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    Daily Links – 11/17


    Very cool moment last night for my nephew Nicholas. If you were following on Twitter, you saw that last night his youth hockey team got to play at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas where the Stars play. Granted, the Ducks are still his favorite team, but he was fired up for last night. . Coach made it a special night for them as the team dressed up, rented a limo, arrived at the game, then got the full introductions and PA announcements during the game. Nicholas played great, getting another hat trick and then some. I believe he now has 27 goals in 8 games after 4 more last night. I’m sure he doesn’t understand the magnitude of it yet, but that’ll be a cool memory for him. Probably his best hockey moment up this point in his life. Reminded me of when I got to play at halftime of an LA Clipper game back in the 80’s and scored the only 3 points of the … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/15


    The “Bachelor” released their first promo of the season last night, and it was pretty much what I said it would be. 30 seconds long and quick shots of the women from the first night of filming. Not a whole hell of a lot of substance in that thing, but you see many of the girls that have been released already, including your final four of Raven, Vanessa, Rachel, and Corinne. Also quick shots of Whitney, Danielle, Taylor, Brittany Farrar and Astrid Loch, someone I haven’t released yet. There are others, but it’s not like the promo gave anything away. Just a quick teaser to give people who don’t follow the show in the offseason a chance to get a quick glimpse of some of the women on the season. Yes, this promo got a lot of people excited, but for those that have followed this site for the last two months, I can’t imagine you were that giddy over seeing that. Outside of Astrid, pretty much every … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 11/14

    Photo Credit: NBC

    Something came up Friday, hence the reason I wasn’t able to post a column, so lets backtrack to last week regarding the Vanessa Grimaldi revelation. Sometimes I can share with you things in regards to how I get spoilers or when/in what form I’m told things, and sometimes I can’t. This is one of those times where I can. I’d say that during the course of a season, if there’s 25 contestants, usually there’s always one or two where I’m given information about them, but not their full name. 95% of the time I’m told about contestants it’s, “Here’s who’s on the show.” But on the rare occasions it’s not the full name, it’d be like a first name, a city, and maybe and age or a job. But a google search of a first name and a city usually isn’t gonna turn up the person you’re looking for. That’s exactly what happened with Vanessa this season. I’ve released now 19 of the 30 girls to you, with … Continue reading

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