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  • The Bachelor 22 - Arie

    “Bachelor” Tuesday: Winter Games, WTA, & Overnights Episode Recaps Along with (EXCLUSIVE) News on the Latest Happenings

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    There is A LOT to get to today. You haven’t heard from me since Thursday, and since then, we had a Winter Games finale, a “Women Tell All” episode, and then last night’s overnight dates. I will get to all of that. Less time will be spent on those three only because, let’s face it, this season is all about the finale next week. Do we really need to dissect what happened last night or at the WTA when we have a giant sh** storm approaching next Monday and Tuesday night? Of course not. I will have thoughts on those shows on pages 3 and 4, but I want to take the time now to update you on my findings over the last few weeks in regards to kinda behind-the-scenes of what went down when Arie pulled a Mesnick this season, ended his engagement to Becca, and started seeing Lauren. The questions you’ve all had was who knew what and when, how did it play out, what was the reaction, how are Arie & Lauren … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #66 – Interview with Sharleen Joynt & (EXCLUSIVE) on the “After the Final Rose”

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    It’s been almost a year since I had Sharleen Joynt on this podcast, so I figured it was time to bring her back. She last appeared after the finale of Nick’s season last year. You’ll be getting a double dose of Sharleen in the next week, as next Thursday will be episode #9 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast on Stitcher Premium where we take your calls on anything relationship related. If you still want to be a part of next week’s podcast, email me or Sharleen and, assuming schedules match, we can record next Tuesday night. Anyway, a fun interview with Sharleen since she is going unspoiled this season. I’ve done my best not to spoil her all season, although we did almost have an accident a couple weeks ago we go over. And then in this podcast, I accidentally let something slip as well, but not having to do with the ending. Always love talking to Sharleen about this show because she can put together in words, much better than I can, … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” & Winter Games Episode 3 Thoughts


    We are getting closer to the finale, and that’s when tabloid stories, rumors, innuendo, and all sorts of craziness starts up. For me, it happens every season so I don’t pay much attention to it. Go back to any February over the last 7 or 8 years (when the “Bachelor” started airing in the first Monday in January) and you’ll see this is right around the time where the coverage of the show starts to pick up. Knowing how this sh**show of a season ends up, it’ll only add to it this year. Speculation on the who/why/what of everything is flooding pop culture sites, and most of the info is wrong. Like this story making the rounds Lauren has been engaged twice before coming on this show. It’s not true. Can’t prove something that never happened, but it didn’t. She was only engaged once, and that was to Chris Crane in July of 2016. They had set a wedding date for July of 2017, but broke up in December of 2016 when she broke up … Continue reading

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