“Bachelor News” and “Dr. Reality Steve”

Not a whole hell of a lot today, just some news and notes to get to regarding the show and I decided to also throw in a couple “Dr. Reality Steve” emails since I’m a tad backed up. Thursday’s column will be a “Reality Roundup,” “Reader Emails,” and “Dr. Reality Steve” column, so get your emails in to steve@realitysteve.com. Heading into the holiday season, with the show about to wrap filming and the premiere not until Jan. 7th, that’s about 7 weeks of nothing going on, so the column will probably be few and far between. But once the season ramps up, it’ll be back to normal. Obviously sometime between now and Jan. 7th, I will have your episode-by-episode spoilers. I know a lot of you get “spoiled” and want me to have the information 2 seconds after it happens, but it just doesn’t work that way. Go look at past “Bachelor” seasons and you’ll know that filming always ends right before Thanksgiving, and then I don’t give out the episode-by-episode spoilers til usually the … Continue reading

Sean’s Final Four, “Bachelor” News, and “Reader Emails”

Quite a few things to get to this week since it’s been a couple weeks since my last post. Although, if you follow on Twitter, you’ll see that things were spoiled on my Twitter account since it’s kinda pointless to write a column where I only have one piece of information to share. That’s the genius of Twitter. I can now spoil things in 140 characters or less. So here’s where we are at. Last time I had posted, Sean had just finished his dates in St. Croix and was heading back to the states for the hometown dates. His hometown dates started Oct. 27th and went through Nov. 1st, with the rose ceremony being Fri. night Nov. 2nd. On Oct. 29th, you saw me spoil and tweet out pictures of Sean in Seattle filming one of his hometowns. On November 1st, I tweeted out that Sean was headed to Thailand for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony, and that’s where they are now currently shooting the overnight dates with his final three. But … Continue reading