Ben’s Final Four & Which Chick Liked the Other Women

I apologize it’s been over a week since the last posting. I did say back on Nov. 22nd that I was going to post the ending after Thanksgiving. Well, I changed my mind and I’m gonna do things differently this season. Today I’ll be revealing the final four, along with some fill-in-the-blanks from ABC’s press release yesterday, then, sometime in the near future (see, I’m not committing myself to a specific date since apparently that gets peoples panties in a bunch when I do then don’t produce) I’m going to reveal the ending. Then lastly, sometime before the season begins Jan. 2nd, I hope to have your episode-by-episode spoilers. Still missing some pieces here and there, but hope to have them by the time the season begins. Kinda weird. First time I’ve ever had the ending before I had everything else completed.

The show completed filming in Switzerland on Wednesday, November 16th. That Saturday the 19th is when I was given the info of what all went down in Switzerland. Nothings changed since then. … Continue reading

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“Bachelor” Notes and Thoughts on the Ali & Roberto Breakup

Today’s column was going to be just updating you on a few things “Bachelor” related, mostly in references to my tweets the last few days, talk about Chris Harrison’s new game show “You Deserve It”, plus give a Tuesday “Reality Roundup” seeing that I didn’t do one last week. That was until news broke yesterday of Ali and Roberto’s breakup, which I now feel the need to step in and play therapist for the thousands of you who apparently couldn’t go on with your day yesterday after hearing the news. But first things first, lets get to a couple of things.

-Finally got pictures of Amber Bacon, the Canadian girl eliminated on the first night. They are up now in the “Ben’s Girls” section. You get there by scrolling over “Spoilers” at the top of the page with your cursor, then “The Bachelor”, then “Bachelor Ben Spoilers”, then “Ben’s Girls.” Easy as pie. Well, for some of us it is.

-This past weekend, I received the information I was waiting on, and that was the … Continue reading