tell you how many people have come to me saying they appreciate the spoilers and how much better it is for their viewing pleasure. Sure, some people hate it and don’t want to know, but you know what? I don’t care. I’m not writing for them. There are plenty of people that do want to know, and that’s all I care about.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all the hard work you do! I especially love all the links and videos about the contestants and other things related to the show that you put in your columns. I can get lost in those links for hours. LOL Overall, you make this show so much fun and I know that you hear this alot but, I’m sure you never tire of it: if it wasn’t for your spoilers or website, I would NEVER watch this show! Mike Fleiss should be THANKING you, not suing you!

Anyway, I just finished watching (mostly online) season 1 of The Bachelor – Canada and was wondering if you had a chance to see it? They try REALLY hard to make it as “glamorous” as it’s American counterpart but, it’s so much worse. I thought it was really boring for the most part and I think the season was shorter than the American version. Just wondering if you happened to see it or not. And if you did, what your thoughts were on it. Thanks again!!

Comment: Ha ha…funny this email came right after the last one.

Never seen “Bachelor: Canada,” never will see “Bachelor: Canada,” have no interest in going back to watch “Bachelor: Canada.” I hope that answers that.

Hey Steve,

Just a quick question/observation. I was just wondering what you think of the friendships that sprout up between former contestants & the producers.

In particular Courtney Robertson & Elan Gale. The producers spend all their time twisting their words & prodding them to say mean things about the other contestants. Courtney in particular got a rather brutal edit & now she seems to be best buddies with Elan & that other female producer she always post photos of. I just find it hard to believe you can form a close friendship with someone who basically tried to stuff you over.

Comment: Because there are those within the franchise that don’t want to burn any bridges. Some go on the show, and when they’re off, they’re done with everything. They don’t care about this new “fraternity” they belong to, they don’t care about reunions, and they think all of it is ridiculous. Granted, that’s probably 1 out of every 50 that do it, but still.

Yes, this show was directly responsible for showing Courtney in the light that they did. Obviously at the same when it was airing, and shortly thereafter, she was bothered and hurt by it. Now she isn’t and is friends with producers and handlers. Go figure.

Three emails addressing the same thing…

Hey Steve!

I am not sure if you saw this on TV this past week, but my husband and I watch Mike and Molly. Leslie (I think that is her name) from Sean’s season was on the show in a very small role (if you can call it that). I am referring to the Leslie that was kicked off after the “Cinderella” date with the jewelry. She has a part playing the receptionist at the male fertility clinic that Mike goes to. She doesn’t have any lines, but it is definitely her. Check it out if you have time!


I just saw Leslie on the new Millionare Matchmaker. She auditioned for a date with a nerdy little Jewish guy but didn’t get picked…

Hi Steve!

I highly doubt you watch the “Millionaire Matchmaker” on Bravo but just wanted to let you know that Leslie H from the pretty woman date was on last night’s episode. Guess she is still looking for love on reality TV… aka adding to her IMDB page.

Thanks for turning me onto the “Joe Schmo Show”. Can’t wait to see Chase’s reaction when he finds out it is all fake!

Comment: Building that resume, one cameo appearance at a time. You go Leslie!

“Joe Schmo Show” is on par with “Burning Love” as the best “reality shows” going now. Very much looking forward to the reveal next week. Chase has been TV gold. Perfect casting job by then. He’s likeable, yet completely gullible. Kinda like Matt Gould from Season 1 of “Joe Schmo.”

Ok so I was just reading your reader emails and I’m just curious about something. I’ve been a long time reader and don’t ever recall you answering this. But do you think the producers tell the bachelor that he has to ask every final 4 girls family if he can marry them? Seems kind of insincere to me.

Btw kick some abc butt in the lawsuit.

Comment: Well, I think we’ve seen it every season where the guy asks the father for his blessing. It’s just as much a part of this show as “Ladies, Sean, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready,” Chris Harrison banging on a wine glass, or 100 other things that happen every episode in every season. So yes, I’m sure they’re reminded to ask.

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  1. iheartvino

    March 5, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    veganemma, I realize the cameras were filming on all the breaks, that’s nothing new. What I was referring to was how they actually aired the 10 seconds or so before coming back from each commercial break. We had never seen that before. I guess they realized they need to do things to mix it up a bit.

  2. shanesmith

    March 5, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    What about this? Ashley Hebert’s sister and Desiree’s brother together???….They already have the attitude and the tats…….Just a thought. bahaha

  3. kjopo84

    March 5, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    The letter definitely isn’t from Sean’s brother, despite the speculation. Chris Harrison, when he hands the letter to Sean, clearly says “She gave this to me, and she wanted you to see this”. Unless the line is from a completely unrelated episode of the show, the letter is from a female.

  4. shanesmith

    March 5, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    Anyone going on the bachelor show should know what they are signing up for. Does AshLee have a right to be upset? Maybe, but she signed up for the show and she should know what to expect. Sean is a classy guy and did a great job. AshLee didn’t handle herself very well.

  5. jf912

    March 6, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I am not a big Sean fan but I do not believe he said he had no feelings for the other 2 women. I also dont think AshLee is lying…She just heard what she wanted to hear. Probably he said something like, he had special feelings for her he didn’t have with the others… and I believe that could be true… but doesn’t mean what she thought. He also knew she had abandonment issues he didn’t want to deal with if it didn’t work out. I think he hasn’t fallen in love with any of them, so Catherine is the best choice.

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