American Idol Recap – 5/5/09

Big happenings in the “Idol” world this week starting with the stage coming crashing down on everyones head. Ok, so maybe that was an exaggeration, but the way Ryan made it out to seem, it was like a 9.0 earthquake rocked everyone’s world and people were running around with their heads chopped off. Bottom line is one of the stage hands took a giant tumble down the stairs (something I’m shocked Ryan hasn’t done yet during the open), and then one of the fixtures almost fell over, so rehearsals were cancelled. Good thing they don’t spend a lot of money on creating that set, or else we really could’ve had some problems. The set is really tricked out more so than in years past, and I guess this was bound to happen at some point. I just wish it would’ve happened to Paula. Awwwww, c’mon Steve. Don’t be so cruel. Ok, I apologize. Yeah, probably wasn’t nice since we’ve come to find out Paula, in the latest ever-so-popular “Ladies Home Journal” magazine, admits she was … Continue reading

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American Idol Recap – 4/28/09

The big news surrounding Idol this week is the talk that Simon will leave the show after next season (Season 9) when his contract expires. He’s currently also a judge on Britain’s “X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent”, and traveling back and forth to the states on a weekly basis is apparently getting old. Uh huh. Suck it up. Simon, Fox pays you a BASE salary of $36 million a year to do “Idol” and you speak maybe a total of what, two or three minutes a show? And lets face it, it’s not like the guy is flying coach back and forth from Europe every week. He’s not sitting in the middle seat between two obese people and getting offered a plastic cup of water and peanuts for an over 10 hour flight. C’mon, Simon. You really think people want to watch “Idol” and her critiques from Randy, Paula, and Kara. That’s the weird thing. Maybe he’s just being humble, which would be a first, but Simon somehow thinks the show could survive without … Continue reading

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