Two More Contestants Confirmed, Final Four Information, and the Charlotte Airport Pictures

A lot of links and pictures to get to today, but let me first start off by talking about the charity event this past Saturday night in Dallas for the CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) Center, which formally announced on Saturday they are changing their name to Family Compass. A very fun event all around, and no, I did not have a date. Decided that bringing someone I barely knew probably wasn’t a good idea, so, I went it alone. Which was fine. Also for those curious, Melissa Rycroft, who was supposed to be the honoree, was unable to attend, so I didn’t run into her. I don’t know what reason she gave, but, she did donate two tickets to the DWTS finale to the live auction that ended up going for $7,000, so I’m guessing that all but made up for her not appearing. All in all, a very fun night, and a special shout out to Meredyth Childress who had requested me to be their “celebrity” for their table. It was great meeting her … Continue reading

Emily’s Final Four & My Thoughts on the Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against ABC

A lot of information to update you on since I last posted a week ago. Some of it you may already know, and I’ll include everything that’s happened in the past week, plus a lot of what you don’t know, which I will also update you on. A reminder that tonight we will be back with the live video blog at 9PM EST/6PM PST talking all things “Bachelorette” related. However, since today’s post will be updating you on a lot of things regarding what’s happening, I’m open to talking about other shows tonight since I haven’t done much of it recently. Also, at the beginning of the show, I’m going to be addressing one major aspect of the lawsuit against me, so you don’t want to miss it. It’s kind of a misconception that I’d like to clear up since, well lets face it, there are a lot of ignorant people out there and I’d like to just express some of the ridiculous claims laid against me. For once, you will actually get my side … Continue reading