DeAnna Pappas and Holly Durst Coming to!

Anyone who’s been following me on Twitter the last few days could’ve probably figured this out, but I have spoken with both women and both are excited about doing interviews for the site. Immediately I want to make it known that these interviews are not going to be all about their “Bachelor” experiences. Both their seasons are almost a year old now, a lot of the same questions have been beaten to death, so I’m looking for something a little different. Oh trust me, they are going to get asked the questions you want to hear. I’m just not gonna focus the whole interview on their “Bachelor” experiences, since I feel its a tad outdated.

You may be asking, “Then why are you interviewing them?” I’ll tell you. After having spoke to both of these women, I feel they have a lot more to them in regards to their pre and post “Bachelor” life. I guarantee you that you’ll be surprised by what you hear. If you’re looking for this to be a rip … Continue reading

The Bachelor Finale Recap – 5/12/08

-I can’t wait to get married someday. Really, I can’t. I’m sure it’ll be pretty special. In fact, I already know how I’m going to propose. And I’ve known for about 5 years. I just haven’t had anyone to propose to. But whenever it is, and to whoever it is, I can only hope it’ll come across as heartfelt and romantic as Matt Grant getting down on one knee asking Shayne Lamas, “Monkey, will you marry me?” He didn’t actually say that, right? Monkey? Really? Not as if we didn’t hear that word 500 other times last night but did he have to throw it in during the proposal? I was shocked. Well, I was shocked by a couple things. First off, that he was even proposing to her in the first place. And secondly, that he thought referring to her as a zoo animal would make the proposal that much more romantic. Didn’t something seem off about the whole love story between those two? The way he called her “monkey” during the proposal, and … Continue reading

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