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    Reality Roundup – 3/26/10

    I’m shocked I’m even getting a column up today considering the late night last night watching the tournament again. For those interested, I usually fill out four brackets a year. In one of my remaining brackets, I still have all four Final Four teams alive, so let’s just say I’m paying the most attention to that one. Am I fans of any of those teams? Not really. I’m a fan of whoever can win me money, and that’s it. My alma mater’s college basketball team blows, and we didn’t even have a football team, so, I don’t have a favorite college basketball or football team, despite the fact those are my two favorite sports. Go figure. Anyway, this week’s column will cover four shows: “Dancing with the Stars”, “Survivor”, and “Celebrity Apprentice”. But first up, is probably the one I’m looking most forward to.

    “RW/RR Challenge: Fresh Meat 2”

    I understand that this show that this show might not mean anything to most of you. But it should. Season in and season out, it’s … Continue reading

  • American Idol 9

    American Idol Recap – 3/23/10

    Someone needs to tell these “Idol” contestants that the contest has actually started and there’s a recording contract up for grabs. They know this, right? Do any of these kids even want to win outside of a couple? There is some talent among the remaining eleven, but outside of a couple, it doesn’t seem like they think they’re any good either. Maybe they’ve been reading all the critics out there ripping this season to shreds. I think last season may have had the best talent from 1-12. This season you’re barely scratching the surface to find one performer that people are dying to talk about every week. And if it is, it’s usually Siobhan but not necessarily because of her singing, but more because of how bizarre she is. More on her later.

    Anyway, so Miley Cyrus was the mentor this week. Yep. A 17 year old pop star was mentoring everyone on how to sing. Oh boy. Initially, the reaction from everyone was “Huh? Who wants to be mentored by her?” Fair question to … Continue reading

  • Reality Roundup

    Reality Roundup 3/21/10 Including Some “Bachelorette” News & My “March Madness” Weekend

    Sorry the column didn’t make it up Friday. Kinda hard when the NCAA Tournament started on Thursday. I should’ve realized that after watching college basketball for eight hours straight, I really wasn’t gonna be in much of a mood to write. My apologies. Anyway, this column will cover the real “March Madness” that happened this past weekend at a bar here in Dallas with me and some its patrons, my thoughts on ABC’s “20/20” special on the “Bachelor” from last week, “Survivor”, and some early thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars”.

    So I was at Christie’s on McKinney Ave in Dallas this past Saturday watching the games. I was there with a bunch of Baylor fans, and in the section next to us were a bunch of Kansas fans watching their Jayhawks choking their game away. For about 38 minutes of the game, I never said a word. Obviously, being a college basketball nut, I had an interest with what was happening to the #1 overall seed in the tournament, who was basically losing … Continue reading

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