American Idol Recap – 4/20/10 & the “Bachelorette” Scandal This Season

Reports out late last week that earlier this season, Crystal Bowersox was depressed and thinking of quitting the competition and Seacrest somehow talked her off the ledge. Whatever. Is that back when after one of her performances she just decided to sit down on stage? I thought that was kinda odd and don’t remember too many people talking about it. I understand that once you make the final 12, your life is basically thrown into a whirlwind. All this attention you’re not used to, media appearances, pressure from fans and friends, stupid Ford videos to shoot every week, plus learn a new song to sing in front of 25 million – definitely isn’t easy. With that said, suck it up Crystal. You’re being given the opportunity of lifetime. Quitting because of exhaustion and missing your family? Really? You were strumming your guitar in subways looking like a homeless person nine months and now look where you are. Probably not gonna get too many people feeling sorry for you at this point. Regardless of if you … Continue reading

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American Idol Recap – 4/13/10

Back from mini-vacation. It was a lot of fun seeing family and friends again, especially my niece and nephew. Every time I see them I ask myself, “Did I have that much energy all day long when I was 3 and 6 years old?” Its unreal. They don’t stop. Ever. I only get to see them every few months, but man, my sister and brother-in-law must get tired having to deal with them every day. Yikes. Not that it’ll detract me from having kids because I won’t, I just think I have a better idea now of what I’m getting into eventually. I think. Then again, you kinda need to have a girlfriend before kids start entering the picture. Baby steps, Steve. Anyway, I will be back this Friday talking about “DWTS”, “Survivor”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “Fresh Meat 2″, and some pretty big “Bachelorette” news. You’re not gonna want to miss what I have to say since it’ll be the first you’ve heard of it. I’m still working out the details as we speak, but, I … Continue reading

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