Bachelor Pad Finale Spoilers

This is what I get for not having a laptop. Im paying up the ass right now to use the hotel computer. Thank me later. Real quick, here’s what you need to know:

-Tenley and Kiptyn won the dance contest. Melissa, Jake, and Trista were the judges.

-Tenley and Kiptyn then get to choose who they want to go up against in the finals. They take Dave and Natalie obviously.

-Then all the contestants from this season are brought on stage and allowed to ask all four of them questions, grilling them on whatever they feel like. Then each team makes a “plea” to the jury on why they think they deserve the money. Very “Survivor”-ish. Apparently Tenley’s speech was a 20 minute diatribe and had pretty much turned everyone off at that point. With 15 people on the “jury” each is given a card to hold up voting which couple they want in the finals. Whichever couple got 8 votes first is in the finals. Dave and Natalie win by a rather large amount. … Continue reading

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Bachelor Pad Recap – 9/6/10 Including the Schedule for the Rest of the Week

So here’s where we’re at. The finale tapes tomorrow. I’m on a plane to Vegas Thursday morning. I have no idea when I’ll be getting the spoilers on the finale. Could be tomorrow night, could be on the weekend. I have no idea. So your best bet is to check the site late tomorrow and early Thursday if you want to know how the show ends and see if I’ve posted. If it’s not posted by Thursday morning before I leave, then it won’t be until after I land in Vegas and get situated and find a way to a computer. Since I’ll be at a remote computer and not really in a mood to be thinking of this stupid show, if I do get the spoilers after I arrive, I’m guessing it’ll be rather short. Frankly, I’d much rather enjoy my time in Sin City than worry about what happens at the end of this show. However, since that’s basically what my job has become on this site, I understand it’s what I have … Continue reading

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