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“Reader Emails” Including Kelsey Shamelessly Promoting Herself

Hey Steve!

I have a few things I wanna reference here and a couple questions first off I’m sure you’ve heard of the grantland podcasts called the right reasons where they dissect and comment on a bunch of reality shows including the bachelor/ bachelorette (I don’t know how they stay away from spoilers so they can comment unbiased but anyway) they mentioned women lying about their age in their bios is this true ? You’d think the lead would want to know this plus they reference sometimes if someone is too young for lead are they ready to get married and settle down, just found that interesting since I’ve never heard you mention it. Also you think Nick is now happy he didn’t work out with Andi considering now her and Josh are broke up? He has to be thinking something in the back of his head considering all that went down and now the current outcome of that relationship kinda funny since he said he couldn’t see Andi picking Josh over him. Thanks for all you do can’t wait to see this season play out since there are some unanswered questions on to exactly what goes down on some of the dates !

Comment: Yes, I’m very familiar with the Grantland podcast. I’ve retweeted it out a lot and read Jacoby’s column every Friday (Hey, there’s a recap I read). I was even on the Right Reasons podcast last season. You can listen here.

Yes, Jacoby is constantly harping on how the women always look older than they are. I can’t imagine they would be able to lie about their age considering all the background checks this show does. But hey, maybe they are.

I read an interview that Nick did with E! Online where he said he felt bad for them and wished them the best.

Hi Steve. Sorry if you already answered this question but was just wondering about Ashley I. She’s very beautiful and was wondering if she’s mean or nice and what the girls think of her? Does she last a long time and do you know why she is kicked off??

Comment: I’m pretty sure Ashley I. makes it South Dakota and that’s when she’s eliminated.


Love your column…probably still wouldn’t watch the show without it!

Anyways, I totally agree that Whitney’s voice is annoying, however I’m surprised no one has mentioned Farmer Chris’s super annoying high pitched laugh! I noticed it a little on the premiere but during the Jimmy Fallon interview it was so noticeable and really annoying!!!

Comment: Yes, I’ve started to notice that. Maybe that’s why he picked Whitney. Someone had a higher pitched tone than his laugh.

Hi Steve,

I know you find Marcus and Lacy as the most boring couple in the franchise and they are indeed. But during the first episode of Bachelor when there was the live filming something got stuck in my head. When the camera showed the audience from far, I noticed that while other people were cheering and smiling during the breaks, Marcus and Lacy both looked miserable. Are they forced to participate in these events? Or do they just both have so-called bitchy resting faces? It was quite a contrast to the earlier big smiles while in front of the camera.

I was just curious. Thanks, Steve.

Comment: Has Marcus ever smiled? That guy has never really exuded a Happy Go Lucky vibe to me. From what we’ve seen, he’s always been very soft spoken and not the most excitable guy in the world. Kinda like myself. I just don’t have a bitch resting face.

Hi Steve,

I understand your frustration with all these questions that your fans have about why they broke up with childish accusations that one of them had an “affair”.

One only needs to look at the way Josh reacted to the lie detector test and observe the anger on his face to see why they broke up.

One only needs to observe some of Andi’s behaviors to see why they broke up. Although she is charming and beautiful, she is also very opinionated and Lawyer-ish.

We saw this coming because they have a personality conflict. It’s very simple.

Why are these people available? They are either very picky, set in their ways or hard to live with. A relationship takes a lot of give and take. so they broke up? We saw that one coming.

Comment: Solid opinion.

In re to Michelle and Cody breakup:

What are the chances Michelle had an affair with a cast/crew member on her latest movie gig?

Comment: I have no idea and to speculate on something like that would be irresponsible on my part.

Any new details about josh and andi? Really weird that she has not changed her Instagram you think they will speak out? Kinda like Emily did with the brad thing? (When she sat down and talked with Chris Harrison)


Sorry to bother you 🙂

Comment: Chris Harrison did mention in his blog this week he’d eventually like to “talk” to Andi. I don’t know if he was saying that as a professional where it’d be taped, or just in general. I don’t think they’d do a sit down interview, though. This wasn’t some explosive break up. They did it with Jake/Vienna because they knew they’d get what they ended up getting. And they did one with Emily because she was very much a polarizing figure and they also hoped that’d lead to her becoming the next “Bachelorette.”

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say I feel a bit deceived by Andi pretending all is great at the red carpet, just to announce there is a break up days later.

What really bothers me is the show she put on. What I am trying to say, is, Eric Hill pretty much was the smartest guy on her season to call her out on her perpetual pretentiousness. She should be an actress.

Eric-1 Andi-0, just wondered if you agree with me. May he RIP.

Comment: I don’t think that makes Eric right or wrong. If you’re gonna call Andi out for putting on a performance last Monday, wouldn’t you have to call Josh out too? They both knew they were on the outs. Why is Andi the only one to be accused of acting?

Hi Steve,

I wanted to start the year off by saying thank you for your website! I’ve been reading it for years now and love the spoilers and your hilarious recaps and insights. I’ve also enjoyed the links you posted in between Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons if you feel inclined to bring those back.

Thanks again. I’m enjoying the new season of posts already!

Comment: Well, that’s at least one person that missed “Daily Links” this past offseason. You’re one of the few, my friend.

Hey Steve,

I just watched a video ABC has on youtube of the most memorable limo exits. First of all, some of them I did not remember at all and the person was sent home the first night. But I also realized that every runner up has pulled some sort of stunt out of the limo since Brad 2.0:

Lindsay–Wedding Dress
Clare–Pregnant Belly

I just found that interesting. Becca must have missed the memo!

Comment: Yep. Becca tried to keep it normal. And even that didn’t work for her. Oh well. Back to the drawing board next season.


I just wanted to know how the bachelor or bachelorette manage to memorize the contestants names during the first rose ceremony?

Comment: Because they will never cast a lead who hasn’t studied those Mega Memory videos you see on the infomercial, and you have to have a photogenic memory. You don’t qualify, then no dice for you. Only the brilliant ones get the lead.

I was just watching The Carbonaro effect and my Italian mother bothered to tell me that Carbonaro means The man who makes charcoal.

Then she told me that Carbone means charcoal.

FYI, Steve.

Comment: Ummmm, thanks?

I know the lead and winner get to meet up at a safe house a few times a month while filming. I just don’t know how Whitney’s work doesn’t know she is the winner because I work at a fertility clinic also and we are open on weekends. She most likely has to work some weekends and if she took off during the week- it would look kind of suspicious. She also just took off 6 weeks or so for filming- so I just don’t understand how you Come back to work and then tell them you need more time off? Wouldn’t her co-workers know she won? I’m sure every single one of them knows.

Also-she seems to really love what she does but there are probably not any fertility clinics near the farm in Iowa. From what you have heard, is she really willing to give up her career and move there? Yes.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi Steve,

I’m very happy to hear one of Chris’ group dates is at Muck Fest! It’s a great event for a charity near and dear to our family so this kind of national exposure will do wonders to increase awareness and bring us closer to a cure! Did Chris have anything to do with choosing this as one of his dates or does he have a family connection to MS? If so, it would speak volumes for the kind of person he is by using his “celebrity” for such a good cause!

My team and I are planning to get mucky again this spring and participate in the Muck Fest for MS obstacle course for our 3rd consecutive year. Do you know which episode the group date will air so I can spread the word to my team? Can’t think of a better slogan than using the branding from both franchises, “Ducks n’ Roses”!

Thanks so much!

Comment: The group date mud run for charity in wedding dresses up in San Francisco is in episode 4 on Jan. 26th. I haven’t gotten it 100% confirmed it had to do with the MuckFest for MS. But when I saw there was a date this season doing a charity mud run in SF, and I googled “Mud Races SF,” that MuckFest for MS was happening in SF right around the time that date was filmed. So I’ve made the assumption that that’s what charity they are racing for. Lets hope I’m right.

Hi Steve!

Love the blog. What happens with Britt? Why does Chris cut her? They started out so connected!!

Comment: It’s in the spoilers I added on Jan. 5th. Britt leaves on her own. She feels the other girls would be better suited for him, so she eliminates herself in Des Moines, the episode before hometowns.


Why did they put a black box over Jullian swimsuit front and back but not the other girls? Talk about distracting with that black box.

Comment: I’m gonna stick with she had a front and back bikini wedgie going on.

Does the crazy Ashley (not sure her last name initial) not look just like Alison Parker from Melrose Place?!

Thanks for your great columns!

Comment: Yes, she does. I wonder if she and Billy are ever gonna make it down the aisle? Or if she’s still gonna be having flashbacks on her wedding day to daddy touching her when she was little.

I can honestly say that Alison no-showing for her wedding with Billy and running away because she was traumatized once realizing it was her dad who was doing that to her in her younger years was actually a mouth wide open moment for me in television history. I was in my dorm room in college watching that episode and never saw it coming. Now something like that probably happens once a season on any given scripted drama. But back then? In the height of “Melrose Place?” Mind. Blown.


Its so hard watching the Bachelor with my mom. She told me when Whitney was talking to him “Hes probably thinking ‘Your voice is annoying Im sending you home.'” Its like nope you have no clue whats in store.

Love your spoilers.

Comment: Oh boy. Hope your mom doesn’t get her hopes up for Whitney leaving.

Hi reality Steve

I was wondering if ashley the kookoo girl on this season is a paid actress? She must be cuz this season we all know will be boring since chris is the bachelor. Can you confirm that she is?

Comment: That seems to be the consensus after Monday’s episode. No, she’s not a paid actress. They just edited the f**k out of her. She gave them plenty to work with no doubt, but those spliced conversations with Chris and the girls was pretty evident.

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  1. coco2015

    January 16, 2015 at 7:58 AM

    Looks like Eric was right about Andi—she’s a great actress. Lol @ her faux indignation when he pointed it out.

  2. ifucsam

    January 17, 2015 at 6:16 PM

    oh my gosh that poor woman. Your husband is definitely unusual or he just hates sex. I know mine can’t go again right away (which I think is the case for a lot of men) but he can absolutely have sex one night after another. (though that rarely happens anymore because we have opposite work schedules. 🙁 )

  3. ifucsam

    January 17, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    also I’m curious as to how wealthy Chris is. Anyone have an idea?

  4. lcs85

    January 18, 2015 at 1:35 AM

    According to (sounds legit, right?) Chris is worth $1.5 million.

  5. wj76

    January 19, 2015 at 4:41 PM

    You have to realize Chris is mainly wealthy because of the land he and his family owns. It is not liquid, and it might not be accessible until he would sell the land.

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