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Bachelor Ben H. Spoilers

  • Bachelor Ben H. Spoilers

    Daily Links – 10/15

    You know I’m a huge sports fan. I’ve probably watched at least half of every playoff game that’s been played so far, but that 7th inning in Toronto yesterday was one of the craziest, wildest innings I’ve ever seen. When it takes 52 minutes to play one inning of baseball, you know some sh** went down. You couldn’t have scripted an inning like that any better. And I’m sure Canadian fans will jump on my ass for this, but I’m sorry, you people acted like a bunch of morons. Of course you’re allowed to boo a bad call or whatever, but that’s funny thing, the ump made the RIGHT call. Fine, you thought it was a bad call. Boo all you want. That’s what fans do. But throwing stuff on the field? Exactly what does that accomplish? “Grrrrrrr, I’m so mad at a call that is ultimately right on the field, I’m gonna hurl my drink at someone.” Sorry, but there isn’t a single person in this world … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben H. Spoilers

    Daily Links – 10/8 & (EXCLUSIVE) Guess Who Got the “Wedding” Date Yesterday?

    Not one hour after I posted the link yesterday to the woman on Facebook who had taken video of the group date at the Mirage on Tuesday, she had taken the video down and deleted her tweet. I contacted her asking why, to which she hasn’t responded. The only reason why she’d do that that I can think of, is because producers saw it and requested that she remove it. Granted, she’s a regular citizen visiting Las Vegas who happened to stumble upon the “Bachelor” filming, so she has every right to take it and post it. So I have no idea why she removed it, but it’s gone now. Oh well. You briefly were able to see some of the girls on the date at least, and once the episode-by-episode spoilers come out, you’ll know who everyone was. As for yesterday, well, I’ve got an exclusive for you. These pictures aren’t anywhere on Twitter on Instagram, so any sites that are most likely going to claim this … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben H. Spoilers

    Daily Links – 10/7 & More Updates on Ben’s Filming in Vegas

    We finally have our first pictures/video of the season from social media surface yesterday. Now granted, it’s not the greatest quality, but it’s not bad. And it didn’t capture everyone on the date either. In case you missed my tweets last night, Ben’s group date was at the Mirage yesterday where he met the girls and they ended up seeing Terry Fator’s show. Anyone that’s followed me long enough knows that’s my favorite Vegas show. I’ve seen it 5 times I think. Maybe 6. Whatever the case, that’s where Ben took the group of girls last night and then I’m sure the after party was somewhere at the Mirage in a closed off room since no other pictures surfaced that I’m aware of. Man, lucky bastards got to see Terry Fator. Hope they enjoyed him as much as I do. Although, by about the third or fourth time I saw him, you pretty much know what was coming. But it’s a really good show if you’ve never been. … Continue reading

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