The Bachelor Recap – 5/7/07

-For those that haven’t heard, it was brought up a couple weeks ago that Amber’s principal at her school got in trouble for letting Amber appear on the show, and that the principal was being reassigned to another school. Well, the principal decided to quit outright, rather than be relegated to caving in to the school district and going somewhere else. Please. I don’t get why that’s such a big deal. However, with that said, I’m still surprised Amber kept her job. I mean, if you’re gonna fire one, you gotta fire the other, don’t you? Makes no sense to me. Either discipline them both, or don’t discipline either of them. I wouldn’t do anything because the whole thing is ridiculous, but, since they’ve let the principal go, I think you gotta do something to Amber. But hey, I don’t work for the school district. Not my call. Remind me never to go work for the Sugar Land school district. What a bunch of hard asses. Ok, let’s begin…

-The show starts off in very … Continue reading

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The Bachelor Recap – 4/30/07

-I found it interesting going into last night’s show that on my DVR, the show description for last night read, “Andy and four of the remaining bachelorettes visit an LA elementary school, where they get down and dirty for a good cause.” So ABC took the time to brainwash Time Warner Cable into printing that horrendous phrase? However, on Tivo, there was no mention of “down and dirty”. Hence the reason I like Tivo more. You suck, Time Warner. And the fact that I can’t pick up an HD signal through a satellite dish because the apartment next to me is blocking my view to the south, well, let’s just say I’m still pissed about that. Time Warner’s HD signal is pretty good, but I still think I’m getting ripped off. I like that Tivo’s system makes beeping and bopping noises when I press the buttons. And the fact that you can only record about 8 HD shows with Time Warner before your box is full really pisses me off too. Would you like to … Continue reading

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