“Bachelor” News, The Return of Reality Roundup, Reader Emails, and Bizarre News Involving My Former Roommate

A lot of “Bachelor” news and info to get to today, some old, some more recent, plus “Reader Emails,” and the triumphant return of “Reality Roundup.” I can’t remember the last time I did one. Had to be over a year ago, but felt like it was time. A LOT of shows that I’m watching right now, so I’ll give you my thoughts on DWTS, Survivor, X Factor, The Voice, and even throw in a few thoughts on some scripted television shows to boot. But first, a lot of news and notes to get caught up on since last Thursday’s post regarding happenings in the “Bachelor/ette” world, so lets get started.

First, we gotta start with the news that rocked my world about 10:30 last night when I go on US Weekly’s website and see this headline:

“Jennie Garth Goes on a Date With Jason Clark!”

It struck me as odd because I didn’t recognize anyone in the entertainment world right off the bat with the name “Jason Clark.” Then I clicked on … Continue reading

“Reality Roundup” Including Answering a Few “Bachelor” Questions

Got back into town late Tuesday night, so that’s why no column this past Tuesday. As for “Bachelor” news, it’s going to be pretty skim for the next month or so. They just completed hometown dates are down to the final three headed to Switzerland. But since we are down to our final few, I don’t get information nearly as fast, so I will release everything when I feel the time is right. Last “Bachelor” season, I revealed the episode-by-episode details on Dec. 8th. I’m guessing we’re looking around the same time this year. Once filming is over, I hope to get as much info as possible then go from there. I know who the final four were and I know which three are headed to Switzerland. But I’m not ready to reveal them all just yet because, well, I just don’t feel the need to. Kind of a work in progress since I’m trying to get my hands on some better pictures.

So why the picture of the horse? Well, that is answered … Continue reading