• Bachelor in Paradise 4

    “Reader Emails,” Trivia Contest Questions and Answers, & Another “Bachelor in Paradise” Update


    Another crazy day yesterday to say the least. So many stories coming out now, and I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. This is gonna be one of those things where I think you’re going to hear something new almost every day. Whether big or small, somebody will write something in regards to “Bachelor in Paradise” that’s a new twist/slant/made up story that’s gonna give this thing legs. Right now it’s essentially a holding pattern until ABC completes their investigation into what exactly happened and what course they’re going to take moving forward. As I discussed in the post yesterday, and in both podcast appearances I did yesterday on Juliet Litman’s “Bachelor Party” podcast and the Huffington Post’s “Here To Make Friends” podcast, I think “Bachelor in Paradise” as we know it is done. But I definitely think they’ll come up with a new summer show next season. There will be outlets who are careless with what they’re reporting, which is to be expected in a major story like this. A lot of people are … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 4

    The Latest on the “Bachelor in Paradise” Situation Incl What DID Happen in the Three Days of Filming

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Before I get started on all the drama that happened over the weekend with “Bachelor in Paradise,” let me take this time to acknowledge the Fan Appreciation Party I threw in Las Vegas this past weekend. Our final head count ended up being 66 people, with only 3 no shows. I wanna thank everyone who came out on Friday night for a great time. It meant a lot you took the weekend to come out, especially John and Mandy Miller who decided to spend their anniversary weekend in Vegas because of the party. That was very cool and I hope you spent that money on a nice dinner. I will have the breakdown of the trivia contest results from the party for you tomorrow. It was pretty contested after the first place winners blew doors on everyone else. I know I said I’d made the contest easier this year, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to go 34 for 35. There were 15 total questions, but 35 points available, and the winning team only missed one … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Podcast #29 – Interview with Kiptyn Locke & “Dr. Reality Steve”


    Well, I’m off to Vegas for the 3rd Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciate Party. Set to be our biggest turnout yet tomorrow night. Look forward to seeing everyone who is gonna make it out. Remember, you can follow along with the trivia contest on Periscope roughly around 9:15 or 9:30pm PST tomorrow night. Anyway, today’s podcast guest is an interesting one for sure. Podcast #29 is with former “Bachelorette” runner-up and “Bachelor Pad” runner up, Kiptyn Locke. I know a lot of you have questions, and I made sure to ask all of them, as uncomfortable as they might have been. Kiptyn & Tenley were a thing for a long time in this franchise. I think most people assumed they’d get married some day. They didn’t. Then I’m sure you all saw that Kiptyn had a son soon thereafter with Samm. We cover ALL of it and then some in today’s podcast. Kiptyn hasn’t really talked much about everything that went down, at least publicly, until this podcast. This is one I don’t think you’ll … Continue reading

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