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I thought it was a little inconsistent of Des to bring all the dodgeball date guys to the after party since “they were all winners,” and she thought she needed more time with all of them. Especially after she was the one who got all pissy with Sean about him bringing the losing team of girls to the group date after party after she had choked down the goat’s milk… that was her, right? I was kind of hoping some of the guys would give her crap for that, but no such luck.

Comment: Yes, that was her in Montana who wasn’t thrilled about the losing team getting to join the after party. But then again, this is the “Bachelorette.” She does what she’s told to do.

Ha – I went to middle school with Brandon and I remember him as a total jerk and bully to me. Have to say him making the biggest fool out of himself on national TV felt a bit like sweet sweet karma. Thanks for making watching the bachelor/ette tolerable, I’ve been following your blog for several years now.

Much love from Minnesota!

Comment: I’m sorry Brandon bullied you. I’d probably go in hiding for at least a couple weeks after that performance on Monday. How embarrassing.

Hi Steve!

2 quick questions:

1. Brandon and AshLee (from Sean’s season)… How amazing do you think this couple would be? Honestly, they would probably deserve their own spin off if they got together, and a suicide channel ever formed…

2. Do you think Drew is just too much of a Jake Pavelka look alike to be a serious contender for the next Bachelor? Seriously, I just don’t like looking at that guy at all.

Comment: 1) AshLee is too busy hugging up to Brad Womack now to give Brandon the time of day. However, the abandonment stories those two could tell all night long to each other could make for some great couch sessions with Dr. Drew.

2) Drew is definitely a candidate and has the strongest backstory as of now. I think he’s got a good shot.

Reality Steve,

I love reading your blog. You make the show so much better to watch. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t watch anymore. I have a question about the villain role. Obviously Ben is being portrayed as the villain this season. Do the producers encourage the other guys in the house to talk/complain about Ben so they have an easier job editing? Or it just happens. Awesome job with the spoilers this season.

Comment: Absolutely. They will sit all the other guys down during their ITM’s and ask them leading questions which essentially force them to say what they think of Ben. Some guys will take the bait, and some guys won’t. Obviously the M&M boys this season certainly did. And Bryden next week.

Subject: 2 Group Dates and one 1-on-1 did happen before

Jake’s season, episode 2:

Group date photo shoot (Rozlyn got the rose before she was kicked out later in the same episode)

1 on 1 with Ali

Group date 6 flags

Comment: That’s all the email said. And it was correct. In Jake’s 2nd episode, they had 2 group dates and one 1-on-1. So I guess that’s twice in the last 10 seasons it’s happened.

Howdy Steve!

I’m a long time reader and a first time emailer. I love your blog. I never watched the show before I found it, and now I’m hooked thanks to your sarcastic tirades.

I don’t really have a question, but more of a comment:

The entire time I watched Brandon’s interactions and confessionals, I couldn’t help but think of Ashlee. Can you imagine the sh*t storm that would ensue with a Brandon and Ashlee matchup? There would be so much crazy, I think you could justify a bachelor relationship spinoff. Or we can just hold out hope for a “Bachelor Pad” resurrection that throws these two love birds together.

Thanks for the spoilers! I look forward to your recaps every week!

Comment: Man, sounds like people are just dying for Brandon and AshLee to get married. Had no idea people would be so interested in contestants with abandonment issues, but I guess so.

Hi Steve,

I have been watching the show since Ben’s season, but only reading your blog since Sean’s. This season, I decided I was going to try to not read your blog so that I could be surprised at the end, but after being bored to tears by the first episode (and not even bothering to finish the second), I realized it would be torture to try to actually watch this show without your witty and humorous blog. So thanks for entertaining me!

I’m surprised you didn’t comment on how ridiculous the sequence of Desiree’s phone ringing was. So she’s sitting on the couch, when her phone, conveniently placed upside-down on a counter ten feet away (who keeps their cell phone that far away from them? And aren’t these people not allowed to have phones while filming?) rings. Her entire “conversation” with Chris was obviously faked. I wonder if maybe this phone call took place earlier and they didn’t manage to get it on camera so they told her to reenact it, or if the entire thing was staged from the beginning. Thoughts?

Overall, I can easily see why this season is getting such low ratings- it’s a bad group of guys and Desiree is boring and, honestly, comes off as pretty dumb! (I 100% agree with the reader who emailed you last week saying they thought Brooks was gay. I also get that impression!)

Thanks, again, for providing me with the entertainment!

Comment: I’m pretty sure they weren’t talking live as we were seeing it on camera. Or there were a couple re-takes so Chris’ responses matched up with hers. It did seem a little hokey.

AshLee/Brandon and Desiree’s guys being gay seems to be the overriding themes so far to this season. Interesting.

Hi Steve,

When Brad was telling his “shocking” story this was the first thought that came to mind. His son is three. This drunk, baby mamma incident happened three and a half years ago. Does that mean she was drunk while pregnant? Last time I checked, that was very frowned upon. Or is is timeline a little off?

Love the column! Keep up the great work.

Ps. I hope you get emt’s emailing in for Brooks’ injury like you did for Tierra last season.

Comment: Impossible to know the exact timeline of what Brad was talking about, but apparently the National Enquirer has the police report from the incident, so it definitely happened. Brad wasn’t lying. But at what point in their relationship? I don’t know. No idea if it was before or after Maddex was born, or during her pregnancy.

Hi Steve –

I have to say, Des might be tied with Ashley as the worst bachelorette. You think Mike Fleiss and his croonies ever regret a season? Or wishes they had chosen someone else? Not only are the guys terrible, but Des barely has a personality. I’ve heard her give two radio interviews and it’s just painful. First, she laughs before she answers every question. Second, every answer seems to include the word “awesome.” I wonder if they ever give these people media training. I know they can’t reveal much, but she could do a better job of entertaining the listeners.

Unfortunately, those of us in the DC metro area were privy to some pretty bad storms Monday night (including three tornadoes that touched down) so wouldn’t you know it…as soon as the Brian confrontation is about to happen, they cut to the weather team. Missed the whole damn thing.

Comment: He definitely regrets Ben Flajnik’s season. He essentially publicly admitted it in that radio interview I linked to on Tuesday, and privately, he’s also bad mouthed Ben’s season as well. Lets just say I hear quite a bit about what goes on behind the scenes.

I say go watch it online so you can see Stephanie go on a diatribe to Brian, calling him every name in the book, bringing herself to tears, pretending like she’s there to protect Desiree when she was obviously out for herself, was looking for publicity being a washed up former Playmate, and the fact she’s back together with Brian makes her meltdown even that much more pointless now. Phony.

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  1. rob22

    June 13, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    A guy doesn’t tell you he loves you after a year of dating? Girl, he’s just not that in to you. He likes you, probably enjoys your company, you’re a convenient sex partner, he’s too lazy to look for something else…. and that’s about it.

  2. rob22

    June 13, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    As for the person that’s married 9 1/2 years without a compliment…. read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. You obviously are the language of “Words of Affirmation”. That’s what makes you feel loved. Since he does nice stuff for you, maybe his language is “Acts of Service”. That’s what makes him feel loved. What happens is that people assume is that thing that makes them feel loved is the same thing that makes you feel loved. Which is wrong. If true, you might similarly be telling him great things and giving him “Words of Affirmation” when, in reality, he likes “Acts of Service” aka doing nice stuff for him. Check out the book. It may help both of you.

  3. everglades

    June 13, 2013 at 12:10 PM

    rob22: I read that book and it changed ALL of my relationships. I recommend that book to everyone. It’s gold.

  4. kjopo84

    June 13, 2013 at 6:23 PM

    @rob22: great book!

  5. wavecatchingmom

    June 13, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    I think that love languages and He’s just not that into you should be required reading for anyone writing to a blogger for advice :).

  6. lobsterandbeer

    June 14, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    I dozed off halfway through Monday’s episode (no clue why ha!!) When I woke up my hubby was still playing on the laptop in bed, too lazy to turn the channel. He looked at me and said “why are there so many gay guys on this stupid show anyway, there’s like one guy MAYBE that isn’t, so I’m guessing she has no choice but to pick him” HAHAHA

  7. Athena

    June 16, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    Thanks for the link Dianne. FWIW, Brandon pulls no punches in predicting Brooks as the winner. He said he could tell that Des and Brooks had a special connection even early on in the process. Do you think this is for real or do you think he’s been reading RS or that he has insider knowledge from other guys in the house who lasted longer?

  8. Kali

    June 16, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    To the girl who wrote the last posted letter to Dr. Reality Steve … just a suggestion: look at his parents. Boys (like girls) grow up watching the actions of the parent of their same gender. If a boy grows up seeing that his father does not compliment his mother – and she puts up with it – he’ll become an adult who believes it’s perfectly OK to not compliment the woman in his life – and he won’t understand why it bothers her, since it never seemed to bother his mother. It’s very simple: children learn what they live.

  9. Dianne

    June 17, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    My pleasure, Athena. Ummmm..I honestly think Brandon saw the chemistry between Brooks & Des, and that’s why he’s saying Brooks is her final choice.

  10. Dianne

    June 18, 2013 at 6:15 AM

    I just cant’ do it anymore. This is THE most boring season ever. I’m done..

  11. iheartvino

    June 18, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    About 20 min into last night’s episode, I gave up and switched over to watch The Voice finale. I was just too bored and couldn’t watch the Trashelorette anymore. I hope the season gets better. I know RS says there’s always people that complain every season, but this is the first one that I have actually stopped watching during an episode. It’s way worse than any of the other ones that I can remember. I hope it gets better!

  12. iheartvino

    June 18, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    hahaha can you tell I really do hope that the season gets better, given I apparently felt the need to say that twice in one comment?

  13. JovisMom

    June 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    iheartvino – I was doing just that – hearting and drinking a lot of Vino to get throught last night…. OMG I’m bored. I can’t imagine ANY of these guys as the next bachelor!

  14. elizabeth82

    June 18, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    Probably the most boring episode of this show EVER. It became the Manny & Jan show for like 45 minutes. Boo, ABC!

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