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  • Bachelor Sean Spoilers

    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve”, Ashley & JP, Update on “Bachelor” Filming, & The Lowe Family Sure Likes Their World Records

    Only gonna be one column this week unless something happens to break this weekend while I’m in New York. Then I’ll try and find my way to a computer and update you, but I don’t expect much. So today just a few news and notes to rundown in terms of where we’re at in the season and stuff that maybe you missed on Twitter. Also, going to throw in a few “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails as well. Not many, but just a few. Looking forward to the get together Friday night at Bounce Sporting Club on 55 West 21st Street. Stop by if you’re around. We’ll be there pretty much after 8:00pm. And Yankee fans, lets hope you don’t lose today, the Orioles win today, then you lose tomorrow, or else you’ll be stuck in that game Friday night. Either way, it should be a good time to all gather in one area and I can share all the secrets of the Bachelor … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Sean Spoilers

    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” Sean’s First Date, More Contestants & Who Got the First Impression Rose?

    Wow. Third column this week. And guess what? We’re gonna have a fourth one tomorrow. For the last month, you haven’t heard me utter one word about any Jef and Emily stuff. I said I wouldn’t because there was really nothing to add to the story, and I was just gonna let everything play out and stick to what I’ve said since back in July that I didn’t think these two were ever gonna get married. However, after US Weekly’s cover story came out yesterday, and had an actual person (with a photo) as their source, I figured now it would be the perfect time to share with you some information I’ve had since April. I will have the full scanned story for you to read on the site. Kaylee Shepherd, the girl who is the focal point of US Weekly’s cover story, came to me 6 months ago to tell me about Jef. I currently have 36 emails saved between her and I between April and July … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Sean Spoilers

    EXCLUSIVE: Who’s the 26th Woman Competing for Sean Lowe’s Heart?

    Pretty eventful day yesterday, huh? For 24 seasons, ABC has been very hush hush about their contestants and doesn’t release their head shots and bios until a few weeks after the season has completed filming. So for “Bachelor” seasons (which film from September to November), they don’t release the girls names and photos until the earliest December. Twenty four consecutive seasons they’ve waited until after filming was complete to make their announcements. Uhhhh, not anymore. This year they just decided, “Eh, lets just do it three months earlier than we usually do.” Translation: Reality Steve is going to get most of them out there anyway like he has for the last few seasons, so if you can’t beat em’, join em’. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. So kind of you.

    Here’s what makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Despite what may seem to be the contrary, this show does it’s best to keep as much about production under wraps. Well, with the advent of Twitter and Facebook now, … Continue reading

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