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Notes, Quotes, and Observations…(part 2)

It’s back. Part 2 will cover “The Hills”, an update on the “Bachelorette”, “Heroes”, “Friday Night Lights”, “90210”, “Fringe”, “Gossip Girl”, and a couple trailers from “24”. Also, a couple celebrity quotes that I came across which are laughable. Enjoy.


-Talk about a show I’ve done a 180 on. I remember a while back when I was posting the trailer for season 3 because I was so excited. Now sure, I still watch every week, but this show has gotten too big for its own good. When all the girls personal lives are on the internet every day or in “Us Weekly”, then there really isn’t much suspense is there? We already know how everything plays out, the show is just giving us a visual of what actually transpired from what we read. Take for example, Monday’s episode. Heidi writes the “I’m sorry” letter to LC for everything that’s happened. Well, great. For those not in the know and don’t follow the show outside of what you see every Monday, then sure, it might seem like these two are headed for a reconciliation. But most people know that Heidi and Spencer are still living together, doing awful fake photo shoots every other day and are as happy as clams together. So we know that her and LC aren’t friends. But the show wants to make you believe it could still happen. I don’t see it.

-I do agree with LC and Heidi on one thing imparticular, and that’s that Spencer is the cause of everything. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say Spencer Pratt probably has something to do with our economy being in the toilet. He might be the sleeziest, most manipulative, slimy character on television right now. And he loves it. Read any interview with the guy, and you’ll see how much he loves being the villain on that show. He’s eating it up. Now, I don’t know Spencer personally, but I’m almost positive that the Spencer Pratt on the “Hills” is a completely exaggerated version of himself. He is on TV, you know. He does have cameras following him everywhere. Of course he’s gonna play the villain role up. He and Heidi are marketing whores. We’ve heard them say numerous times together that LC is the one with the problem, LC won’t let it go, it’s LC’s show and that’s why she’s portrayed in such a good light and Heidi and Spencer are always crapped on. Well, if it were that bad, and they hated being portrayed on the show like they have, why wouldn’t they just quit? I’ll tell you why: Because they’re not stupid. They know where their bread is buttered. The more they stay on the show, the more publicity they get. And as they always say, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity”. As long as people are talking about them, they’re relevant. Try opening a gossip mag any day of the week and not reading a story about either one of them. The reason they continue to stay on the “Hills” despite bitching about it all the time is because it keeps them in the news. And they’re after their own spin off show, which I guarantee they get.

-Hey, if Whitney is getting her own spin off show (which she is), I’m guessing Heidi and Spencer will since way more people care about their ridiculous existence that Whitney’s. Sure, Whitney is 100 times more likable, but that’s probably the reason her show will end up being boring. She’s too nice, and “too nice” never really translates well to television. What kind of drama will Whitney get on her show? We’ve seen her go out on one date in three seasons? Unless she starts whoring it up and making sex tapes, I just don’t see where her show would be interesting, unless you’re really into fashion and like seeing her work for Diane Von Furstenberg. Sorry. Not my cup of tea. Once the “Hills” ends, which should be after this season, Whitney’s show will start, and shortly thereafter, I’m guessing Heidi and Spencer’s.

-When you think about it, it really is amazing what has happened to LC’s life in such a short time. Three years ago she was a high school senior following Stephen around like a puppy dog even though he would go running back to Kristin when he wanted hot monkey sex. Then LC goes off to college, lasts a semester, moves back to Orange County, gets her own spinoff show, moves to LA, gets a new best friend in Heidi, tries to reconnect with racist, drunk Jason, that falls apart, as does her relationship with Heidi over rumors of a sex tape, goes to fashion school, and now has her own fashion line that’s completely overpriced for her fan base. Yet, she’s designing dresses for people at the Emmy’s. Talk about a crazy three years. Who would’ve ever thought after watching season 1 of Laguna Beach that LC would be the one to hit it big out of all of them? Kristin? Uhhhh yeah…give her two more years before she starts doing soft porn on Skinemax. Then two years after that it’ll be on to the big stuff. Count on it. Stephen? I think he’s waiting tables at Macaroni Grill somewhere. Tre? I believe he lives under a tree in New York somewhere holding a cup. Jessica? Already busted for two DUI’s and going to community college in Orange County. Think any of them are jealous of LC?

-If they weren’t jealous before, I’m guessing they are now after posted a story this week about how much each cast member makes. Remember, this is a reality show. Pretty amazing the coin that these people are raking in. Here’s the list in case you missed it.

Lauren Conrad: $75,000 per episode
Heidi Montag: $65,000 per episode
Spencer Pratt: $65,00 per episode
Audrina Patridge: $35,000 per episode
Whitney Port: $20,000 per episode
Brody Jenner: $10,000 per episode
Lo Bosworth: $10,000 per episode
Stephanie Pratt: $8,000 per episode

Let’s remember, this show is now in its 4th season. Season 1 I believe had 10 or 12 episodes. Season 4 is going to have 22 episodes. You do the math. Pretty disgusting, huh? And you wonder how they can drive $80,000 cars and live the life they do? Well, ummmm, because they’re millionaires.

-In yet another case of being a victim of its own success, comes this Audrina/Justin Bobby/Cory love triangle. Hey Cory, I know you’re quite the charmer with that Australian accent and all, but, do we really need the arm sleeves of tattoos? Is that necessary? Well, considering Audrina is with neither of them now and apparently has latched on to someone else, kinda makes that storyline much less interesting. Just open up “US Weekly” to see who Audrina is banging now. Some douche I’ve never heard of. But apparently he’s attracted to 100lb chicks with giant silicone bowling balls strapped to her chest. Let’s see, Heidi’s gotten implants since the show started and so has Audrina. We know Lauren will never get them because it would go against everything that she preaches about not being caught up in the Hollywood scene, and how she likes her body the way it is, blah blah blah. Maybe Whitney will upgrade her plus-2’s and debut them when her show starts. By the way, it’s being called “The City”. Some really creative people to come up with a name like that for the show. When Heidi and Spencer get their spin-off, how about we just go with “The Douches”.

-I think the main story we should be focusing on with Audrina is her running to her MySpace page and addressing these rumors that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby. Audrina says she doesn’t know what to believe, Lauren has flat out denied it, and Justin Bobby isn’t talking, as usual. But then we get the famous “according to a source” story from “US Weekly” claiming that Audrina made it up to create a storyline for the show because she feels left out. Now that I wouldn’t put past her at all. Completely believable. Especially since it came down right after it was announced that Whitney was getting her own show. Can’t possibly have her steal the spotlight now, can we? I think it’s safe to say Audrina’s taste in men rivals that of a prostitute. She has no shame. As evidenced by the fact she goes topless in the pool last night to seduce Justin Bobby, only to have a conversation seconds later about him having a “hall pass” when they’re in Cabo. Translation: Let me go bang any woman I want when we’re there and you don’t get pissed. Sounds fair to her.


-Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, or live a life without another season of this mess, it’s not. A casting call has gone out for season 5 of the “Bachelorette”. I guess since they’re so thrilled with DeAnna and Jesse’s “success”, they want to do another one. And by the looks of it, they don’t want to cast a previous contestant. We’ll see about that. Speaking of DeAnna and Jesse, do me a favor. Go to their website,, and tell me you don’t think the whole thing is just odd. I mean, real odd. The fact that they’re constantly updating us on what they’re doing, where they are, what appearances they’ll be making, and how in love they are with each other, makes it that much more fake to me. Sorry. Not buying it.


-This show is incredibly frustrating, and I’ll tell you why. For those of us that grew up with the original “90210”, this thing couldn’t possibly be any further from that. I understand they’re trying to re-create the nostalgia, but please. This show has nothing to do with the original other than Kelly, Brenda, Nat, and the Peach Pit. Nat barely has anything to do with the show, Brenda is off and hasn’t been re-signed yet for any new episodes, the Peach Pit is not the Peach Pit if David Silver isn’t rapping or Jamie Walters isn’t bitch slapping Donna one night, then singing “How Do You Talk to an Angel” the next. It’s laughable how “2008” this version. First episode we see Annie re-connecting with old flame Ethan from a distance. She sees him in his car and waves to him just as another chick is getting up from his lap after a lunchtime BJ. Boy, how times have changed. Could you imagine seeing that scene back in 1991 involving Dylan, Brenda, and some skank? Neither can I.

-If I told you this show was called “Eastside High”, would you tell me, “No way. This is totally ‘90210’. I can see all the resemblances.” No, you wouldn’t. Nor should you. It’s just another high school show that just happens to have the “90210” title attached to it. You mean, we’re supposed to believe the Wilson’s have replaced the Walsh’s? Please. In the Walsh’s, you actually believed they could be a real family. The Wilson’s? It’s just four actors thrown together and told, “Hey, you’re our star family. Make it work.” And I find it pretty comical that a running joke through all the years of the original “90210” was that they never had any black people on the show. So what does the new version do? Not only do they cast Dixon, they make him part of the main family in an adoption angle. Sorry. Too forced. I don’t see it. He sticks out like a sore thumb on this show. And not because of the color of skin, it’s because he’s a horrible actor, as are most of the people on this show. It just doesn’t fit. It’s too forced and too unbelievable. Yes, I know it’s only been five episodes, but there’s no way the Wilson’s will ever come close to replacing the Walsh’s.

-And what’s the deal with all the chicks on this show being rail thin? It’s Beverly Hills. Can we at least get a couple chicks on this show with implants? Seems to me that’d make it a little more realistic. It’s funny, about a month ago, someone asked me about the show after it first aired, and the first thing I noticed was that two of the main characters (Annie and Silver) were grossly underweight. Then what do you know? A week later, those two are the cover of an “US Weekly” asking whether or not they’re too thin. It’s ok, “US Weekly”. I’ll let you steal from me. No worries. Yeah, apparently these girls split a peanut for lunch, and dinner consists of water and a fig leaf. The weird thing is, if they weren’t so skinny, they’d be hot. Acting? Well, that’s a different story. But if you’re watching “90210” for the acting, then you’re the one with problems.
-So here’s a quick rundown on everyone else the show has to offer:

Naomi- I preferred her much more when she was getting banged by Dr. Sean McNamara in “Nip/Tuck”. Good stuff. Her crying scenes may be the worst on television right now. That face she makes before the tears start coming is frightening.

Harry Wilson– I liked him better on “Melrose Place” when he was chasing skirt. But hey, he was once married to Josie Bissett, so he gets points for that.

Kelly Taylor– Yummy. Can never go wrong with Jennie Garth. I believe she’s back for another 5 or 6 episodes later on in the season. Good. Gives me a reason to keep watching.

Brenda Walsh– Was never a fan of hers from the original, so I could care less if she comes back.

Mr. Matthews– I like this guy if he wasn’t such a wuss. Hey, he got to first base with Kelly Taylor. Then again, who doesn’t? The fact he didn’t get past that stage with one of the all-time sluts in TV history tells you all you need to know about this guys game. Maybe next time, bud.

Steve Sanders, Brandon Walsh, Dylan McKay, David Silver – All need to come back to save this show. And soon. Basically what I’m saying is, can we do a “90210” remake with all the original characters? Thanks. I don’t ask for much.


-Slowly moving up the charts of “One of my favorites shows that I have no business watching”. If you liked the “OC”, then you’ll like “Gossip Girl” considering its written by the same guy. Different characters, different setting, same storylines. Cheating, drinking, drugs, and hot, spoiled chicks in high school. When the show first started, I was a “Blair” guy. Loved me some Blair Waldorf. But the more and more I watch, and the more and more times Blake Lively keeps showing up on the internet and in magazines, I’m slowly starting to become a fan. Right now, it’s a toss up. I don’t know if I’m with Team Blair or Team Serena. I’ll let you know when I finally decide. Actually, I won’t be the one deciding. What’s in my pants will. He’s usually the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to stuff like this. Whatever he says goes, so I just follow his lead.

-I understand that Chuck Bass’ character is a little out there and different, but, who dresses that guy? Do all New York preppies wear plaid pants and bowties out in public? Seems to me like they REALLY exaggerate his wardrobe to the point of being retarded. As for Nate, I ran into that guy at a movie theater here in Dallas a couple months ago. He was walking to the concession stand by himself. I, on the other hand, was with a hot date. So basically that means that I’m cool and he’s a loser. Yep. That’s what it means. At least in my eyes it does. And he pretty much looked how I expected. Like a skinny Abercrombie and Fitch model that probably wears make up when he’s not supposed to. But yet, as always, he could pull any 18-24 year hottie in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area if he wanted to, so I guess he has some sort of scoreboard on me.

-First you hear the rumors flying that Chuck and Nate (who are roommates together in NY where they film) were gay. Then you hear that Nate was secretly seeing Drew Barrymore, only to see a couple days later a picture of Drew making out with Chuck at a NY bar. I’ve come to the conclusion after seeing that story that Drew Barrymore and I will probably get married someday since she pretty much has no standards. And any woman with no standards gives me a chance. I mean, just look at the crop of guys she’s been linked to over the years. You’d need a spreadsheet just to keep up. Justin Long? The Mac guy? Really? Your legs start to shake at the sight of him? Excuse me, Drew, nice to meet you. Reality Steve here. If you’re available, I’d love to take you to the Olive Garden some day for an unlimited supply of soup, salad, and breadsticks. I know how to spoil my women.


-Here’s the major problem I’m having with “Heroes”. Actually, it’s three-fold:

1) Nobody can ever die on that show anymore (at least none of the main characters)
2) Too many characters with too many paths that have crossed in the past which completely confuses me.
3) I don’t know whose got what powers now. Everyone seems to be able to do everything.

Season 1 was great. You knew exactly who the characters were, what powers they had, and what their purpose was. The story built the whole season to the exploding man in NYC, yet you didn’t know who or why until the finale. Granted, the finale kinda disappointed for all the hype it had, but it was still an overall solid first season that any show has ever produced. I understand that season 2 got affected by the writers strike, but that was probably a good thing considering that season veered WAAAAY off track. Too many ridiculous storylines and too many new characters, that frankly, I don’t think a lot of people cared for. And the ratings showed it. Season 3 has tried to go back to the roots of Season 1, but I’m afraid once again, it’s getting a little too convoluted. One person shouldn’t have to think so much while watching a show. There should be some twists and turns to make it interesting, but everytime someone appears on screen, I shouldn’t have to ask myself, “Ok, how do they know that person? Where did they once meet up before? Why are they good/bad again?” Seems like a bit much.

-I guess I sorta see where this season is headed: Father Petrelli, who I guess was supposed to be dead but is now brought back to life, is creating an “army” of “villains” to go up against all those “heroes” with special powers. That’s great and all, but when the line is getting blurred as to who is considered a villain and who is considered a hero, that’s where they lose me. I’m sure in time this will all play out, but anyone that watched this show from the beginning has got to agree that Season 1 was so much easier to follow. Especially now that they’ve incorporated the “future” Peter and “future” Claire. That’s getting to be a bit too much. So now the future versions of themselves can come back to present day and rescue/save/kill? We’re bordering on ridiculous now.

-And I know I’ll probably be in the minority saying this, but I’m telling you, Hiro Nakamura is the most annoying character on that show. I know, I know. Most of you probably think he’s cute and funny. I find him extremely annoying. And his whole “superhero” storyline that’s been going on since the beginning is getting old. That’s one of the main problems with the show now: too many characters. Here are the characters that are the most interesting: All the Petrelli’s, Noah Bennett, Sylar, Claire, and Mohinder. If they did away with Parkman, Hiro, Maya (which should be coming next week), Adam Monroe, all the Level 5 rejects, and Nikki/Barbara/Jessica, would anyone really be that upset? And I love how they’ve completely just forgotten to mention the chick from last season that Micah moved in with. You know, the one that could copy anything she saw on television? Uhhh, what happened to her? Not that I care to see her again, but can we at least get an explanation? Especially since she’s a fellow Loyola Marymount Lion. That right there should warrant immediate respect.


-Beginning to like this show more and more, and this coming from someone who was never a fan of the “X-Files”. From all accounts, and people I’ve talked to who were fans of that show, “Fringe” is pretty similar. I’ve just always taken a liking to shows that carry on a story arc throughout the course of a season, revealing little by little every episode. Each episode is separate in its own way, yet plays to an overlying theme of the show. In “Fringes” case, it would be “the pattern”. Somehow, all these weird events will be linked.

-As much as I like Joshua Jackson, it’s still hard for me to watch this show and not think of Pacey Witter. To me, he’ll always be the little horndog that was sleeping with the teacher then, in the end, ended up with Katie Holmes while Dawson created a TV show about their childhood. And I will argue this with anyone to my grave, that the series finale of “Dawson’s Creek” was one of the top 5 series finales of all-time. Better than “Seinfeld”, better than “Cheers”, better than “Friends”, etc. If you followed that show from day one, which I did (I know. Shocker, huh?), then you wouldn’t think I’m that crazy. If you were a casual observer of the show, then you’ll think I’m nuts. Trust me. It was an unbelievable finale that any fan of the show should watch again. It wasn’t over-the-top, it wasn’t ridiculous, it wasn’t forced, and it actually made sense. And who would’ve thought when that show was airing that Katie Holmes would end up being the crazy one when it was all said and done? Certainly not me. And that James Van Der Beek would have the most insignificant career after the show ended? Weird how that works.

-However, if you haven’t seen “Fringe” yet, but want to start, I suggest going to Fox’s website and catching up on past episodes. If you try and start watching now, you might get a little confused as to who is doing what and why things are happening. Just a suggestion. The acting is good, the story is interesting, and its almost as if you’re watching a movie every week. And I like the fact that the female lead isn’t ridiculously hot to where it distracts from the story. Not hot, but certainly not ugly. Trust me, if she were hot, then it would completely detract from me enjoying the show. Kinda like how Kate Walsh does with “Private Practice”. I can’t get into the meat and potatoes of that show because she makes my pants tight. That and the fact that there’s just too much crying on that show for me. Every episode someone, at least once, has broken down to tears. Attractive cast though, I will give them that. We all know about Kate Walsh. Amy Brenneman is MILF’y in her own way. And the female doctor that Cooper is schtupping is hot too. Don’t know her name. Doesn’t matter. She’s juggy.


-Anyone that knows me, knows my ridiculous obsession with “24”. It’s beyond comprehension, so just know that. So with that said, you can imagine how stir crazy I’ve gone over the last year and a half since we last saw an episode. It was all set to come back this January as usual until the writers strike hit. They had 8 episodes in the can, but due to the fact they wouldn’t be able to complete all 24 and run them uninterrupted from January-May, they figured they’d hold off until this January. Well, to hold people over, they’ve decided to do a 2 hour movie, still done in real time, and air it on Nov. 23rd. For those that don’t want to be spoiled or don’t want to know anything, stop reading now because I’m going to give a summary of where we left off, where the show stands now, and where the show is headed.

-When we last saw Jack at the end of Season 6, he was standing on a cliff outside of Secretary Heller’s house having just said goodbye to Audrey. There were rumors at that time, that during that final scene of him overlooking that cliff, Tony was going to appear. Producers decided to hold off on that and have Tony re-appear in Season 7, as we saw when they first started promoting Season 7 last year. Now, I’m not sure how they’re explaining Tony is still alive, but he is, and they will. Apparently it’s somewhat believable. I’ve gone over this numerous times in my head whether I like this or not. On one hand, “24” has never had a character die on screen (like Tony did in Jack’s arms during season 5), then come back to life. So in that aspect, I don’t like it. However, this is Tony Almeida we’re talking about. Outside of Jack and President Palmer, probably the most liked character on the show. Hey, if they can give me an explanation that’s remotely believable, then I’m on board for the return of Tony.

-Anyway, before we can get to Tony and his storyline (which at present time, has him returning as a bad guy which you’ll see in the clip below), we must address this prequel movie. The movie takes place roughly four years after Season 6 has ended. The movie itself was shot in real time, but two different storylines will be taking place. It’s Inauguration Day in the United States with new female President Allison Taylor taking the reigns from Noah Daniels, who you remember took over for Wayne Palmer when he got sick. Is Wayne dead? I don’t know. I don’t even know if they’re going to address it. So in this 2 hour movie, things are happening in the U.S. with the new President being sworn in, all the while, Jack is in Africa helping out a friend who runs a missionary. Well, of course, all hell breaks loose and Jack is caught in the middle of it.

-How does the prequel play into Season 7? Not sure quite yet, but it does. Season 7 takes place a few months after the prequel happens (in TV time). Real time, the prequel is Nov. 23, and the new season starts in January. But basically, if you watch the prequel, you’ll have a better understanding of how Season 7 is going to start with Jack in front of Congress having to pay for what’s happened in his past. So, if I haven’t confused you enough, and if you haven’t had your TV on Fox for the last month, here is the main trailer for the “24” movie, airing Nov. 23rd. Yes, I’ve already watched it about 50 times. Enjoy.

As for Season 7, this was the trailer that they started running last year, when they thought the season would start in January of 08′. I’m guessing nothing has changed since they’ve almost completed Season 7 as a whole, which I’ll get to in a minute.

Now, if you can’t get excited for the show returning after watching those previews, then you don’t have a pulse. And I can never speak to you again. So there. When Season 7 begins in January, it’ll be the first time in “24” history that the whole season will have been completed filming before the first episode airs. This was all because of the dumb ass writers strike. The positive is that it gave them plenty of time to map out the whole season in advance and not write on the fly as the season goes along. The negative? It gives no room for error. If something isn’t sitting well with the audience, or if there’s a character that isn’t working, they can’t kill them off or change the storyline. When January rolls around, all 24 episodes will be done. Usually they only have the first 12 or so completed before the first one airs. So this could be a blessing in disguise, or it could backfire. Only time will tell. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. The producers know Season 6 was their worst season. Wasn’t terrible by any means, just probably the weakest they’ve done based on a lot of repetitive storylines. But from everything I’ve read, the “24” movie, and Season 7, are the best things they’ve done in a while. Only 5 more weeks. And yes, I’m counting the seconds. So should you.


-Never before in the six years of writing this column have I ever asked my readers to start watching a show. I’ll recommend stuff, maybe give glowing reviews of something, but never have I actually come out and asked people to start watching a show. Until now. I don’t know how else I can put this other than “Friday Night Lights” is one of the best shows you’ll ever see. No, it’s not a show about football. No, it’s not a show only guys will like. Let me put it to you this way: If you went to high school, and you enjoyed high school, you’ll love “Friday Night Lights”. The acting is about as good as you can get on television, the storylines are completely believable (outside of the football scenes which get to be over-the-top), and the cast is about as likable as any cast you’ll ever come across. There’s hot chicks for guys to drool over (I’m still debating if I’d rather have monkey sex with Tyra or Lyla), and there’s plenty of man candy for the women to drool over.

-Do yourself a favor and either rent disc one of Season 1, or just watch it online. If you can honestly tell me after watching the first four episodes that you’re not hooked, then, well, you’re an idiot. We complain all the time about how “The Hills” is scripted, or all the skanks on “Rock Of Love” are ridiculous, or the “Bachelor” is a failure, but, we keep watching. Yet a brilliant show like this, which is about a good a family show I’ve seen on television in the last 15 years, goes unwatched and might be on the verge of cancellation. If you don’t listen to anything else I ever say again, just know I’m being serious about this show. You’ll like it. A lot. It’s almost impossible not to. So that’s your homework assignment. Watch the first four episodes of Season 1. If you can honestly tell me you didn’t like it, I’ll try to believe you. But I’m guessing you won’t and you’ll want to keep watching more. Season 1 has a full 22 episode season, and Season 2 was only 13 episodes because of the writers strike. Each season you can go buy at Target right now for $19.99. Do it. Season 3 doesn’t air on NBC until January or February so you have a couple months to get caught up. You won’t be disappointed. If you like television, and you really like to get immersed in a good show and not reality crap, this is a can’t miss show.

Quote of the Week: “Seriously, at the end, do you really feel like you’re going to walk away being her best friend? Are we gonna hang out and do lunch together? – Michelle Kopasz, after getting eliminated from Paris Hiltons “My New BFF”. I haven’t watched two seconds of this show, but this quote pretty much sums up how I feel about it. Exactly. Like Paris is ever going to be seen hanging out with whoever she chooses on this show. And Michelle, if that’s what you thought, exactly why did you go on the show in the first place?

Quote of the Week II: “I have done sexy photo shoots and stuff where people would assume that I am this really loud and outgoing but I’m really shy” – Kim Kardashian, shortly after getting eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars”. Really, Kim? You’re shy? I never would’ve guessed by that sex tape you released when you let Ray-J urinate on you. Congratulations on being used as someone elses toilet. Must feel real good about yourself.

Well, that’s it. I told you it would be here this week, and it is. A little late, but hey, it made it. Do you realize that both Part 1 and Part 2 of this column combined were 23 pages on Microsoft Word? Told you it was the longest thing I’d written. So if you have any questions, comments, emails, suggestions, praises, criticisms, feel free to send them my way at: I’ll be back in a couple weeks with all the latest and greatest in the world of television. Heading to California for Halloween weekend for a radio appearance and getting to trick-or-treat with my niece and nephew. I’m sure I’ll have a story or two from that. Until then…



  1. Kristi

    October 16, 2008 at 11:13 PM

    Dude, if you don’t care to know what DeAnna and Jesse are up to then don’t go to their website. Pretty simple, eh? They’re merely keeping their family/friends/fans updated, we appreciate the links and photos. If you’re not a fan then it’s OK, the website is not there for you.

    Honestly, what do you expect their website to be like? They’re a couple that met on a tv show and they have fans who are interested in their lives after the show. Welcome to 2008, there’s no reason why they should hide under a rock and keep us in the dark. You’re a web savvy guy, I am surprised why this confuses you so much. I think the simple explanation is that you don’t like them so you’ll find fault in everything they do.

  2. sjcaligurl

    October 17, 2008 at 12:41 AM

    Ditto Kristi! In 2008, even non-celebrity engaged couples have websites, myspace pages and facebook pages. It’s a normal part of the process. Those who are happy for them enjoy the updates and pictures. As hard as it is for you to believe, not everyone was devastated that your new BFF Jeremy was not the one she fell in love with. They have thousands of fans. In fact, Deanna recently won the Fox Reality TV Realitini – the only award of the event that was based on fan votes. She beat out Holly Madison from “The Girls Next Door.”

    Imagine that!

  3. Contessa

    October 17, 2008 at 9:52 AM

    DeAnna and Jesse have been engaged for five months. They are deeply in love and will be getting married in the Spring. Is this something terrible? NO!! They have found true love and their thousands and thousands of supporters are so happy for them. We enjoy all of the updates, photos and video they put on their website.

    There were 25 guys on the show whom DeAnna could have fallen in love with. She fell in love with Jesse. You may have felt she should have fallen in love with someone else, but it really wasn’t your choice. She chose Jesse and he chose her.

  4. bizbachfan

    October 17, 2008 at 11:40 AM

    Luckily you don’t have to “buy” their love. Plenty of non celebs have websites, facebook, myspace pages celebrating their love and lives why shouldn’t D and J? I find it hard to believe two people would spend their time together 24/7 for months on end just to make people think they are in love. So they are taking their 15 mins of fame and running with it, so what? I am sure Trista and Ryan would have had a similar website if they had hooked up in 2008 instead of several years ago.

    What type of content would you expect to see on the site? ummm its for their fans, of course they are going to give info on where to see them,what they are up to and pictures of the happy couple.

    Should they turn down invites to do events to please the cynics? Why not enjoy their fame and good fortune and love?
    good for them.

  5. Leaann

    October 17, 2008 at 12:00 PM

    Jesse and Deanna are as real as real can be…Yes ABC did hide a lot of their relationship, But if you cannot see they are the real deal, stop looking on their site…This site is for their family, friends and Fans, we love being updated on the happy couple. I truly believe Deanna has found her soulmate, and vise versa. These two kids “just click” Life is to short to be a hater…

  6. Katie

    October 17, 2008 at 1:59 PM

    Are all of Deanna’s best friends suddenly reading this column?

    Steve makes fun of almost everyone related to the show- that’s his thing. It’s generally pretty funny. If any of YOU don’t like it, don’t come to his site!

  7. Katherine

    October 17, 2008 at 2:35 PM

    I’m with Katie on this. I’ve been reading Steve’s blog for a long time now (wow, has it really been six years?), and he’s known for his snark. And I agree with Steve that the site is a little cheesy. I also believe that if you have to tell people over and over again how in love you are, then you’re probably kidding yourself somewhere in there.

    I also find it funny that of the comments here, nobody has chosen to comment on any of the other things that Steve talks about in his column. Go figure. Is it bad that my sister has now gotten me hooked on Gossip Girl? If not for the completely implausible plots, the show is fun to watch.

  8. Dianne

    October 21, 2008 at 9:17 AM

    Right on, Katie! Come on girls..chillax here! quite obviously don’t know our Steve very well. My goodness girl, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re DeAnna yourself!
    Steve, thanks for part 2 of your column..and as always, thanks for taking the time to keep us all updated! Have a great time with the kids on Halloween..let us know when you’re back.

  9. Jessica

    October 22, 2008 at 6:43 PM

    I agree with the last three ladies…they seem to keep trying to prove to us that they are in love..they should be focusing on their own relationship and spending time together instead of updating their fans on what they are doing..its kinda annoying…good job Steve for picking that up

  10. Mary

    October 24, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    I completely agree with everything you said about Heroes! It is so overly confusing now! My friend made the mistake of sitting in with me on an episode last week. I tried to warn that it would be too confusing by saying, “Hell, I’m even confused and I’ve watched every single episode!” Crazyness!

  11. UM, STEVE

    November 3, 2008 at 2:08 AM


  12. Pahahahahaa

    November 3, 2008 at 1:57 PM

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