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The “Bachelor” Finale Recap Including Tons of News & Notes and Exclusive First Look at Guys on the Next “Bachelorette”

In what’s become a seasonal tradition now, since yesterday was #VindicationDay, lets take a look back over the last 4 months from emailers who brought a smile to my face and make me want to be a better person. Who am I kidding? These people apparently have lives and jobs. Crazy. I won’t lose any sleep waiting for any apologies from these MENSA members…

Dec. 2nd


I saw where you said last week that Chris is engaged to Whitney? You’re kidding me, right? Where do you even come up with this? How could you possibly know that two days after the final rose ceremony? Don’t you think that Fleiss is trying to fool you again by giving you information that quickly? I’d be careful if I were you because I hear things too…

Dec. 23rd

Reality Steve,

I have a bone to pick with you regarding your spoilers for this season…THEIR WRONG!!!! How can you have the ending but not anything else? Don’t you realize that no one’s going to believe you on this. They shouldn’t because all you are doing is guessing at what happens after getting a few tips here and their. I think you need to look into a new kind of work once this season is over because I’m pretty sure Chris is engaged to that Becca girl….happy sleuthing you moron! Hahahahahahahaha

Jan. 6th

So I just watched the premiere last night and there is no way that Chris is engaged to Whitney… man in their right mind could possibly want to b married to that voice. I think u were fooled again this year because I’d be willing to bet anything that your wrong ths time.

Didn’t u see when becca exited the limo how they made sure to focus on her out of the remaining group of 15 girls? Why do you think they did that? And just because they didn’t give her airtime that much in the eps doesn’t mean she doesn’t win. Nobody ever saw Catherine until their first 1on1 date later on in the season and now their engaged!!! I think you’re gonna be wrong on this one buddy. Nice try…

Jan. 8th

Hey RS,

Just wanted to tell you I don’t’ even care who Chris picks. I just want you to be wrong. Any guy who spends as much time as you do writing about a dating show deserves the worst. Seriouisly dude, get a life!!!!!! I hope at some point you realize no one cares what you do or if youre right or wrong. Grow up and get a real job

Jan. 27thth

I don’t know what youre deal is with Becca and why you keep constantly bringing up her virginity but it’s disgusing. What’s wrong wit u? Just becuz a girl has morals and values that means she deserves to be made fun of? Just becuz she doesn’t sleep with every guy she meets like that tramp Britt that makes her less of a woman? I can’t believe you are actually paid to write what you write. It’s garbabe. I’m turning all my friends off to u and can’t wait til your wrong at the end of the season.

Becca is the most pure, light hearted, fun loving girl this show has ever had and any guy would be lucky to have her. Chris sees that in her and that’s why he’s going to choose her in the end. All these other women are cold and callous and snipe at each other whiel Becca minds her own business…and stays out of the drama!!!! If not for her I wouldn’t even be wtching this show..i don’t nedd your showvanisitic remarks towards her. What are you gonna say when they end up engaged huh?

I hope you have a back up plan in life because you’ll never make it as a writer. This site is terrible and you’ll never have me looking at your site ever again after today. Goodbye!!!

Jan. 29th


I’m such a hopeless romantic and I know that Chris anb Becca are destined to be together. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but do you know how much of a role religion plays in Becca’s life? It’s huge. That’s important to Chris. I see their connection every time they’re together. It’s two kindred spirits that are meant to be. I know it sounds sappy and you’ll just laugh at me, but I’m serious. You wouldn’t know love if it came and slaped you in the face. These two are so in love it’s magical. You are going to be wrong at the end fo the season and I can’t wait.

He doesn’t hav a love connection with Whitney. He just likes the way she looks. What he has with Becca is so much deeper and so much more ona spiritual intellectual level that it can’t be matched. I love seeing these two together and I can’t wait to see their love story prosper even more over the next few episodes. I know their one on one date coming up will solidify it for me and you will be eating your words.

I don’t mean to be such a downer but you should really try and be more accurate with your “predictions”!!! no one likes seeing bad information put out there and you sir have done just that. Chris and Becca are the best couple this show will ever produce. You just watch.

Feb. 3rd

Dear Reality Steve,

This season would seriously be a zero without Becca on it. She’s what makes the show the most interesting and I bet you they wouldn’t even have any ratings if she wasn’t on it. They know if they don’t show Chris and Becca in the end no one will watch anymore because it’ll be a farce!!! You’re wrong in your prediction that Chris is with Whitney. He’s totally with Becca I just know it. He looks at her differently than he looks at all the other women. You can see it in his eyes that he’s just a different person when he’s around her. She’s the real deal and he knows it. Your spoiler is wrong. I don’t know where you get your info from and I don’t care. I know it’s wrong. I hear things too ya’ know? Good luck trying to recover from this one being wrong again. Loser!!!

Feb. 12th

Becca for the winn!!!!!! Reality Steve loses!!!!! I can’t wait to see you eat crow when the finale airs. These two are SOOOOO getting engaged!!!

An email exchange I had on March 4th. As you can see, stopped after the last email since, well, no point in going back and forth with the ignorant.

i don’t mean to be annoying or to doubt you but you find this funny. According to some forum (bachettefans or something) idk I saw this on IG Becca has been working with a wedding planner in San Diego and Whitney has signed on to be the Bachelorette which is why she quit her job or something

Me: A forum? I rest my case.

is this true

“Someone on fb said she works with W’s cousin and that C and W have broken up already. Another person said she heard the same thing.”

Me: You read too much gossip.

But Becca’s family was flown into LA. There are pictures on IG of them in Cali. They usually fly in F1’s family in for the ATFR. I think you need to check with your sources again.

March 8th

Steve…I love the way you handle all the idiots out there who doubt you. Very well done. I know I’ve emailed you in the past regarding a message board that constantly bad mouths you and you say you don’t care, but they have like 1,000 scenarios going on over there where people are predicting how the ending goes. Here’s one of them that someone posted yesterday (are these people SERIOUS?)

Here’s what I posted last night as a possible ending (I’m just positive it will end this way laugh out loud ):

Becca shows up F2, he sends her home. Whitney shows up, Chris proposes but he doesn’t say he loves her, just “Will you marry me?” Whitney has been worrying all week about whether Chris loves her and she wants to know if his heart is with her or Becca. (Let’s just say she knows Becca is not in love with him.) But he breaks down and can’t say he loves her (remember he only told one woman ILY). So she throws the ring at him and walks out. And this is why she sort of looks mad in the limo, upset but mad too. So then Chris jumps on his motorcycle, floors it, and catches up with Becca’s limo. Tells her he loves her and asks her “can’t we just give love a shot?” They can just take it slow until she’s ready for a ring. She says okay because she didn’t want them to end. Then, they kiss with the sunset behind them!! Right there on the highway in the middle of nowhere! Then they hop on his motorcycle together and ride off into the sunset! The End …to be continued

Heartbroken Whitney is the next Bachelorette. The twist is it’s the first time the F1 becomes the next Bachelorette, and the F2 becomes the F1. And the first time the Bachelor was almost the one to be heartbroken and not the F2.

Steve please rip these people a new one. They are so caught up in everything you say and do yet here they are messaging each other back and forth all day long like a bunch of 6th graders. Talk about clueless!

I’ll see if I can find some more ridiculous ones…

March 8th


Ok, I’m back. I found the most crazy thing you’ll probably see anyone ever write regarding this show and what do you know! Its from that message board I tell you about. This person has been saying all season he expects a big twist in the end and that Chris chooses Kaitlyn!!! He even wrote this diatribe yesterday. Seriously don’t laugh. This person needs psychological help. I can’t believe they wrote this….

“After Kaitlyn was dumped, I went back to Guardian Angel’s F1 poll and debated whether or not I should cast my vote again for Becca.

Yet I couldn’t. I have this itch that is bothering me.

Yes, I am well aware that Kaitlyn’s boat has left the dock and it seems like she will be on the live ATFR as a Bachelorette candidate rather than somebody Chris may “date” post-show if he happens to breakup with either Becca or Whitney. Even Mister Harrison has insinuated… sort of… kind of… in interviews and blogs that The Kaitlyn Story is finished.

At least until May if she is chosen.

Yet that itch keeps bothering me. It WILL go away once I see Chris and Becca… or Whitney… happy together on the couch discussing their futures together. However, I hope nobody minds if I get a couple things bothering me out of my system here. You can all ignore this elephant of a post if you like.

Going back to this little gem that keeps giving the gift of giving each time you view it…

@momoftrips wrote:

Key quote: “Everyone is divided of the Bachelor’s final two”

Everyone? Did Fleiss & Company and ABC bother to ask ME if I am “divided” about the “final two”? This makes me mad… and reminds me of Desiree’s Men Tell All show, which like Chris’ WTA did not show a “montage” of the remaining contestants’ “journeys so far”, but instead stuck to the most depressing promo in Bachelor/ette history. (*sniff sniff* I don’t deserve to be heart-broken… *sniff sniff*) Over the end credits, people in the audience gave their opinions of how Desiree’s season would end. Some were pessimistic. At least two thought there would be a happy ending. Another two (I think, but can’t remember exactly) said she would pick Brooks and yet another was “Team Drew”. Yet I, as a TV viewer, wasn’t asked my opinion… nor was Murasaki, Soccermom and a few others not apart of the show but watching from home. We didn’t necessarily agree with the rest of Bachelor Nation that she would pick Brooks, Drew or… nobody. Prince Siegfried was never offered as an option.

Back to this promo, we are given equal evidence that Bachelor Nation is rooting for EITHER Whitney or Becca (and Don’t You Dare Suggest Any Other Option To The End Of This Silly Show Or Else You Will Be Banished Outside The Gates Of Bachelor Nation!)

“I love Whitney omg”
“Becca and Chris are cute together!”
“Team Whitney”
“Becca = real deal #TheBachelor #TeamBecca”
“Really really hope Whitney is the one”
“Definitely rooting for Whitney!”
“Becca is my favorite pick for him right now”
“Whitney is the only way to go. It’s just the right choice.”
“I’m definitely rooting for Becca”
“Whitney you’re the cutest thing and my vote is for you.”

Hilariously this bombardment of tweets are over shots of sad-sad Becca and Chris rubbing his eyes. They clearly aren’t as happy as the twitterers.

Chris voice-overs “I may not propose to anyone”.

Then… as he puts down the rose, the Voice of Gawd tells us “after the final rose, the surprise twist no one saw coming… LIVE!”

Well… Chris is in the hot seat and Becca and Whitney look “shocked”. Maybe those two will be saying “I didn’t see that coming”?

In the previous two promos shown before and after WTA, we get Chris lines like:
“I don’t think it is possible to make a choice.”
His buddy: “I think Chris is really 50/50 and I think that’s highly unfortunate.” (Again, the wooden rooster in the background… LOL! Also the 50/50 is over a shot of a ring that he may or may not use… 50/50 chance here.)
“There’s a very real option that I may not propose to anyone today”
*Cue a shot of him putting down the rose. He did this before choosing Tara in the premiere, but needed to talk to Harrison first. (As he abruptly left the ladies, Whitney said “OMG” under her breath.)
He repeated the act after eliminating Jillian in episode 3. This was also part of a group date that both Becca and Whitney attended that involved wedding dresses run through mud. Chris’ key quote: “Putting on these dresses, these girls think they may be walking down the aisle with me, but… um… there’s a surprise in store.”
He again, for the third time, put the rose down in Bali before talking to Becca… and then giving both her and Whit the roses. “Oh shoot” as Kaitlyn says in one promo.
Now… will the “rose pendulum” swing in the same direction THIS time as with Tara and Becca/Whit… or will it swing like Jillian’s situation?

Chris asks Becca: “What do you want?” She responds: “I don’t know! I’m waiting for *it* to happen, but I want to get married and I want to have kids”. She is then asked if she can make a decision in two days. In the most recent promo, she just says Chris is “the type” of guy she would marry… but not necessarily The One. At least not yet. She could decide in the last moment and they are now living happily ever after.

Whitney is gung-ho certain she’s the future Mrs. Soules, but she too has a “red flag”. He told her in Bali that there’s nothing to do in Arlington and, even though he likes traveling, he also likes “staying at home” a lot. She, in turn, said she worked very hard in her career to get where she’s at… the same saga as equally professional Andi Dorfman, who suggested to Chris when she dumped him that she got “lost” in her visit to Iowa and wasn’t thinking rationally. Could she “bend” her Chicago life to Arlington as easily as she thinks while visiting his parents… in Iowa, where even Andi’s thoughts got cloudy?

We can also add her sister’s concerns at hometown as being “one in four”. Of course, she was one in four at THAT stage. Yet it is interesting that the week earlier, Britt was angry about Chris giving Kaitlyn the group rose and told him her future husband would never view her as second, third or fourth.

Even though he dumped Kaitlyn, he never gave her an answer of “closure”, stating that he was simply throwing darts in making a decision. Both said they were in love with each other… or, at least, HE was “falling in love” in Bali if not “in love” yet. In Arizona, his rap lyrics read: “Flying down the rapids / my heart was beating fast / I hope I don’t fall out / So I can make this love last.” Yes, he did choose Becca over her, but did he ever officially “fall out”?

So… *technically*… Kait IS still off the table for our consideration, but.. IF… IF… things don’t work out with the other two, she is still available until the moment she signs on The Bachelorette Contract’s dotted line. Certainly Jimmy Kimmel gave his approval way back in episode 3, “because you can fly around the world up in a helicopter looking over beautiful vistas, but a real relationship is going to Costco’s and buying napkins.”

In other words, The Bachelor Show is one “world”, but not necessarily the same world you occupy when the cameras go away.

@northernviewer wrote:I only have a passing interest in this season, but one impression I did get of Chris is that he’s almost afraid to make a decision without getting input from other people. I don’t remember any lead who listens to other contestants and family the way he does. I find him very insecure about where he lives and that he’s basing his choice on which girl will actually move there, more than he’s basing it on who he has the best connection to. If he indeed did choose Whitney, I think it’ll more because she’s his “failsafe” and that he believes her words more than he trusts his heart. I honestly believe that if he didn’t live in such an isolated place that his choices might have been different throughout the season. Just my opinion based on what I’ve seen …. and I couldn’t care less how this season ends, but I do have a feeling that it’s not going to be a normal ending. I’ve mentioned before that I think it’s going to be more of a Charlie/Jason/Brad 1.0 kinda ending, and I’m still thinking along those lines.

Keep your post on the back burner, northerviewer, for future reference.

It may NOT apply to Chris’ season, but… mark my word… a future bachelor or ‘ette may very well repeat any or ALL of the following…

Charlie dated his chosen without an “official” engagement like most leads

Jason asked previously DUMPED Molly if they “could go out for coffee or something”… and eventually married her.

Brad 1.0 eliminated two ladies at his final rose ceremony. (You can also add Jen Schefft being indecisive of Jerry Ferris at FRC and eliminating him at ATFR.)

@chasingpavements wrote:He has said that he has picked someone (and his family said that she’s a great girl), so he definitely picked SOMEONE. I guess it’s just a matter of whether he picked her at the FRC or will make his decision at the AFRC. I honestly don’t see that happening, because I don’t see how he could date both of them without anyone finding out. I feel like he could have picked someone but will propose at the AFRC. And, if it was a Jason-type ending, I feel like they would hype it a lot more. This just seems like the twist they were promoting for Emily’s AFRC, where it just turned out that Arie went to NC/wrote a letter.

One interview that stood out for me was Ellen’s, broadcast before the fantasy dates when there were three contestants in the running. Although Ellen was baffled between Whitney (her choice) and Becca, “Firecracker” was still there and she never asked Chris, his sisters and mom if he ONLY selected from those two.

I do agree with your way of thinking here. A lot of scenarios don’t make any sense. Then again, after Fleiss decided to include Consummation Station on Sean and Catherine’s wedding, I think ANYTHING is possible with this silly show.

Back in January, I did some brain storming here on the “general discussion” thread and posted:

Keep this tidbit on the back burner. Maybe it means nothing at all, but I’ll add it here anyway.
Last season, Andi kept saying she came here to find a husband. As it turned out, she didn’t…
Likewise Jason talked much the same talk and even proposed to Melissa. Then he dumped her post-show and asked Molly if they could… date.
Backtrack to Andi’s Men Tell All show when (was it?) Elan had brought a lady in the audience to “go on a date with” Chris. He was sitting with Harrison in the hot seat and seemed surprised by her arrival. Intriguingly she was from… Canada.

If… IF… and all I am doing is Thinking Outside Of The Box with different scenarios here… there is a pro-Kaitlyn “gotcha” at the end of this, I do NOT believe it was an accident.”

Wow Steve. Wow. That’s all I got to say about that. I can’t believe there are people that obsessed in overthinking this show that much. And I swear to you, that person has pages and pages of other stuff just like this but this was most recent so I thought I’d share. Can’t wait til you’re proven right!!!

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  1. lisaw

    March 11, 2015 at 12:43 AM

    Hi RS

    Following from New Zealand. I’ve just seen the final. I thought Becca’s honesty was refreshing. She said how she felt, not what Chris wanted to say.

    I am on team Kaitlyn for the Bachelorette!

  2. jakolean

    March 11, 2015 at 12:58 AM

    I find Britt totally normal, and reacted like any other woman would have, had they had a special connection with someone. Everyone could see that connection with each other, including Whitney (when she said “I don’t want to just watch the Chris and Britt show) – that was what really got the girls hateful. Chris even said he had a special connection with her that wasn’t like the others. Of course, in a group dating situation, this is different, but how realistic is that in real life, and of course easy to forget that you are not just that special one?

    I think Britt’s self-confidence and strength bothers those who are insecure or who might be threatened by someone like her, so they take every little human thing about her and twist it into making her “narcissist”. Oh please, she wasn’t going around talking about herself like Kelsey. She was listening, hugging and comforting other women, who she thought was her friend. If that is being manipulative, then that’s saying that the other womens intelligence are limited and can’t think for themselves. Her huggy personality is far from being narcissist.

    When Britt questioned Chris’ motives that was totally right, because he was all over the place with all the women, kissing every chance he got, and who wouldn’t feel confused by that and how it would appear to others?

    If he got defensive by it, then he can’t take an honest look at his own flaws. Britt admitted she was wrong by being upset by not getting the rose, something I think he has a problem with, admitting when he is wrong.

    He seems dead set on the woman making all the changes for him, but I think in the long run, someone like Whitney who has had a career will resent the quiet wife lifestyle. It is all about him and not “them” looking at both their needs or wants. Chris can’t marry-order a bride and expect them to just wait hand and foot for him. Ask any women who has been married for a number of years, that previously had a life of her own, to become at best a second place, and then third when the kids come along, with no thought to her needs or wants. Love only goes so far.

  3. jakolean

    March 11, 2015 at 1:32 AM

    Honestly, I think the whole hate campaign with Britt started with Carly circulating rumors about her not showering when she seemed to be oddly observing her every move in the house. Maybe she didn’t shower as often as Carly, but enough fuel to get the fire going, particularly since she didn’t get any special time with Chris, except almost to have sex with him onscreen. How many women would have been down her throat had her date gotten further? Good way to deflect attention on her own faults.

  4. zacmac78

    March 11, 2015 at 2:00 AM

    So funny seein some of these comments bout Ryan Beckett. Wow… Guy’s such a joke… Thinks he’s God’s gift

  5. ihateipads

    March 11, 2015 at 2:11 AM

    I hate the fact that Britt fans only defense is “SHES PRETTY EVERYONE IS JUST JEALOUS OF HER”. No. Not everyone is as shallow as y’all. I personally don’t like her because she knows how to manipulate people and used crying as a way to attract attention towards herself during the women tell all. Please watch that again and pay close attention to her “crying” with no tears and “crying” when she saw in the small stage screen that the cameras were pointing at her. And let’s not forget that she made the entire women tell all about her and Carly and basically blamed Carly for her leaving even though she acted like a psycho on the show and Chris saw that. Chris said HE HAD DOUBTS PRIOR TO THAT NIGHT when she had an outburst, the outburst was the last straw for him. I agree that Carly was a bit too mean on the show but Britt was just as worst on the women tell all. The only reason she has a spot on the bachelorette right now is because she’s pretty and since guys will be picking the girl, im pretty sure they’re going to choose her just for her looks which is a shame because Kaitlyn deserves it SO much more. So disappointed in the producers of the show. The fact that they even let aspiring actors on the show is idiotic to begin with.

  6. teacup

    March 11, 2015 at 4:07 AM

    The hate campaign against Britt is disgusting. She did literally nothing to deserve it. It’s pathetic. She’s a nice girl and her only crimes were overshadowing the other girls with Chris and being too sensitive to what a mass of insecure nothing like Carly had to say. OMG BIGGEST VILLAIN EVER.

  7. jpoz

    March 11, 2015 at 4:45 AM

    Woohoo, I’m so stoked Britt is still in the running to be The Bachelorette! Its practically made my weekend! She is so beautiful, kind and articulate, the guys would be mad not to pick her! Going to make for some crazy TV if she gets the Bachelorette seeing the lengths the guys will go to get alone time with her and outdo each other for her affections! #TeamBritt! 😀

  8. thatguy181

    March 11, 2015 at 6:10 AM

    Only spoiler I care about is who the Bachelorette is going to be. Do my Mondays free up due to Britt being picked or do I continue to do my part for the ratings for the show.

    Either way I’m obviously going to continue visiting and supporting RS and the site, just honestly can’t be bothered to watch Britt.

  9. monalisamiami

    March 11, 2015 at 7:16 AM

    Ha! @zacmac78 agree. Heard Ryan Beckett still hooks up with his ex and a few others to, and now he’s gonna play these two girls. Shame,

  10. karynr

    March 11, 2015 at 8:09 AM

    Team Kaitlyn all the way. I think she is beautiful in a more natural way than Britt, intelligent, with a great sense of humor.

    I have nothing against Britt, but find her more shallow, and the caked on make-up and fake crying jags are over the top.

    The whole Britt and Kaitlyn debate reminds me of Ginger versus Maryann, for those of you old enough to remember Gilligan’s Island!

  11. cpwest

    March 11, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    As far as the article you mention that says you “guessed” … perhaps you should read it, because it doesn’t say you guessed at the ending. It just quotes you SAYING you guessed about certain episodes. Headline was catchy,but the content sourced right back to what you said. “No, I do not have your episode-by-episode spoilers this season. Last week I guessed which five went home last night and got 4 of the 5. Not bad”

    I GUESSED is what you said. There you go.

  12. vessel

    March 11, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    I could list a bunch of things Britt shouldn’t have said/done but I don’t feel like re-hashing the whole season. Suffice it to say I agree with whomever said she was ‘disingenuous’ overall. She comes off as constantly performing for the cameras with the overly dramatic tears, extended hugging, etc. It’s all a bit much and reeks of insincerity.

    As far as the ‘jealousy’ comments they are absurd. No one is denying she is drop dead gorgeous, but for me it stops right there. Needing constant reassurance and the spotlight all the time is very unattractive to me. Frankly I think it’s very small minded to try chalk up the public’s negative reaction to Britt being co-Bachelorette to jealousy. There are many reasons for people to be pissed that Kaitlyn was cheated, and jealousy doesn’t factor at all in my opinion.

    The 2 Bachelorette idea is asinine and degrading. I really hope ABC finds a way to rectify it and let Kaitlyn end up the sole Bachelorette, which she should have been all along.

  13. meredith27

    March 11, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    It’s interesting to me that Twitter followers can be bought!! Did anyone else know about this? The other thing I find interesting is how much Twitter support there is for Britt and yet out on the internet, it “appears” that there is so much support for Kaitlyn? I guess the bachelor/bachelorette is becoming like politics… whoever has enough money to post a blog in support of someone or whoever can develop a “clique” and have followers agreeing can be “heard.” I think Britt is becoming the underdog and I’m routing for her!
    I don’t like these bullies out there who are Kaitlyn fans basically trying to get everyone to make her the bachelorette with intellectual arguments that have no basis – like Sean Lowe saying that it is sexist? Really? It’s ok for the show to make you tons of money but just because you wanted Kaitlyn as bachelorette and all your clique – including Kelly Travis who seems so condescending and Andi and Sharleen. Who are these “strong” women who judge women like Britt? Is that really strength? Where is your Bible, Sean? I need to get mine back out because I’m so upset about this bullying. I need to get back to a loving place. It upsets me to see such bullying. Anyway – I am so glad Steve can spoil this for us because I cannot wait to find out who the bachelorette is! I can’t wait until May, Steve. HURRY! Find out find out find out and post it fast! 🙂

  14. cjscjs711

    March 11, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    I have seen Gilligan’s Island and Britt is way too bohemian to be Ginger. JMO

    Perfect compare and contrast on Jimmy Kimmel March 9 2nd half of show. He had both of them on and gave them the same scenario to play act. SUCH different types! Granted I’m a photographer and retoucher so beauty is y business, but I could not take my eyes off Britt. Not just her beauty but her style – she has je ne sais quoi.

    It makes more sense to me to have the men who will be doing the actual sating and fantasy suite, close who they want to be with, rather than have the people who will just be watching, choose. Don’t know why they haven’t thought of this before.

  15. cjscjs711

    March 11, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    Dating, not sating lol

  16. vessel

    March 11, 2015 at 10:12 AM

    Sean was saying the premise of two Bachelorettes in this context is sexist and degrading to women because Britt and Kaitlyn have already competed against each other. Then to pit them yet again against one another, but in this format to have a group of alcohol fed men judging who stays and goes based on little else but physical appearance is definitely wrong. It takes the power out of their hands and gives it to the guys, which is NOT what the Bachelorette is supposed to be about. @meredith27 his and Catharine’s arguments weren’t anti Britt, they were anti 2 Bachelorette format.

  17. vessel

    March 11, 2015 at 10:17 AM

    @cjscjs711, If the men aren’t attracted to the Bachelorette they can exit the show. No one forces them to go to the fantasy suite, if they are there that long it’s because they chose to accept roses.

  18. misstjw87

    March 11, 2015 at 11:04 AM

    Enough about Kaitlyn & Britt, ladies! I care more about the hot guys that will be vying for roses. RS always seems to have the first scoop about the contestants. Wierd they’ve already started filming. I can’t wait for more of the guys to be revealed. The above crop seems mediocre, and based on above comments, it seems this Ryan Beckett just may be the season’s token asshole… Can’t wait for May!

  19. rob22

    March 11, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    I still think the funniest part was that Becca was not at all broken up about her departure & breakup with Old McDonald. She never cried and literally acted like she was the one that broke up with Chris. Gee Chris, you’re the nicest guy….. I never would have stayed this long for anyone else…. you’re really special…. that sounds like her breaking up with him! Yeah, she liked him some, but she wasn’t “falling in love” with him. And she wasn’t about to fake it (good for her). She found herself in a spot where she was kept on the show beyond all reason. Jade got dumped because her phoniness came out on the hometowns along with her pics. He probably wanted to keep Kaitlyn for the F2, even though Whitney was always going to be F1. But Kaitlyn had a Bachelorette gig ahead of her, so she had to be let go one spot early. What do you do if you’re Becca in that situation? Hope like hell, he doesn’t pick you! She looked very relieved when he didn’t pick her, unlike the usual looks of shock, followed by over the top crying for the shocking embarrassment of a public dumping (after wild sex in the Fantasy Suite). I don’t recall anyone on The Bachelorette EVER taking the F2 spot with such relief and happiness. But she did dodge a bullet.

    Whitney on the other hand is just coming to terms with what she’s done. Life in Arlington, IA has to be getting very real at this point….. as in WTF was I thinking???!!! Did you catch how she noted that she would be “living in Chicago for now”. Translation, “after a few trips to that hell hole to visit that awkward doofus who sucks down whisky’s like the apocolypse is at hand, I better keep my options open”. I’m sure if Whitney does come to her senses and dumps Chris she’ll have a whole host of Chicago city guys that are major upgrades to a stuttering farmer with a girly laugh. There’s a small part of me that thinks Whitney will stick it out & start cranking out babies. But the common sense intellect part of me says there is no way in hell this ends up in a marriage. It really makes zero sense for Whitney. Look for the press release in 3-5 months making it official.

  20. wavecatchingmom

    March 11, 2015 at 9:13 PM

    A co worker of mine knows Britt from college days- and she says the edit pretty much IS her, snobby (of course I should get special treatment), overdramatic, and manipulative.

  21. justforfun

    March 11, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    @wavecatchingmom – why is that not a surprise?! LOL.
    All of the “you are jealous of her beauty if you don’t like her” posters are hilarious & deluded. Or 12 year old girls.
    Any intelligent person with life experience can easily see that her behavior is reflective of a narcissistic personality. “It’s all about me!!!!” She is not a genuine person on camera. And, probably not in real life either. Where are the pics of her and her close friends on social media?? Family pics??? Why isn’t she friends with one person from the show??
    Yet we see pics of her helping the starving children, and she is constant with the bible stuff. So she must be a beautiful saint, right??? Anyone that doubts that is just jealous?!
    Unbelievable. I will not be watching her sham of a show if she is picked, and I think RS is wrong about the lead not mattering for ratings.

  22. rob22

    March 12, 2015 at 8:45 AM

    I like Britt & think she’d be a great Bachelorette. That does not mean that I think she’s a nice girl. She’s an actor. She believes she should garner all attention (she’ll love being The Bachelorette). I sincerely doubt she’d ever marry someone she’d meet on a reality show. So, my desire for Britt is mainly around the fact that she’d be more interesting, is better looking and will create more drama that will lead to a great possibility of a train wreck. I think Kaitlyn might have some spice in her, but her potential to create the desired train wreck is much lower than Britt. The ability to “ugly cry” almost on command is worth the price of gold by itself.

    I think we need to stop looking for someone to create the “perfect love story” and look for the biggest possible train wreck. That’s WAY more fun! So, keeping in mind that the show has to at least put up someone plausibly looking for love, that erases most of the other girls. I mean, they couldn’t put either of the Ashley’s in that role no matter how great the train wreck might be. It would out the show for what we know it to be, but that many delusional people don’t understand. So, for me, it’s Britt for the drama.

  23. lucyboop

    March 13, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    Steve, I just want to say that you shouldn’t knock Dubuque unless you’ve actually been there. It is an absolutely beautiful, charming city in Iowa! I’m sure Kaitlyn wasn’t bored at all. It sits right on the Mississippi river with gorgeous views. I live in Iowa, and I try to make it there as often as possible because of it’s charm. Now, Arlington is another matter. I live in the 2nd largest city in Iowa and I could never live on a farm and especially a town that if you drove thru and blinked, you’d miss it! I’m sure that Whitney coming from Chicago, will never move there.

  24. kmannone723

    March 18, 2015 at 9:17 PM

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they make Ryan McDill(Nikki’s ex) the Bachelor next season?

  25. motomom

    March 22, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    I can’t help but notice, of these first seven 7 guys. Nikki’s Ferrel’s ex (Ryan McDill) looks to be most elgible bachelor revealed thus far. Or at least the only one I see Kaitlynn having any sort of attraction to. He’s attractive and seems to lead a normal life, unless it’s a get back at Nikki ploy? (just concidered that angle) Very interesting twist to put an ex of an ex contestant on show. Im also wondering if the producers pursed him or if he in fact sent in a video hoping to be on the show lol. Can’t wait for the rest of the guys revealed.

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