“Reality Roundup,” “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” & 5 Videos That You’ll Hate Me For Posting

Back with a “Reality Roundup,” a few “Reader Emails,” some “Dr. Reality Steve” questions, and something that I’m sure you’ll hate me for by the end of today. It came up in a “Reader Email,” and since the question had me searching YouTube videos, and then subsequently had all those videos running through my head for the next 24 hours or so, I figured I’d pass it on to all of you. You can thank me later.

Final rose ceremony happens this Saturday in Thailand. Obviously, I don’t know when I’ll have the spoiler of who Sean picked. Could be Sat night, it could be in two weeks. I have no idea. I’m pretty sure I know who the three were who made it to Thailand, and I’m pretty sure I know who the final two are, but not 100% confident enough to run with it now. Once I know for sure, I’ll let you know. Hopefully I will have your complete final four breakdown shortly, but like I’ve always said, I never know … Continue reading

“Bachelor” News, The Return of Reality Roundup, Reader Emails, and Bizarre News Involving My Former Roommate

A lot of “Bachelor” news and info to get to today, some old, some more recent, plus “Reader Emails,” and the triumphant return of “Reality Roundup.” I can’t remember the last time I did one. Had to be over a year ago, but felt like it was time. A LOT of shows that I’m watching right now, so I’ll give you my thoughts on DWTS, Survivor, X Factor, The Voice, and even throw in a few thoughts on some scripted television shows to boot. But first, a lot of news and notes to get caught up on since last Thursday’s post regarding happenings in the “Bachelor/ette” world, so lets get started.

First, we gotta start with the news that rocked my world about 10:30 last night when I go on US Weekly’s website and see this headline:

“Jennie Garth Goes on a Date With Jason Clark!”

It struck me as odd because I didn’t recognize anyone in the entertainment world right off the bat with the name “Jason Clark.” Then I clicked on … Continue reading