Notes, Quotes, and Observations…(part 2)

It’s back. Part 2 will cover “The Hills”, an update on the “Bachelorette”, “Heroes”, “Friday Night Lights”, “90210”, “Fringe”, “Gossip Girl”, and a couple trailers from “24”. Also, a couple celebrity quotes that I came across which are laughable. Enjoy.


-Talk about a show I’ve done a 180 on. I remember a while back when I was posting the trailer for season 3 because I was so excited. Now sure, I still watch every week, but this show has gotten too big for its own good. When all the girls personal lives are on the internet every day or in “Us Weekly”, then there really isn’t much suspense is there? We already know how everything plays out, the show is just giving us a visual of what actually transpired from what we read. Take for example, Monday’s episode. Heidi writes the “I’m sorry” letter to LC for everything that’s happened. Well, great. For those not in the know and don’t follow the show outside of what you see every Monday, then sure, it … Continue reading

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Notes, Quotes, and Observations…(part 1)

-Back in college during my junior and senior year, I actually wrote a weekly column for our school newspaper under this same title of “Notes, Quotes, and Observations.” So after having a very nostalgic moment last week, I figured I’d break out the old title and use it on this column. Granted, that column was an all-sports column that I’m sure pissed off a few people (mostly Notre Dame fans) on a weekly basis. This will be strictly TV related, reality and non-reality. Sure, once the “Bachelor” starts up again, we’ll be going back to the “Bachelor” recaps, but that’s not til January. I need to do something to hold you over. So I figured I’d just cover everything that I deem important going on in television right now. I’ll have some notes that you may or may not know, a few outlandish quotes that celebrities seemingly have on a daily basis, and most definitely I’ll have some observations on things that I watch. So without further adieu, as I dust off the old college … Continue reading

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