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Bachelor Chris Spoilers

“Bachelor” Chris Episode-by-Episode Spoilers for the Remainder of the Season

THESE SPOILERS WERE POSTED BACK ON 11/24: Final four breakdown

Episode 8 (airing Feb. 16th): Hometown Dates (4 to 3)

Becca Tilley (Shreveport, LA) (Filmed Thursday, Oct. 30 – her birthday) Rumored to be at the Louisiana State Fair. Dinner held at her sister in laws house, Katie Hester, the wife of former LSU running back Jacob Hester.


Kaitlyn Bristowe (Arizona) (Filmed Saturday, Nov. 1st. Her mother lives in Arizona)


Jade Roper (Gering, Nebraska) (Filmed Monday, Nov. 3rd) Definitely went to the Gering Bakery & flower shop.


Whitney Bischoff (Chicago, Ill.) (Filmed Wednesday, Nov. 5th) At some point were at Quartino’s restuarant on State St.


Rose Ceremony Elimination: (Filmed Thursday, Nov. 6th at the Hotel Julien in Dubuque, Iowa) Jade Roper. Here’s video of her getting eliminated that night:

Episode 9 (airing Feb. 23rd): Overnight Dates in Bali (3 to 2)

As mentioned previously, this is the only episode where filming left the country. They spent a week in Bali before coming back to the Hotel Julien in Dubuque. Inevitably the question will come up every season, “So, does the ‘Bachelor’, like, sleep with all three women?” And my answer is the same every season: it depends. Every season has been different. Some seasons they’ve slept with all three, some they’ve slept with two, and some they’ve only slept with one. Or in Sean’s case, he slept with none of them since he was a born again virgin. But whatever the case, it varies every season.

I mean, it’s shocking that Kaitlyn lasted this long. Really? I mean, I think it’s funny. Next “Bachelorette” material? Of course not. But this is comical. I’m transfixed on this girls antics. I hope she releases more of these.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Episode 10 (airing March 2nd): The Women Tell All

Episode 11: (airing March 9th): Finale (2 to 1) Becca Tilley vs. Whitney Bischoff

The meet the parents dates and each girls’ last date with Chris were all back in Iowa. I’m almost positive that all these dates took place near or in Chris’ hometown of Arlington, Iowa. On Friday, I tweeted this out:

Friday’s date was with Becca. Here’s a video of them walking together in front of the Franklin Hotel, and then a picture of them standing in front of the bowling alley.


As mentioned in tweets, the final rose ceremony was held Saturday, Nov. 22nd at a barn owned by Chris’ parents in Lamont, Iowa. Was held at 4875 30th St., Lamont, IA 50650. Both girls showed up for the final rose ceremony. Chris did not let one of them go early. Which in case you didn’t know, really never happens on the “Bachelor.” They pretty much ALWAYS bring both girls to the final rose ceremony so one of them can get dumped on their ass for America to see. It’s the “Bachelorette” where they let the lead tell one of the guys early she’s made her decision. Three seasons in a row and four of the last five now we’ve seen that (Andi/Nick, Des/Drew, Emily/Arie, Ali/Chris). Only Ashley in the last 5 seasons brought both guys to the final rose ceremony, when she let Ben get down on one knee to propose before saying no. The Bachelor? Please. Chris, Juan Pablo, Sean, Ben, Brad 2.0, Jake, Jason, Brad 1.0, etc all brought both girls to the final rose ceremony. The list goes on. I actually don’t think the Bachelor has ever NOT brought both girls to the altar the final day. This past Saturday was no different. And what happened?

Chris is engaged to Whitney Bischoff.

Now I’m going to say what I say every season in this spot. You can choose to believe this information or not. I know some of you out there are dying for me to be wrong, and pray for it every season. This is not a guess. This is not who I think Chris picked. I’m not predicting who he’s gonna pick based on tea leaves, tarot cards, or how they look together. This information has been told to me by sources. You had 24 of the 30 girls this season, you had video footage of seeing Jade getting eliminated at the final 4 rose ceremony and you have video footage of Becca on her final date with Chris a day before the final rose ceremony. So considering how much I’ve given you up to this point along with the track record of season’s past, do with it what you will. If you want to continue to harp on the fact I was wrong about Des’ season, that’s fine. But I nailed every detail of Juan Pablo and Andi’s seasons after that giving you both endings and the whole season within a week after filming ended. This ending I’m giving you two days after it happened, which is the quickest I’ve ever posted the ending. For the next 3 1/2 months I’m sure you will hear a bunch of rumor and innuendo about how this is wrong, or Becca was seen here, or Kaitlyn was seen there, or how I’ve been given wrong information on purpose blah blah blah. Once again, I’m never truly vindicated until the finale airs in March, but just know Chris is engaged to Whitney. Can’t be any more clear than that.

If you’re expecting some sort of video to surface of Becca on a plane eating a bag of Cheetos crying to her sister on the phone telling her how pissed she is, forget it. Last season’s video of Nick was me getting lucky. Said it then and I’ll say it now: That’ll never happen again. Total luck. I’m forever thankful for it, but it’s not gonna happen again. You’re just gonna have to trust my sources and my track record on the Chris and Whitney engagement. I think I do a pretty thorough job in following up with sources in situations like this, and while yes the Des ending was wrong, that’s the only time in the last 8 seasons I had the ending wrong. So again, do with that what you will.

I already have read some of your emails and your tweets about this being a boring season because there’s no traveling other than Bali, and what a bunch of boring cities, yada yada yada. Look, I honestly don’t think any of that matters. When they travel all over the world to exotic places every season, you have a faction of people who say the show is repetitive and that’s not real life and it’s total fantasy land to fall for someone that way. Then they do what they did this season and go to places like New Mexico, South Dakota, and Iowa with the final rose ceremony happening in a barn, and people are complaining about that. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter where they film it. You watch for the drama, the cattiness, the dates, and then if you’re really delusional – a love story. Last season, Nikki and Clare had an epic argument in their Miami hotel room. If that same type of argument happens this season in say, South Dakota, does it make it any less interesting? Of course not. Who cares where the drama happens, as long as it happens. This show has become the gold standard for all reality TV dating shows. This is the 29th season for Christ sakes. They know what they’re doing. And if you say you’re not gonna watch because it looks boring, well, no one cares anyway. Plenty of people will watch and that’s all they care about. I know I will as I write my smart ass comments about the show like I have for the last 10 years.

As for the next “Bachelorette,” this is a little interesting. As we know, in 10 “Bachelorette” seasons, every single one of them finished in the final 4 of the season they were on. They’ve never strayed from that. But, ummmmmmm, have you seen Jade and Kaitlyn’s social media history? I can’t imagine in a million years either of them is going to be the “Bachelorette.” No chance in hell. Which only leaves Becca since Chris is with Whitney. Becca seems like she’d be a good choice, but when you finish 2nd, you don’t get the gig. I’ve stated this every season, but it’s essentially impossible for the #2 girl to end up being the “Bachelorette” due to their current shooting schedule. Basically the last 5 years, the “Bachelorette” has begun filming the very week the “Bachelor” finale airs. Last season, JP’s finale aired on Monday, and Andi’s season started filming the next night. And as you know, they have an ATFR live on the night of the finale. So you can’t have Becca come out on stage as the heartbroken #2 girl, have her talk to Chris for the first time since getting dumped, have this whole serious conversation, then by the end of the episode turn right around and say, “Oh and hey, Becca is our next Bachelorette.” Then nothing she said earlier in the show to Chris would have been sincere, since what does she care, she’s the next “Bachelorette.” JP’s finale they announced Andi because she was final 3 girl and was already on the “Women Tell All” taped a couple weeks earlier. So unless they change their shooting schedule for the “Bachelorette,” it’s not going to be Becca.

The last two seasons when I gave out the spoilers, I predicted Andi would be the next “Bachelorette” and that Chris would be the “Bachelor.” That was well before anything had aired. Before that, I was hit and miss. So I guess you could say I’m on a little mini roll right now in predicting the next lead. All my money right now is on Britt. From everything I’ve heard, she was extremely well liked by everyone including production, she’s certainly got the look being a model that lives in LA, and, well there might be a couple other reasons they’d be after her that I’m double checking on. So if you’re asking me right now who I think it’s gonna be, I’m going with Britt. Obviously we’re 4 months away from that decision being made and certainly things can change, but she’s no doubt a front runner at this point.

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  1. vessel

    January 27, 2015 at 12:36 PM

    Does anyone remember who that girl was that Steve said refused to kiss a guy until they got married? Was she already sent home because I don’t recall this storyline coming up at all this season.

    I want Steve to be wrong about Kaitlin not being offered the Bachelorette. I would rather watch her than Britt x1000.

  2. angelfish

    January 27, 2015 at 6:45 PM

    I think that was Kara, the geriatric blonde contestant that stopped by for 2 episodes on the way to pick up her Social Security check.

    I just can’t with Kaitlyn. Everything she says & does seems so forced to me. “Look! I’m zany!”, “Look! I’m unpredictable!” “Look! I’m a funny girl! High energy is one thing, she just comes off a bit manic for me.

  3. rob22

    January 28, 2015 at 7:58 AM

    Kaitlyn may be fun. Kind of like Arie. But they’re just not believable in the “role”. They want to have it be at least plausible that the lead is looking for a husband. You and I might like to see Kaitlyn yuck it up as The Bachelorette, but the franchise doesn’t. RS has been right to this point, that the #2 has never been chosen & that it interferes with the shooting schedule & creates a believability problem. I think they could easily work around that, but they have a, so far, winning formula & they are creatures of habit. So, I agree that they won’t stray from the formula. If, for some reason, Britt some how can’t or won’t do it…. or something comes out about her that disqualifies her, then they’d have to consider Becca. But aside from that, RS is probably right again. We can knock him for a lot of things, but he’s not wrong often.

  4. hattiebloom

    January 28, 2015 at 8:10 AM

    I like watching Kaitlyn because she’s entertaining. But….she’s too Michelle Money playing a role trying to make a name for herself.

    I always think the way someone tweets is a great indicator of their character and ego and Kaitlyn retweets mentions and compliments like no one’s business. I find the retweeting to be really tacky. Why do you need to show everyone, “look….people like me!…..someone thinks I’m funny.”

    Just be who you are. You don’t need to spell it out.

    Plus, those tricep tatts are pretty white trashtastic. No thanks.

  5. elizabeth82

    January 28, 2015 at 4:01 PM

    Britt seems jealous of Kaitlyn, since she specifically named her in talking to Chris about why does he like trashy women, and then if she eliminates herself after Kaitlyn gets another group date rose. I guess I’ll have to see it play out, but if Britt actually liked Chris, why couldn’t she see the process through? So I’m not interested–at least as of right now–as seeing her as next Bachelorette. I’d rather see Kaitlyn than Britt, but the producers should probably consider Becca. Also: what about Carly? She’s pretty likeable, no? And makes it as far as Britt does! And Steve says it would never happen, but Clare Crawley might be a good choice, too.

  6. bet0625

    January 29, 2015 at 6:00 AM

    I would love the next bachelorette to be Britt. She seems like a good choice. Pretty not to insane it would be a good idea.

  7. karynr

    February 1, 2015 at 9:37 AM

    If Britt is the next Bachelorette do you think Jillian will show up to ask for a chance with her?

  8. jerilynwestwall

    February 8, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    The whole point of ‘The Bachelor(ette)’ franchise is for the person to find someone to marry. i.e. meeting the family, the ring, the knee, the proposal. Right? Britt has made it clear (according to roommates) that she has no intention of settling down anytime in the near future; and certainly not within five years; and her demeanor begs credulity. Britt’s odd personal habits hints that she would be a risky Batchelorette choice.
    However, Becca is the steady, mature, quality bait to reel in the best batchelor fish for next season.

  9. v1ck1

    February 17, 2015 at 3:08 AM

    Carly should be the next Bachelorette. Fresh, natural, honest, real, outgoing, funny, pretty, and she’s got good intentions. She’s a really cute girl and says what’s on her mind.
    Britt was just being an actress. She wasn’t interested in Chris. She was using the show and Chris to bring attention to herself.
    Carly was sincere, and I think she would handle being the Bachelorette well, and it would be fun to watch.
    If Britt is the Bachelorette, it should be on the condition that she is never allowed to wear any makeup and all of the men should be in full drag-queen-style makeup so she doesn’t know what they really look like.

  10. playtone22

    February 24, 2015 at 2:05 AM

    darn – none of those instagram links for Kaitlyn work anymore

  11. missannmcd

    March 8, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    Whatever thoughts you all had about Carly, forget it. She showed her catty, insecure and even a bit cruel self. A real negative downer debbie there.

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