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    Dr. Reality Steve 10/31/07

    -Dr. Reality Steve is joined this week by Amanda from last season of the “Bachelor”. Now, some of you may not remember her and are asking, “Which one was she?” I will have you know that Amanda did nothing memorable during her three episode stint on the show, and she’ll have it no other way. Didn’t get piss drunk and start cursing like a sailor, she didn’t cry uncontrollably when dumped, nor did she start any cat fights. So it’s safe to say she’s probably one of the most normal ones who appeared on the show. Which makes me even question why she did it in the first place. Normal people don’t do the “Bachelor”. Its for wannabe actresses or models, or self absorbed women. Hell, I even went back to my first three columns from last season to see if I even said anything about her, and all I found was one paragraph. Good for her. Hats off to Amanda. Hope you enjoy….

    1) Dear Dr. … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/23/07

    Joining us this week here on “Dr. Reality Steve” is Michele Leavy from this season of the “Bachelor”. She had the unfortunate pleasure of being only the 2nd women in Bachelor history besides Bevin to have the paramedics come and cater to her during the show. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll let her explain, and then on to this weeks questions…..

    Hi all!! It is Michele Leavy a.k.a. Jersey Girl here from Season Eleven’s The Bachelor. Yes it is me, Michele, not Michael, but Michele. So let’s make that clear (with a smile). I was so excited that Steve asked me to be a guest columnist for this week that I jumped, not fell, but jumped at the idea.

    On that note, my big fall; I want to clear a few things up. On the day in question, the girls and I were out by the pool. At one point I mentioned to Lindsey I could not get stung by a bee because I’m allergic. Low and behold, … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Dr. Reality Steve 10/16/07

    We have the pleasure of being joined this week by my favorite cougar, Jayanna from “Age of Love”. In case you haven’t heard the hour long pod cast I did with Jayanna a couple months ago, check it out on the site. It’s good. This is definitely a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And we here at Reality Steve appreciate honesty, insightfulness, and women who openly admit to buying toys with buttons on them. Keep reading, you’ll understand. Onto the latest edition of “Dr. Reality Steve”….

    1) Hey Dr. Reality Steve! I LOVE this column. Keep it up! So here’s my dilemma: I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Your typical couple that makes you sick to your stomach: always kissing, always holding hands, always lovey dovey with each other (we each have pet nicknames for each other that I’m sure would even make you more sick!). Anyway, we are very happy together, both in our early 20’s, and have already discussed … Continue reading

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