Interview #2 with JokersUpdates

To call in and ask questions, the number is (347) 215-9538. The live interview will start at 6pm EST. Ask anything you want. Well, except for stuff I’ve already said 1,000 times. Hope you enjoy it.

Or you can go to this link and listen here:

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The Bachelor Finale Recap (Part 1) – 3/1/10

For whatever reason, the site is not allowing me to put the whole column together in one post, so I had to split it up into two separate ones. When you’re finished with this column, you’ll see the next post on the page is Part 2. So please read both in succession. That one will start with thoughts on Jason and Molly’s wedding. Thanks.

Never in the last two months did I ever doubt the information my sources gave me. The tough part was knowing that I’m never fully vindicated until that final episode airs. But week by week, everything played out like I told everyone it would, and I just sat there and smiled even though the doubters were still there. From the people swearing they re-shot the ending, to idiots on message boards and commenting saying ABC purposely is feeding me false information, to the conspiracy theorists who said Ali would factor in to Jake’s final decision, to those who studied all of Jake’s answers and swore he picked no one … Continue reading

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