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  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE): Who Are Nick’s Final Four?


    I’d say I have a very interesting job. One that has definitely become a little more public in the last few years. When I set out to do spoilers, or actually, when I released my first spoiler back in 2009 for Jason’s season, I had no idea what would happen after that. Never thought I’d never get another spoiler. Just figured I got lucky. Someone who knew something about the Jason/Molly/Melissa ending contacted me knowing I wrote about the show for fun. But once that season ended, I didn’t really know what was next. Remember, that was all before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook really took off. But ever since then, obviously I’ve been able to spoil this show for the last 7 years with regularity. But somewhere along the way, YOU became spoiled. Not spoiled as in “Reality Steve gives us the spoilers,” but more so in that by me spoiling so many things as often as I do and as frequently when I do, when something DOESN’T … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    Daily Links – 11/3 incl (EXCLUSIVE) Where is the “Bachelor” Headed for Overnights and Final Rose Ceremony?


    It’s been a long two months since I was first given information regarding where the show was headed for overnights and final rose ceremony. A little backstory: In August, I was given a tip about where they were going. Seemed legit, but obviously most tips I get need to be vetted out. I even mentioned back in August I was told where they were going but I needed more time to confirm it (also mentioned it was somewhere they’d never been). Well, time just kept flying by and I could never get it double sourced. In fact last week, something popped up that had them in a completely different location than what I had heard back in August. But that turned out to be nothing, so the original info I got back in August was confirmed to me a few days ago and now I can finally report it. In regards to where we’re at, there will be a hometown date today and I believe it is the … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Nick Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE): More Nick Contestants, & Who Got the First Impression Rose?


    There are a lot of people with an opinion about Nick as the next “Bachelor,” – some good, some bad. That’s expected. Would’ve been that way whoever they chose. I don’t have a problem with Nick as the “Bachelor” at all. It’s a job to me. Who they choose is the least of my concerns. The fact that Nick has been around the franchise 3 times previous, it’s safe to say I’ve established some very good sources when it comes to him. Lets make one thing perfectly clear: Nick is all about Nick. Always has been. He’s got a very healthy ego that’s increased ten fold since he began in this franchise. He’s even admitted it in past interviews that he knows he can be an a**hole at times. He’s relishing being the “Bachelor.” He’s wanted this role for three years now. So the “awww shucks” attitude is an act. The guy moved to LA and has been taking acting classes. He’s lied in numerous interviews about things, … Continue reading

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