The Full US Weekly Story (Retracted), My Emails with Kaylee, & Questions On My Mind

A week from today, next Friday night the 5th, I’ll be in NY having a get together at 8:00pm at Bounce Sporting Club, 55 West 21st Street (between 5th and 6th Ave). We have an area reserved for anyone that wants to come hang out. No charge, but I’d gotten enough people asking me where I was going to be next weekend, and since I have family stuff going on, it’d be best to just find a location where people could all meet and hang out. Special thanks to Bounce for the accommodations and hope to see as many of you out there as possible. And if you’re a Yankee fan, you better be hoping they are NOT playing that night, since that’ll mean their 162 game season just came down to one game. Don’t get me started on the new baseball playoff format. It’s so mind numbingly stupid, it makes the replacement refs look like MENSA members.

Ok, lets get to why you’re all reading today, and that’s to see the email exchange … Continue reading

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The “Bachelor Pad” Recap Including My Thoughts on Emily & Jef and What’s the Kalon/Lindzi Status Now

With the spoilers posted yesterday, last night’s “Bachelor Pad” episode (and the rest of the episodes this season – all 2 of them) aren’t really all that exciting anymore, are they? Next week they’ll go from four couples down to three, and then the finale airing September 10th, will be them airing the final challenge, with the decision of the winning couple of that challenge choosing who they want to go with them to the finals. Thank God. Only two weeks left of this garbage. Lets face it, the show bombed in its third season. I’m sure it’ll come back for a fourth, but the ratings have been way lower than I’m sure they expected this time around. That’s what you get when you repeat dates, locations, and do variations of the same challenges the first two seasons. So while they are probably shocked at the lower ratings this season, they shouldn’t be. How about putting a little more creativity into your show rather than just relying on the in house drama from characters no … Continue reading

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