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“Bachelorette” News, Ben & Lauren Filming Yesterday, Grant Is At It Again, & The Return of “Daily Links”

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Now you all remember at the beginning of June I shared the emails from one of Grant’s exes along with close confidants of his other two exes right? Didn’t take long for yet ANOTHER ex to come out of the woodwork over the weekend. And apparently this was a girl he was seeing from the time he got back from filming the “Bachelorette” (mid April) to the time he left for BIP filming (beginning of June). Hell, this girl could’ve been around before “Bachelorette” filming for all we know. Would be interesting to find out. Anyway, here’s what she posted:


Is Grant serious? This guy has zero shame. What’s funny is Lace is fully aware because she favorited one of the tweets that somehow DEFENDED Grant. Look, I get when you first meet somebody that you want to ignore every red flag possible, but Jesus Lace, how many more stories do you need about your current fiancé? Really? You think YOU’RE the one that’s going to change him? Don’t you think all these girls thought the same? Actually, they didn’t because they had no idea they were being played. Lace, he got a tattoo of a flight number for the girl he met on a plane. A girl that he never told he was engaged at the time to someone and she didn’t find out til way later. But hey, I know the allure of being an “engaged” couple on this show is too much attention to pass up because you need to get daily affirmations from strangers on IG telling you how great you are to build your fan base. But man, for someone who made an ass of herself on Ben’s season, then came on “After Paradise” seemingly a changed a woman and looked to better herself, you surely picked the absolute last guy you’d want to be engaged to from this franchise. Good luck you two. Oh and by the way, in the early running of today’s poll question, you and Grant are winning in a landslide for first engaged couple to fail.

As we know, Ben & Lauren have their own reality show coming to the Freeform network sometime in October that will follow their engaged life and Ben’s political aspirations in Denver. Yesterday, they were filming some of that show as Ben was back in his hometown of Warsaw with Lauren waving to people from a car:


I honestly don’t care about what Ben does politically because, well, I don’t care about politics and I don’t live in Denver. Have at it Ben. Be the best political guy that you can be. And if you want to help your chances of winning an election by having your daily life filmed of waving at people from a car, so be it. Not my concern. I just get a little leery, as should most everyone, when we see either engaged couples or newlyweds agreeing to film their life for a reality show. The track record is horrible of these people staying together for the ones that have done it. One can only hope these two aren’t another statistic. I know their fans care a whole hell of a lot that these two make it. Not sure why, but they do. Because you know what will happen in my life if they don’t make it? Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for others. They might need CPR or something.

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  1. rob22

    July 5, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    I have new found respect for Rajahs having successfully “Palmered” his way into a sports media gig. I ridiculed Jesse Palmer for thinking he could parlay his status as a clipboard holder on the sidelines for the Giants into some kind of TV gig. Well, he pulled it off, and is an ESPN fixture (on radio and TV) during football season as a color analyst and expert. I’ve long since given him props for that bold move & pulling it off. He’s definitely been the most successful post Bachelor/Bachelorette lead.

    I don’t know if Rajahs will have that kind of gig, or whether it will be much less, but I have to give him props. All jobs these days are networking and exposure related. Meet people and get your name out there. Well, I still thought being a contestant on The Bachelorette was a lame way to get your name out there. Especially since Rajahs really never stepped on an NFL field for a game. He mainly had his brother for a reason people might care about him. It felt more like the show would doom him to 4th tier reality shows. At least Jesse Palmer was the lead. So, there was a little more cachet there & after the fact, you could see how it worked. Still, it looks like Rajahs pulled it off. He had a plan, he executed on it, and it worked. Gotta give him full credit for that. As the Kardashians have repeatedly reminded us, the fact that people hate on you means nothing. If they notice you at all, they’re watching. And that’s all that matters. Our hate towards Rajahs only means (to media types) that we’re paying attention to him.

  2. crushonspivey

    July 5, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    Jesse Palmer season is still on of my favorites ever. I mean, how often have we gotten to see the girl on her way to the final rose ceremony have to pull the limo over so she can puke? And then she got dumped. I thought Tara Huckeby was going to beat the crap out of Palmer.

    And now Palmer is one of the best CFB analysts out there. And still single.

    Rajahs seems to lack the same charisma as Palmer, but we’ll see. He got the gig. For a year. Wonder if he’ll stick. SEC Network is a great place to start though.

    JoJo picking Rajahs seems to fake though. She just wanted her $$$ and got it. They won’t last the college football regular season.

  3. missannmcd

    July 5, 2016 at 2:09 PM

    What is Rajshahi?

  4. missannmcd

    July 5, 2016 at 2:09 PM

    Rajahs I meant.

  5. chrisoulaf

    July 5, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    Rodgers = Rajahs

  6. angelfish

    July 5, 2016 at 2:54 PM

    Rob22 has a stock list of names he substitutes for actual contestant names. Juan Pah-blow, Ben Flap-dick, Smilin’ Pete, etc. Now the Rajahs comes in. Not amusing and makes it difficult to ever figure out who he’s actually referring to.

    So now some of us just bypass whatever he has to say, because his posts have become incredibly long & drawn out.

    Sorry Rob, you used to get to the point MUCH more quickly and concisely. TL/DR is now made for you.

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