Jason Mesnick Is a Big Fan of Reality Steve

So not only does Chris Harrison seem to have a hard on for me, constantly referring to things I write in his blog, but now Jason Mesnick has jumped aboard that train. Jason was in studio on a Seattle radio station this morning promoting some Fathers Day event this weekend, and took the time to call me out during the interview. Very kind words he uses too. I believe he calls me a “miserable person”, a “storyteller”, and “full of BS”, among other things. Sweet. Glad I’ve made such an impression on him. Of course, he doesn’t mention me by name, but its rather obvious who he’s speaking about. I have the audio clip and will post it later tonight or tomorrow, along with my thoughts on the whole thing.

The funny thing is, I really haven’t mentioned Jason Mesnicks name since March 9th, that was the last post I made filed under “The Bachelor 13 – Jason” according to my archives. Have I referenced what happened during his season while writing about Jillian … Continue reading

June 19th, 2009 | 27 Comments | Posted in The Bachelor 13 - Jason

RealitySteve.com Merchandise Now Available!

Finally, it’s here! The official launch of the RealitySteve.com merchandise store. I want to first thank my best friend and webmaster Erick for the tireless work he’s put in on putting this thing together. I also want to thank our partners at TWENTYth for all the work they’ve done as well. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and to see it become a reality is very cool. We want any and all feedback that you can give as this is still a work in progress.

Also, I want to thank two former “Bachelor” contestants, Lisa and Michele, for allowing me to use them as my models for the site. You’ll recognize Lisa from “Bachelor: Rome” where she received the first impression rose and made it to the final three before being unceremoniously dumped. Michele was from Brad Womacks season who unfortunately got sent home early due to, well, “falling down the stairs”. However, if you really want to know what happened, head back to the “Dr. … Continue reading