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    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” ATFR Notes, News on Emily’s Season, & the Reaction to Tuesday’s Column

    Back with a live video blog tonight 9PM EST/6PM PST, with a special guest that will be joining me for the last half. I’m going to set the show for an hour tonight, with the first half taking your questions, and the last half, I’ll bring on the guest to talk about things that I’m sure plenty of you will want to hear. And I’m sure she will take questions as well. Ok, it’s my mother. She’s in town visiting, and it’s only right that I put her on. I just need to make sure she doesn’t start rolling with all the embarrassing stories she likes to tell about me. God help us. I apologize in advance and will do my damndest she doesn’t start reeling those off. This could be fun or a complete disaster. We shall see.

    Wanted to give people an update on Emily’s season. As you can see from the picture to the right, Emily started shooting her intro video yesterday in Charlotte. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” and Those “Scandalous” US Weekly Photos

    I guess the biggest thing to talk about today is what pictures are appearing in US Weekly this week. What you see to the right is one of the pictures, and I’ve included the other one on the next page. Honestly, people are going to believe what they’re going to believe regardless of what I say. I can tell you right now that, yes, that picture looks pretty incriminating for the guy, but if it doesn’t change the bottom line, and that’s that Ben and Courtney are still engaged, I don’t see what the point is? US Weekly, and every other tabloid for that matter, has one job and one job only. To sell magazines. They will do whatever they can, and post whatever pictures they can in order to do that. This is the same mag that said Ali used to hang out at Roberto’s minor league baseball games 8 years ago. It’s ridiculous. This picture could look incriminating, or, it could be absolutely nothing other than … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” WTA Taping Tomorrow, & My Favorite “Dr. Reality Steve” Question Ever Asked

    Another live video blog tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST taking your questions on anything and everything “Bachelor” related. It’s amazing how many questions I’ve taken. The first show we took about 25 I’d say. The next show we took 35, and the last two shows we’ve taken exactly 52 on each. That’s roughly 165 questions I’ve answered about this show, and I guarantee we’ll have another 50 tonight. Are there really THAT many questions that can be asked about one show? Really? Amazes me.

    So you’re probably wondering why I put a picture of Jack and Rose from the “Titanic” on the site today. No, it’s not because of the promo from Monday where Celine Dion’s song was playing underneath the tease for Emily’s appearance next week on the show. It has to do with “Dr. Reality Steve” today. I saved the best question for last. Seriously. It’s my favorite “Dr. Reality Steve” email I’ve ever gotten. It’s the last question on page 6 today. Enjoy it.

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