The Emails and My Final Thoughts…For Now

So plenty of you have been asking where I’ve been and why I haven’t weighed in since the “US Weekly” and other tabloid stories broke about Ed’s ex’s, Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen. Last time I posted was two days before that article came out and I gave you all my thoughts. In a nutshell, I said that Ed had a lot of explaining to do, and if he chose not to explain himself and ignore all the accusations (which he has), then plenty of people will be questioning their relationship. And they are. Since all this stuff broke, Ed and Jillian have stood firm by saying their relationship is strong, Jillian believes Ed’s side (whatever that is), and that they are moving past all these allegations. Fine. I’ve got no problem with that whatsoever. But it doesn’t mean I won’t talk about it some more.

Both Ed and Jillian have categorized Lindsey and Bethany’s allegations as “ridiculous”, “nonsense”, and “totally untrue”. Which is fine. But what part is untrue? That these women even exist? … Continue reading

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Reaction to Jillian and Ed’s Situation

-Pretty crazy last few days I’d say. I know you all have been wondering why I haven’t been writing or commenting on this situation. Well, here I am to explain exactly what I knew, when I knew it, and what my thoughts are. And for once, I’m going to be objective here giving both sides the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because I’m a great guy, that’s why. Ha ha. Could I have run with this last week and beaten the tabloids to the story? Yes. Why didn’t I? I felt like I didn’t need to. Plus, I have not spoken to either woman, Lindsey or Bethany. In my last posted column (last Wednesday), I ended it by alluding to the fact that “this story has legs.” I said that because I knew both Lindsey and Bethany were going to tell their stories to national magazines. Then I twittered a few times over the weekend about how the “sh** is gonna hit the fan, and just be ready for what’s coming.” Of course, a lot … Continue reading

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