More Confirmed “Bachelor” Contestants, an On Location Picture, Plus “D” Magazine Contest Finals – 10/27/10

A couple new updates to fill you in on that I’ve gathered since the last post. It’s funny how quickly things are moving on this show. Still a month before filming ends and already looks like we’re down to our final four. Now, it’s just about figuring out who those four are. I think I have a clue to a couple of them, but considering that I only have, after this column, now 11 of the 30 girls identified, there’s obviously people who might be left that I don’t have an identity on just yet.

As for a Brad update, he did not attend his friend Jason’s wedding in Mexico this past weekend. I was told he would be. What does that mean? Nothing really. Just means he went straight through with filming and didn’t leave for a couple days. Him not being at his buddy’s wedding has no bearing on the show, or the show’s outcome in the least bit. For whatever reason, he wasn’t there. No big deal.

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More Confirmed Contestants and “Bachelor” Spoilers – 10/19/10

Back with more information for you that I’ve gathered in the last week. Starting to come together, although this time, I have more names than I do pictures. Looks like we may have an early front runner for Brad, I have an update on the wedding of Brad’s friend, plus, some antics that were pulled on the first night and what you can expect to see. In addition, I’ve thrown in a couple YouTube videos at the end for your enjoyment. Although they don’t have to do with this season, I sure got a kick out of them. I’m sure more and more will eventually get to me, but here’s what I have so far.

We might want to keep an eye on 25 year old Ashley Spivey. Why? Because she received the first impression rose. I posted a picture of her last time, but apparently that was a couple years old. Here are updated pictures of Ashley:

Another contestant is Renee Halpin. 28, a nanny from Palos … Continue reading

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