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    “Reader Emails”, More Goofy Ben Pictures, and the Return of Dr. Reality Steve

    Some notes to get to before a loooooooong “Reader Emails” section, including the return of “Dr. Reality Steve,” which will be on the last page. Great to have him back. He’s a real genius that guy. Send all your love/sex/relationship/marriage queries in. He’s the best advice giver in the world and doesn’t even charge you.

    A thing I got a lot of tweets and emails about yesterday was obviously every single tabloid and entertainment outlet running their, “Emily Maynard to be the next Bachelorette” headlines, with none of them even mentioning that a week ago I said the same thing. Well, except for They were the only ones who acknowledged it, so thank you. Isn’t it funny how all the stories also threw in, “Our sources are telling us that filming is being moved to Charlotte.” Really? Wow! What a coincidence! I told everybody that last Wednesday. Look, I get how it is. These sites and magazines are not going to ever credit me for stuff I … Continue reading

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    Dr. Reality Steve 11/8/07

    So as you know, we are joined this week by my ex-girlfriend Jessica. I find it pretty funny that some of you were half expecting her to come on here and rip me to shreds. Do you ever think I would’ve made myself look bad in my own column? Please. I’m here to make myself look good people. I was Mr. Perfect when I was with her….for about the first week or so. Well, maybe a month. Two months. As I mentioned yesterday, Jessica was the only girl I’ve ever lived with, but it was a lot different than what some of you may expect. I would say it was just circumstances surrounding the whole living situation, the timing, and where both of us were at personally and professionally that made it not work. And I couldn’t possibly be more vague if I tried. Ha ha. Without a doubt, there were rough times after the breakup, but I’m glad that’s all in the past, and we’ve been able … Continue reading

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    Dr. Reality Steve 10/31/07

    -Dr. Reality Steve is joined this week by Amanda from last season of the “Bachelor”. Now, some of you may not remember her and are asking, “Which one was she?” I will have you know that Amanda did nothing memorable during her three episode stint on the show, and she’ll have it no other way. Didn’t get piss drunk and start cursing like a sailor, she didn’t cry uncontrollably when dumped, nor did she start any cat fights. So it’s safe to say she’s probably one of the most normal ones who appeared on the show. Which makes me even question why she did it in the first place. Normal people don’t do the “Bachelor”. Its for wannabe actresses or models, or self absorbed women. Hell, I even went back to my first three columns from last season to see if I even said anything about her, and all I found was one paragraph. Good for her. Hats off to Amanda. Hope you enjoy….

    1) Dear Dr. … Continue reading

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