“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” ATFR Notes, News on Emily’s Season, & the Reaction to Tuesday’s Column

Back with a live video blog tonight 9PM EST/6PM PST, with a special guest that will be joining me for the last half. I’m going to set the show for an hour tonight, with the first half taking your questions, and the last half, I’ll bring on the guest to talk about things that I’m sure plenty of you will want to hear. And I’m sure she will take questions as well. Ok, it’s my mother. She’s in town visiting, and it’s only right that I put her on. I just need to make sure she doesn’t start rolling with all the embarrassing stories she likes to tell about me. God help us. I apologize in advance and will do my damndest she doesn’t start reeling those off. This could be fun or a complete disaster. We shall see.

Wanted to give people an update on Emily’s season. As you can see from the picture to the right, Emily started shooting her intro video yesterday in Charlotte. Looks like she’s having a fake lunch … Continue reading

The “Women Tell All” Recap Including ATFR Aftermath, Updated Pics on the Mansion in Charlotte, & Stupid Tebow Stuff

Sorry the column is a little late today. Was waiting on a couple pictures and finally got them about 30 minutes ago. The picture you see is a shot of the front of the mansion where the guys will be staying in Charlotte for the beginning of filming in Emily’s season. The guys will arrive this Sunday, with filming beginning a week from tomorrow on the 14th. I have 10 guys confirmed now for the show, but will not be releasing them all at one time. I will release a few next week in the finale column, then release more as I get more information. Some I’ve got names with pictures, some I’ve got names with no pictures, and some I’ve got names, pictures, bios, and even video of. That’ll come next week. Here is a shot taken about two hours ago in front of the mansion on 16424 Marvin Road in Charlotte. This is the mansion that I confirmed from Charlotte sources back in this column on Feb. 1st.

That column … Continue reading