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The Bachelor 11 - Brad

The Greatest Finale Ever

-That was AWESOME. Best finale ever. Brad Womack is
my new hero. Finally, FINALLY, a Bachelor that told
us the truth. Finally a Bachelor that didn’t try to
convince not only the viewing audience, but himself as
well, that he actually fell madly in love with someone
in 6 weeks on a TV show. Finally a Bachelor that
actually had the balls to tell each girl essentially,
“Look, I like you a lot, I’ve invested a lot of time
in getting to know you, but I’m sorry, I don’t love
you and I ain’t gonna sit here and pretend I do just
so ABC has a happy ending.” Good for him. You know
what I think? I think Brad should be the Bachelor
next season as well so we can find this fine young
gentleman a wife. Judging by all past columns this
season, you could tell I was never really hard on Brad
because he actually came across as someone that wasn’t
intereted in fame or prestige out of this. But if I
ever did happen to say anything bad about the guy, I
take it back. He’s the greatest. Bring him back,
ABC. I can handle back to back seasons of Brad
because at least I know he’s honest.

-I’m sure there are a lot of hopeless romantics out
there that are disappointed in the finale and think
Brad is a jerk now, but let me ask you this: Can you
imagine if they had the long, drawn out 2 hour
finale, each girl flying home to his hometown to meet
his family, watching him take more than 10 seconds to
pick out the ring, on and on and on and on, and then
he dumped both of them? You people would’ve been even
more livid than you are now. The fact that this
season was never about hyping up the finale, or
teasing us with “The most romantic finale ever”, or
“Will he propose/Will she accept?” promos, kind of
gave it away that something like this would happen,
didn’t it? I mean, c’mon, you had to see this coming.
I’m glad they did it this
way. The brevity of it gave away the ending pretty
much, but still, I’d rather see the guy dump both
girls, then give the ol’ “This is a promise
ring….let’s see where this goes…” line only to
them break up in a month.

-The “double dumping”, as I’d like to call it, was
clearly in the making as evidenced by two things

1) The finale was only an hour long. They’ve NEVER
done this before. Ever. And you know what? Good for
them. Two hours of that fluff to watch him sh** can
both girls would’ve been a giant letdown. I
mean, each girl meeting his mom and brothers lasted no
more than 5 minutes. They made 15 minute segments out
of that in the past. He shopped for the ring for 10
seconds, when usually, that takes a whole segment.
They knew obviously since they ended taping the show
what the final result was. So why try and hype it up
all season and mislead us into thinking something good
might happen? You gotta admit, the ABC hype machine
surrounding what could possibly happen at the end was
pretty low. We never heard ANY of that stuff they
used to promote in the past. Hell, last season, from
episode one, they were promoting that there was a
proposal. So you gotta give them credit for their
work this season. Perfect ABC. You finally did
something right.

2) When Brad practically dry heaved before dumping
DeAnna. Yeah, she probably felt really good after he
walked away from her right on the “altar”. Awesome.
Loved every minute of it. In fact, I think I wanna go
watch that ending again. Seriously.

-Now, I didn’t read any spoilers and I had no idea
this was coming, but one thing really stuck out to me
since the “Women Tell All” episode last week. Did you
notice that Brad never gave the “I can’t wait to see
her. It’s been so long. It’s been very hard being
away from her” line like all past Bachelors do. He
just said, “I’m happy with my decision.” I heard him
say the same exact thing on a radio interview. So
looking back on it now, it all makes perfect sense.
Every Bachelor in the past has always talked about how
excited he was to see who he chose again, they talk
all the time, yada yada yada. And when Brad never
said last week how excited he was to see “her”, I
figured something was up. And oh yeah, those rumors
that Brad was calling and texting his ex-girlfriend
during filming saying he wasn’t into any of these
girls? Ummmm…guess that wasn’t so far fetched.

-I hope a lot of you aren’t getting the impression
that I’m jaded or that I’m evil, or that I pray for
relationships to fail. I don’t. Not at all. I’m
just elated that finally some Bachelor had the balls
to say, “Look, I’m sorry. The 25 women you chose for
me? Not good enough. I think I can do better.” And
that’s essentially what he did. For those of you who
are disappointed/letdown/pissed/bothered by the
finale, let me ask you this: Would you rather Brad
have chosen one of them knowing he wasn’t in love with
her, only to break up with them in a month or two? If
that happened, you know what your reaction would’ve
been? “Yeah, that’s a real shocker. I can’t believe
I wasted another season watching this show. It never
works out. This show sucks. Blah blah blah…”

-Now we get a Bachelor who dumps both women and I’m
sure the majority of the fans reaction is, “What a
jerk. Why’d we even watch if he wasn’t going pick
one? They misled us.” So he’s damned if he does, and
damned if he doesn’t. I don’t know, maybe I’m in the
minority, but I can honestly say I was more satisfied
with that finale than any other finale this show’s
ever had. Why? Because it was the most real. And
that’s all I ask for. I hate phoniness, and we’ve
pretty much been subjected to fourteen seasons of it
outside of a couple.

-You know what this finale does do, though? Makes
tonights “After the Final Rose” show about as
interesting as they’ve ever had. I’m telling you, I’m
still not even sure what his reasoning was for
dropping both chicks. But it’ll sure be fun to watch
him try to explain again tonight. This’ll be the
first time in the show’s history that the “After the
Final Rose” show was better than the finale. Can’t
wait. I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with a comment
or two on the show.

-So even though we didn’t get a proposal, or even a
promise ring, I feel rejuvenated to know that ABC is
actually willing to go through with a season even if
the Bachelor doesn’t choose anyone. So now we at
least know that there’s a chance of this happening
again. I guess it never crossed our mind that this
could happen since it never did. But hey, I’d much
rather get this ending then all the B.S. ones from the
past where someone gets a one-way ticket, or a promise
ring, and 2 months later, they’re done. Yay Bachelor.
You’ve now moved into my top 50 of favorite shows of
all time.

-So I’ll be back tomorrow with some comments on the
“After the Final Rose” show. Probably won’t be much.
And maybe I’ll respond to a couple of “That finale was
bullsh**” emails that I’m sure I’ll be getting. So
I’d really like to get a read on what you guys thought
of the finale. Are you disappointed you watched all
season only to get the “double dumping”, or do you
like Brad more now because he was honest? I’m curious
to know your thoughts. Get your emails in today at, so I can relay the “results”
in tomorrow’s column.

-And due to the fact that I’m vacationing right now in
California with family, and I’ve been running around
like my heads chopped off since Friday, I’ve postponed
Dr. Reality Steve a week. It will definitely be back
next week along with the return of “Reality Roundup”.
I’ve really gotta talk about what’s been going on
elsewhere in the world of reality TV. Lotta good
stuff right now. Ok, time to go to bed. Until



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  2. me

    February 23, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    Cute Q&A interview..I don’t have time for the youtube right now but wanted to get a comment in before you get 8000 comments and your site wont load on my phone. You go boy! If I see you alongside J Love Heweitt in US next week I will know that all of your dreams have come true. Ha!

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