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Hi, Steve,

So what would a girl like Andi be doing in a place like Arlington, IA? Well for starters, she could run her own hunting lodge. A lot of high echelon businessmen patronize hunting lodges and they will drive a couple hundred miles for a good pheasant hunt. She could also be a county attorney. There are plenty of bad guys in rural areas waiting to be put away.

I’m not saying your spoilers are wrong, I’m just saying that she may have missed out on a really wonderful life by not choosing Chris.

Comment: Andi didn’t miss out on anything. If she wanted to be with Chris, she would’ve picked Chris. She didn’t. And I’m guessing that lifestyle played a huge part in that. A hunting lodge? Really?

Just a few thoughts on last night’s episode…

When watching the scene showing Chris Harrison breaking the news of Eric Hill’s death, I was so confused to see all these random people walking in. I was like, “Who ARE these people?” It took me a few minutes to figure out that they must be producers or handlers but the whole thing was just weird. Here they are manipulating and exploiting the contestants and trying to get them to say all sorts of embarrassing or incriminating things, then they walk in and act all consoling and motherly toward the contestants. I just didn’t get it. I agree with you that showing that was totally unnecessary.

I also thought when Marcus walked outside and Andi followed him, the other guys must have been kicking themselves for letting that happen. Even in the midst of learning such tragic news, they must have been thinking somewhat about positioning themselves as Andi’s comforter and caretaker. I thought it was interesting that in that moment, Andi wanted to be outside with Marcus instead of in the house with Josh. I would have expected her to stay near Josh since supposedly, he is the one she wants and would naturally turn to for comfort.

Comment: That’s the part I found weird. None of the guys consoled her. Maybe they were just too stunned themselves. I don’t know. But it was a bit odd.

Do we have any idea how Josh is supporting himself? Job?

Comment: He’s a financial advisor for Capstone Financial. Well, at least he was before he left for the show. I’m assuming he went back there.

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your recaps– definitely makes watching the show more enjoyable!

Sorry if you’ve already answered this question, but why do you think Marcus was not a viable candidate to be the Bachelor? (I’m assuming he was out of the question because they let him go on BIP). Sure he’s young, somewhat boring, and a little love sick pup, but Chris (though he does seem like a nice guy) is ten times less bearable to watch! Of course not that the Marcus question matters anymore now that he’s engaged to Miss Lacy.

Thanks, Steve!

Comment: They’ve never cast any male lead that young in 18 seasons of the show. Just wasn’t gonna happen.


There’s no way that video of Nick on the plane is real. This season has been so weird with all the social media clues and the fact that the Murray family won’t seem to shut up about things. Josh’s mom is constantly talking on Facebook and social media that it’s so obvious he picks her, it can’t be that easy. Everything has been so weird that in the end, we’re all gonna see a giant twist. Unfortunately that’s not gonna look good on you. Prepare yourself for the worst.

Comment: What exactly has been weird about this season? Everything that I spoiled to you on May 13th is exactly what has happened. Chris will be at the MTA tapings this weekend because he gets eliminated on Monday’s episode, and Andi lets him go before the overnight portion of the date. So we’ll be down to the final two of Josh & Nick, something you knew months ago. Maybe it’s weird to you, but I don’t think one thing about this season has been weird.

After Monday, you have the final 2 guys. And you have Nick’s video to look at. After everything that’s been spoiled has been right all the way down to the final 2, and then you have a video of Nick saying what he did on the plane, are you still going to think/hope that the last spoiler is wrong?

Hey Steve!

I am a closet bachelor fan and I secretly read Courtney’s book in 8 hours straight. I’ve heard you mention the book several times and I wanted to ask a question. I heard On Jason & Molly’s podcast that Molly wrote something for Courtney’s book but that the Bachelor producers didn’t allow it to be printed in the book. I was wondering if you have any clue what that was. Im just curious because they let SOOO many other things pass and it makes me wonder what Molly’s story was.

Thanks Steve Love your blog and look forward to reading it every week. Keep up the good work!

Comment: Nope. Don’t know what it was.

Hi Steve,

On Fox 29 good day this morning they did a whole segment about Aaron and Andi’s talk during hometowns. Josh wasn’t even brought up…LOL. They first replayed the whole conversation and then discussed it. The anchor Mike Jerrick was making jokes about how Andi actually seemed more into Aaron than Josh and she was caressing Aaron’s back when she hugged him, just to get a rise out of Kacie McDonnell. The best was Kacie’s face when she didn’t realize that they had the camera on her. Mike says, so I guess we will have to wait and see if Andi picks Aaron’s brother. Kacie smiled so big and then looked super awkward like “oh sh*t, I shouldn’t have shown emotion” and then she quickly moved on to the next story. So OBVIOUS!!!

Comment: Any footage of that? Would be funny to see. Obviously, Aaron’s girlfriend probably knows the outcome of this show, and not from spoilers. There’s no way she doesn’t.

Hi Steve, I just have two thoughts/questions for you:

First, I got Courtney’s book on my Kindle, and you were right! it was good! Not Pulitzer Prize-winning good, but it satisfied the gossip-hungry masses of people who watch this show, I’m sure. I have to admit, while I watched Bens season play out, I too thought Courtney was a bitch. However, in the book, she came across as somewhat normal in a way. Ben really is a douche-bag, if she was telling the truth. My question is this: I dont know if you caught it, but near the end of the book when she talked about Bachelor nation always hanging out with each other, she said that Sean “hooked up” with someone from the show before he startedd filming his season. I cant remember her name but I know for sure that is what she wrote. OK, I thought Sean was some goody-two-shoes that vowed to never have sex again til after he got married? I dont know about you, but Im not too old to know what “hooked up” means. Did you catch that? Your thoughts? Jenna Burke from Ben’s season. I reported that the week after it happened. They didn’t have sex.

Secondly, in last nights episode I noticed something quite strange. In Joshs hometown date, before Andi got there, Josh was going on and on about how he is ready to fall in love again, settle down and get married AGAIN!!! I swear he said that. I DVR’d it so I went back a few times to make sure that is what he said. He did. Whoa; was he married before??

Anyway, that is all

Comment: No. I didn’t hear that, but he wasn’t previously married. So who knows what it was.

Hey Steve,

Moved to Ireland late last year, big fan of your column. Keep entertaining and spoiling.

1) Could you please describe what is shown the deleted scenes you post. The videos on your page do not play in Ireland due to some copyright issues. Done.

2) Has Courtney sent you a Thank you note for promoting her book so well. Now that it has reached NY times best seller list, I think she owes you a beer. I think she and her ghost writer included me in a tweet a couple weeks back or something. Can’t remember. But no, I haven’t personally gotten anything. Nor am I looking for that.

3) Could you answer why did Andi select Chris in her final 3 when she knew she would never move to Iowa. Wouldn’t it have made sense to keep Marcus around and have a fantasy suite night with him, when we all know the infinite “Oh he is so hot” nonsense.

Keep Spoiling and being sarcastic as it makes this show bearable and laughable.

Comment: I have no idea. I’m not Andi. I don’t know what goes through her head.

Dear Steve,

I’m a former Iowa farm girl and wanted to provide some insight on the hometown visit Andi made to Arlington, IA.

First – They portrayed it all very accurately with dirt roads and miles & miles of farm land. Simple is an understatement and there’s no way I see Andi being satisfied living there. I now live in a midwestern city and I don’t think I could even go back to the farm.

Second – Chris is ridiculously hot for an Iowa farm boy and the fact he’s unmarried at 32 means he’s super picky. There have got to be tons of local girls throwing themselves at this guy. And, based on his tractor (a tractor like that can cost almost $200K), his new pick-up truck, and his house; he does very well for himself farming.

Third – They totally set up Chris as the next bachelor with this hometown visit. They are advertising an audition in my city for later this week and I’m sure they’ll have tons of girls lined up after last night’s show. Now, will they want to move to Iowa, not sure but they’ll go on the show just to meet Chris.

Also quick clarification – you do drive a tractor. There are gears, a clutch, and torque to deal with so you don’t “ride it” you drive it. Farming takes a lot of skill and experience.

And, ghost in the graveyard has the opposite goal of hide-n-seek since the “ghost” hides and everyone searches for the one ghost. Hide-n-seek is one person searching for everyone else. Add the fact it is crazy dark on a farm and it makes ghost pretty scary especially when playing it as a small child.

Love your column – you are one funny guy! Congrats on getting this season spot-on and can’t wait to read as you spoil Chris’ season on the Bachelor.

Best regards,

Comment: Thanks for the insight. Now I know I’ll never play Ghost in the Graveyard. Seems like if you had multiple people looking for one person, it’d be quite easy to find them. But didn’t Andi and Chris go off and hide somewhere themselves?

Just noticing how clean cut his haircut is at home towns. Do they have a barber on hand for the guys? Obviously the ladies in most cases could go longer without a trim, but some guys can only go so long without looking shaggy.

Comment: When you’re waiting for your hometown date to happen, you’re in a hotel in LA and you hang out with your handler. You shop, go to the movies, maybe take in a ballgame, etc. That’s also a perfect time to go get a haircut.

Why was Nick ridiculed for his dancing when mannequins have more moves than Andi?

Did the family intros resemble Family Feud intros? Wish Steve Harvey was on hand to add more humor.

Thanks for the Courtney Robertson book reco.

Comment: I think because it was a polka. The young kids are more interested in doing the Nae Nae than the polka.

Nick’s family could do a round robin tournament all by themselves on the “Family Feud” if they wanted to. They could take over the whole week of shows bringing on new family members. “Lets meet the Viall’s!!!…and the Viall’s will be going up against…the Viall’s!!!!! The winner of today’s contest will take on…the Viall’s!!!!”

I wonder if Josh has asked Andi what Juan Pablo said that night that was so disgusting she couldn’t repeat it? And I wonder what the answer to the question might have been ….

Comment: We’d all love to know.


Can’t believe I’m writing you. I’ve been reading your column for about 2 or 3 years now. I do enjoy it. Your column has given me a lot of insight into how the Bachelor/Bachelorette is made. The reason I can’t believe I’m writing is because sometimes I think you’re really, really mean. Take for example this season. You keep harping on Nick. I like Nick a lot. Out of all of the guys, he’s the most intelligent and charming of the bunch. Josh has the intelligence of a rock. I cannot understand what Andi sees in him. Yes, I would agree, the first night I thought he was pretty cute/hot, but as I’ve watched him over time all I can say is BOOOOORRRRIIIINNGGGG! Andi is way too intelligent for him. All he knows about is baseball/football. OMG! What an incredibly boring life to only be able to have a conversation about baseball/football.

You seem to think Nick is arrogant. I see Nick as confident. Every season The Bachelor/Bachelorette has to have a “villain”. So, this year they’ve tried to make him the villain. I don’t buy it. Nick is smart, confident, and extremely charming. At the beginning of the show I didn’t think he was that attractive, but now I think he’s just adorable.

In summary, I’d like to ask that you lighten up on Nick and the other supposed “villains” that have been created and shoved down our throat by ABC. In real life, Nick is probably a very nice human being.

Take care and thanks for the column,

Comment: You like Nick and he’s your favorite, so nothing I say unless it’s positive towards Nick you’re going to like.

You’ve been reading my column for 2 to 3 years and you think what I’ve said about Nick is mean? Either you aren’t very familiar with my site, or we have a different definition of the word “mean.” I’ll agree to disagree with you on that one.

I make no apologies for what I write on my site. It’s my thoughts on a silly show. Plenty of other people have thoughts worse than mine. Plenty are nicer. I’ve been doing this over 10 years. I think people know what to expect out of me. Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish by saying I’m mean. Like I’m supposed to stop or something?

Oh well.

This is purely a hypothetical question.. But the chances of Andi doing a 180 at the ATFR dumping one guy going for the second lead like Nick mentioned in his video in the plane like Jason and Molly. Is there a chance you’d think she might do it after spending some time with Josh? I mean who knows how that’s going. Since they’ve got doubters I’ll just add I definitely think the ending is right but just a thought. What do you think?

Comment: Zero chance. Things are fine between Andi and Josh and their status hasn’t changed.

I would LOVE it if you could make a best/worst list. Rating the seasons of the bachelor and bachelorette.

I read your blog every week! I’m not a huge fan of the show other then the entertainment of it, but I’m a big fan of reading about it all on your site

Comment: A lot of them are all the same to me. I liked Ashley’s season of the “Bachelorette” more than the other ones, and I liked Brad’s first season and Sean’s season. Everything else is tied for whatever place you want to put them in.

1. I finally got around to watching last week’s episode. Surprised you didn’t comment on Brian fear of pickles (ending credits). It was probably the most exciting thing that happened. Reminds me of this (start at 2:40):

I always reference this video when describing how I handle some of my fears, but no one has ever seen it. But pickles… really… I guess it is a thing now that I have heard of two people with the phobia. That is bizarre. Who’s afraid of pickles? I can understand having a phobia of something that could possibly harm you. But pickles? Really?

2. Just a suggestion, much like you don’t like to talk about thou who shall not be named, I think it is time to table the conversations of why you got Des’s ending wrong. No point in wasting columns and precious minutes of your video chats talking about the same thing, when we could be learning more important things (Courtney’s first time, etc.). People need to get over it, and I think you should make them by refusing to talk about it and just telling them to reference an old column. It’s one of the questions that will always be asked, no matter if I say “Stop asking it” or not. So I just go with it.

3. How do you think Nick takes the break up with Andi? Aside from bitching on the phone and eating Cheetos, does he cry/yell/act confused when she dumps him or walk away gracefully? Going by what he said on the video, doesn’t sound like he put up much of a fight and all he says was he disagreed with her decision. I’m sure there’s more, but obviously he was disappointed as evidenced by him venting on the plane talking to whoever he was talking to.

Hey Reality Steve! I’m a Georgia Bulldog Atlantan who says “Stahhhp” way more than I ever realized (way to go Andi for leading me to self-actualization of my vocabulary!). I have to share what happened last night with my hubby while reading your latest post.

I kept giggling and laughing out loud, and he would say, “What?” and I would tell him the funny bit and keep reading.

The best part came where I was watching the fabulous Aaron Murray Bulldog reel (well, everything except the end play they repeated…) and hubby said, “Seriously? You’re watching Gruden?”

I don’t know what’s more shocking: that my hubby picked up on the Gruden video without seeing it, or that I was seriously into watching those awesome fades from Aaron Murray!

Thanks for bringing my two loves together this week: your posts plus Georgia football!

So my reader question is: why did none of the guys hug Andi at Chris’ house after they found out the horrible news about Eric? Or even hug each other? It seemed like they were told to just sit there and react, but not show support for one another. It was really weird. I appreciated Marcus walking out and Andi following him, but it wasn’t until the cameras were laid down that we saw the hugging and comforting…

Comment: I don’t think Aaron Murray will ever have to pay for another drink in the town of Athens for the rest of his life. God status.

Yeah, it was a bit weird. I’ve never been in a situation like that so I can’t say I know how I’d react, but maybe they were just too stunned, they wanted time to themselves.

Hey Steve!

Thanks for the great job once again this season!

Lets take a couple of minutes to talk about Josh….

He is said to be a”former pro baseball player”. Lets look at Josh as a baseball player.
He was awful, awful, awful.

It is very disingenuous to call yourself a “former pro baseball player” and promote yourself as that when you were so bad.

Lets see the career of Josh Murray. As you can tell, he wasn’t exactly the second coming of Babe Ruth or Ken Griffey Jr.

Batting average: career batting average .213. He had seasons where he batted .160, .188, and .211. These were full seasons, not just a few at bats.
This is a guy that if you gave him a wiffle ball bat and tossed him a big beach ball, he wouldn’t hit it. Keep in mind that Josh was in the lowest of the minors and he wasn’t exactly facing Clayton Kershaw night in and night out.

Josh had 303 strike outs in 998 at bats. This is a guy who struck out almost one out of every three times he came to the plate.

But you may think…..with all those strike outs….maybe he had some power and some pop in the bat when he connected? Wrong again. Josh hardly hit any home runs and was mostly collecting singles (the few times he actually did get a hit).

He had a grand total of 73 walks compared to his 303 strike outs. I mean come on, Stevie Wonder has a better eye at the plate than Josh Murray did.

Now you may be thinking, hey maybe he was a good fielder. Any redeeming qualities? Nope. He was god awful in the field also.

Josh had a total of 75 errors. He jumped around positions because he was so bad in the field at any one position.
He was a shortstop who had awful range and couldn’t field grounders. They then moved him to third base. He couldn’t make the long throw to first. His coaches thought why not move Josh to second and he can do the least amount of damage there with the short throw to first. Nope. He messed up there too and too many of his throws to first made it into the dirt and into the dugout.

Well, maybe Josh was a speed demon on the base paths you say and had some redeeming quality as a baseball player? 10 stolen bases out of 22 attempts. He got caught stealing more times than he was successful.

Point being, Josh Murray was a horrible baseball player. He couldn’t hit, couldn’t field, and can’t run.

Josh Murray, if you are reading this, you were an awful baseball player.
Andi Dorfman, if you are reading this, your fiance was an awful baseball player.

So Steve, a few questions:

1. Do you think Josh was lying and being completely dishonest when he told Andi that he left baseball because he wanted to get married and start a family? Lets be honest Steve, do you agree when you are as bad a baseball player as Josh Murray, that you don’t quit baseball to find a wife, as much as baseball forces you to quit?

2. Do you think part of the appeal of Josh to Andi was that he was the former pro baseball player and she found that sexy?

3. How much of Hy Dorfman being a big sports nut played a role in Andi wanting the former pro baseball player, albeit a very bad one?

4. Do you think if Josh’s little brother Aaron is just as bad of a football player as Josh was a baseball player, and the KC Chiefs cut him, that the Bachelor may try to recruit him to go on the show since he looks just like Josh?

Comment: I have one question for you. Why do you care so much about Josh’s baseball career to go that in depth about it? You seem quite bothered by it. I’d get over it. I take it you don’t like Josh, but geez, that is taking it to some serious extremes. Chris and Roberto were failed minor league baseball players too. Go look up their careers and rant on them too. Wow. That is some serious hate for someone.

Hey Steve,

I just had a few comments and wanted to get your opinion on something.

1. As a Wisconsinite AKA Cheesehead, I enjoyed you devoting a paragraph to Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre. I love my Packers and Brett, but agree with you that Aaron will probably outplay Brett in his career. Loved the “dong shot” comment too! I wonder if anyone knows the correlation between those Brett Favre dong shots and the “Bachelor” franchise. Kind of a two degrees of separation thing.

2. Just a very picky correction to your column for the Milwaukee date. The restaurant/bar that Andi and Nick were dancing the “Wisconsin Polka” at after the brewery was still the Lakefront Brewery, not a different location – I know very picky. Yes, very picky. But noted.

3. I know you said the word is that ABC most likely won’t televise Des/Chris’s wedding due to – possibly not being as popular, budget, etc. But, don’t you think that ABC will jump all over doing a Josh/Andi wedding due to the whole Aaron Murray hype and taking advantage of that? Very interesting question. I tend to think they would definitely be all over a televised Josh/Andi wedding. Not necessarily having anything to do with Aaron, but I just think that Andi & Josh will be a more popular couple than Des & Chris. Can you imagine if that happened. Des & Chris engaged for over a year with no televised wedding, yet they’d televise Andi & Josh? Could happen since, well, from everything I’m hearing Des & Chris will not be getting one. Time will tell.

Thanks for all you do, I enjoy reading your spoilers and believe you that Josh is the final guy.

Hi Reality Steve,

I am a big fan of yours and would like to ask a question going off of Thursday’s video chat when someone asked if you’ve worked a 9-5 job before. I would love to know how you made the transition to where you are now and became successful as Reality Steve. I left a corporate job last year to become a full-time certified yoga teacher but fear I will have to return to the corporate world because I am struggling to survive financially. I eat, breathe and sleep yoga but the reality is it is difficult to make a living from it (and afford classes, training and retreats). I have a small group of loyal followers but am not sure how to build up a larger student base. I do have an Instagram account, FB and website. I would love to hear your thoughts and greatly appreciate them!

Comment: Best advice I can give you is word of mouth. Also, our situations are completely different, and it takes a while to build up your fan base. I wrote an episode recap for every season of this show (outside of the first two “Bachelors”) for 6 years before I ever made a penny off it. One, because I didn’t know how, and secondly, because I only had a niche audience. Once my site became a little more publicized, the credibility built up, and the spoilers became more accurate, then the readership got bigger. Not to mention the explosion of social media, which played a huge role.

I’d say keep doing what you’re doing, but if it’s tough financially, you’re gonna have to do something alongside of your yoga business.

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  1. texan

    July 10, 2014 at 10:23 AM

    Ew, I had a similar situation as the Dr. Reality Steve emailer. D is a typical “thrill of the chase” guy who only wants you when he can’t have you. I got rid of my “D” once and for all, and so should you.

  2. mgreekchickie

    July 10, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the amaze balls job you do! 🙂 (yes, I said amaze balls! LOL)

    Do you know what the contestants do with the roses as they progress thru the season & following the show? Do they keep them as mementos/press them, or do they get ditched from country-to-country, location-to-location?

    Also, any truth to the rumor that Nikki is supposedly engaged? She tweeted a photo of her & JP’s hand while they were looking at soccer player trading cards. Supposedly, her hand had a diamond ring on THAT finger. Then, I hear that they spent the 4th of July separately. Are they together or not? Engaged or not?

    Thanks so much!

  3. rob22

    July 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM

    For the Dr. RS emailer. All you need to know is that a guy who’s truly into you will drop everything, anytime to be with you, unless it’s totally impossible (I.e. His Mothers birthday or an important work function). If he’s not that interested, his behavior will reflect that. That doesn’t mean he won’t accept sex on the side if you’re gullible enough to believe his excuses. He know you won’t buy it forever, but he’s playing it out as long as he can get away with it. Guys are simple creatures to understand. Don’t overcomplicate.

    Good advice to “yoga guy”. Almost without exception, starting a business take several years to become financial successes. It’s not uncommon for it to take 5-10 years to really mature. The answer to this problem is really simple. Just as RS noted, have a second job, even if it’s just 20 hrs/wk to pay the bills. Anyone who thinks they will be an instant financial success is just naive. Starting a business is hard. I’m sure RS knows this well from the time it took for his success. Early followers of this site would have thought Steve would have been lucky to cover his website costs with his blog. Now look at him.

  4. sandy

    July 10, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    So I guess with the MTA filming this weekend would mean that Chris has signed on the dotted line?….

    What a boring season this has been I can’t wait until its over and Andi and Aaron (oops I mean Josh) can ride off into the sunset. (or to their weekly football games and everything else Aaron related). Time for Andi to pack away her crown…

    Maybe it was the edit, but I didn’t care for Josh’s family in the least.

  5. mam1231

    July 10, 2014 at 1:51 PM

    That show was called “There Goes The Neighborhood” ~

  6. Cndgirl

    July 10, 2014 at 2:41 PM

    Just a comment of observation here: I always enjoy reading the reader’s emails – if only for reading how Steve answers the emails. It is interesting to me – as he actually doesn’t like/do gossip. He runs a blog/site about the show, and I think it draws people in who want to chit chat or gossip about the show – but he draws a very hard line of fact – but it’s awkward, because people write in wanting his thoughts, or comments, etc. on subjects – and he just refuses to get sucked in. And I’ll totally admit I think its fun to chit chat and analyze, I do it too, it’s the nature of these types of reality shows, they want to be talked about – but sometimes Steve just takes the wind out of the sails of a person who just innocently wants an expert opinion on something, but if it is not stemmed in fact, Steve just doesn’t go there. Which is not a bad thing either – I’m just making observations here, not passing judgement. It’s just that the Bach, or ette, or BP or BIP are all such fodder for fun gossipy conversations – and its a bit paradoxical sometimes to combine that with someone who tries very hard (successfully, I think) ‘not to go there’ and draws that hard line in fact. It takes some of the fun out of it, but I also admire the tenacity it takes to keep up that kind of reporting perspective – which I think is why so many end up trusting him, that consistency of fact and discretion. Just musings.

  7. angelfish

    July 10, 2014 at 3:14 PM

    See, I see Steve as a completely different type of resource for my viewing of this franchise. I want the facts as he gets them. Details, specifics and any other bits & pieces. I’ve never considered him a “chatter” or even a part of the Bachelorsphere.

    I have a board I frequent, and we blather about personal opinions, possibilities, preferences and emotional reactions.

    Here, I just want the dirt. There, I want to dish it.

    But as always, YMMV.

  8. bigfatwoman

    July 10, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    I have a good friend who knows the Aaron Murray family quite well.

    According to my friend, Andi will have to pass several tests in order to gain full access to all family activities.

    She will be required to:

    1). Attend at least 3 workshops on face painting and effective tailgating.
    2). Sleep with Aaron while Josh watches.
    3). Receive a full Murray genetics blood transfusion.
    4). Agree to fill her face with Botox and Fillers so she will match the pillow faces of her future in-laws.
    5). Give up friends, career and privacy in order to become fully immersed in the Murray experience.

    I think she picked a real winner. Go Andi.

  9. potter

    July 10, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    For the viewer/writer who thought Josh said he was ready to get married AGAIN, I checked my DVR after reading this. What Josh said was “at the end” and not AGAIN.

  10. leighleighleigh

    July 11, 2014 at 1:13 AM

    Steve, FYI: I believe that the British bachelor, Matt, made out with Marshana (spelling?), a black contestant, though that is of note more for his allegedly ambiguous sexual orientation than for her skin color.

  11. rob22

    July 11, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    The only thing I’d add to the comment about RS sticking to the facts and not engaging in gossip is that, if that’s the case, why publish the emails and anser them in these ways:
    1.) Don’t know, don’t care.
    2.) That question is cray-cray
    3.) You’re reading way too much into that

    If RS doesn’t want to entertain gossip, why publish the question and give a non answer? I find that a bit annoying.

  12. Athena

    July 11, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    LOL Dianne. Reminds me of Burning Love.

  13. mariet

    July 11, 2014 at 3:04 PM

    I agree Athena! I really miss Burning Love…

  14. jacquibk

    July 13, 2014 at 6:05 PM

    bfw, you are disgusting.

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