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    Podcast #99 – Interview with David Ravitz

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Another fun interview this week as I talk to the chicken and the guy who played Jordan’s nemesis on the Becca’s season and then down in Paradise, David Ravitz. I think you’ll learn after listening to this interview that things were never really that contentious between the two at any point. At least that’s what I gathered from talking to David. Just seems like both of them knew what was going on and kinda went with a storyline that was being set up for them on a silver platter. I certainly think David got under Jordan’s skin, but not nearly as bad as the show made it out to be. Listen for yourself and see if you come to the same conclusion. We also talk about the injury he suffered when he fell from the bed and how serious it actually became. Not sure if the show really touched on the severity of it, but it definitely got a little scary there for a minute. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, … Continue reading

  • Are You the One?

    “Are You the One?” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 11 Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    The last episode ended with a cliffhanger, but I feel compelled to assure you that I managed to sleep soundly all week long, even though I didn’t know with absolute certainty whether or not Cali’s ceremony strategy worked. Sure, the melatonin spray I’ve recently fallen in a deep sort of love with helped, but my restful slumber was really due to the fact that it’s almost impossible to care if beams of light will eventually illuminate the nighttime sky in a dramatic visual that’s meant to make us cheer for the success of these people instead of doing what we should be doing: shaking our heads at their continued idiocy. In any case, the results come back, they get four beams, and this definitively proves that Cam and Kayla and Cali and Tomas are not matches. This result also proves these people still have no earthly idea what they’re doing and Terrence J shakes his head at them like a disappointed parent. His reaction reminds me a lot of that one time I came home … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Colton Spoilers

    Mini “Bachelor” Filming Update & Episode 7 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Ashley Spivey

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Sorry about the lack of columns recently. Once the off season hits and I’m trying to cover the “Bachelor” season being filmed, sometimes when there isn’t any new major news to report, I just don’t write. Have a couple small things for you today, but honestly, since filming is still overseas and very little is getting out like I assumed it would, there’s no need to keep everybody updated on every single thing I’m hearing. And I’m hearing quite a bit so far. Just like every season previous, you will have all your spoilers to this season before it starts. That’s what you come here for and it’s what you’ll get. Rose ceremony #4 was Sunday in Singapore and now they are on to their next location. Not sure what country it is, all I know is it’s in Asia as I reported before traveling started. It does look like they will come back to the states in episode 7 from what I’m hearing, and once that happens, you’ll for sure know who’s left because … Continue reading

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