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The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

The Sky is Blue. Water is Wet. DeAnna and Jesse call off their Engagement.

Man, I love being right. Especially when DeAnna’s minions came running to my comment board a couple weeks ago when I made a rather harmless comment about how weird I thought their website was. How they constantly talked about how in love they were, and kept us up to date on all their appearances, etc. Gee, I guess that’s all for naught now, huh? Why don’t you people listen to me? Seriously. How long have I been covering this show? And how many freakin’ times have I told you NEVER to buy into the end result. I love, love, love how those commenters a few weeks ago were so sure that these two were in love, and I was just bitter, and they were the best couple ever. Well, what can I say? You people are idiots. Sorry. What do you have to say for yourself now? Exactly. Nothing. That’s ok. I really never understood in the first place why, if you hate my column so much, and hated my opinion on DeAnna and Jesse why you would waste any time in your day to post a comment? No one’s forcing you to come to my site. No one’s forcing you to read my brilliance. Just because you thought they were cute together had no bearing on whether or not they stayed together. That’s the point you seemed to miss. DeAnna proved herself to be a fraud. She’s completely out for herself, wants to be part of Hollywood, and cut Jesse off the minute she realized he can’t further her career. And you think I’m the only one who has these opinions? Not quite. How about Chris Harrison, who probably knows her pretty well at this point wouldn’t you think? Here’s what Host Chris said yesterday:

“DeAnna has been getting bad advice from people like paparazzi guys, and other people that she’s been running into that have filled her head with, you know, these dreams that she’s going to come to Hollywood and make it big and do all this stuff. And I think her head’s getting a little bigger than it should and I think that’s led to this as well.” Ouch. Yeah, she was totally into Jesse.

Think that’s not a good enough attack on her character? How about what Jesse said:

“The only time she was touchy feely with me was around the cameras.” Great girl. Sure she’s not out looking to make it in Hollywood. This woman seems totally grounded and not bitten by the Hollywood bug at all.

How about the fact that she dropped the “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” line on him? WHAT???!!! This is the same exact girl, that for every appearance we saw these two since the show ended, was gushing about how in love she was, she’d found her soulmate, on and on and on all this nonsense became when we all knew it would end. Look, I know people break up. It happens. But for someone as overtly confident as she was that this was the man of her dreams, and the father of her children, and her soulmate, to just out and out dump the guy after 6 months together pretty much shows you what type of woman she is. Basically what I’ve been saying from Day 1 with her. A publicity hound who wants to have a career in Hollywood and will step on as many toes as she can to do it.

So not only did she dump him at the airport when he was picking up her bags, but she even leaked it to the press before it was supposed to be:

“She told some of our business associates today first… I didn’t know this had been released today. We had agreed after she broke up with me… that we would put together a statement and have it released.” Oops. Yeah, let me guess, it just slipped, right DeAnna? Fraud. I don’t like basking in other peoples misfortunes, well, yes I do, but I actually feel bad for this guy. Got totally used by this chick, and now he’s getting embarrassed nationally.

Here’s one of my favorite parts. Jesse says that DeAnna told him she wanted to move to Los Angeles and was unwilling to go to counseling with him. She told him, “I’m not willing to try anymore”. Wow. Where do I begin? First off, she told him she wanted to move to Los Angeles. No, not surprising since that’s kinda where you need to live if you want to be in the entertainment industry. But wasn’t this the same chick, that in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW since the show ended, kept talking about how she needed to be close to family, and they were going to spend some time in Atlanta, and some time in Colorado? Nice. A liar too.

And she’s not willing to try anymore? You mean, the man of your dreams, your future soulmate, the greatest guy in the world that you gushed over in every interview, suddenly after six months you gave up on? You see what I’m getting at here? She was NEVER into Jesse from the moment she accepted his proposal. She was into the idea of TV, and magazine shoots, and potential job opportunities. For christ sakes, her own fiance admitted that the only time she would be affectionate with him was when the cameras were on? What more proof do you need?

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s Jesse giving everyone the lowdown on (I’m guessing that’s not going to be a site much longer)

But probably my favorite quote came from DeAnna when she ran her mouth to “In Touch” yesterday. Here was her quote:

“I really felt like I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. I thought he was my fairy-tale ending. But after the show was over and we settled in to our normal lives, I slowly came to realize that we are two totally different people and it wasn’t going to work out.” Ho-lee crap. Wait a second, when the show ended and you guys were making the rounds on all the talk show circuits, you kept emphasizing how Jesse wasn’t your type at all, you never thought you’d pick him, but he grew on you, and now you realized this was the man you were going to spend the rest of your life with. I guess when you said “rest of your life”, you meant “six months”. Didn’t I constantly mention in the column this year that these two couldn’t possibly be any more different if they tried? Not saying that opposites can’t attract, but for her to use their being completely different as such a positive quality, then to turn around 6 months later and use it as one of the main reasons for the breakup, is ridiculous. She’s a chick that doesn’t know what she wants. Shocker. Where have I seen that before?

Everyone has a right to change their mind about a person. I get that. It’s just that in DeAnna’s case, she went out of her way in every single tv and radio appearance to constantly tell us how much she was in love with this man and yada yada yada. If they would’ve broken up after a couple years, I wouldn’t be this harsh on her. Or if they would’ve gotten married and then divorced, no, I wouldn’t have nearly been this cynical. But when I have people emailing me and leaving comments about how wrong I am, and that Jesse and DeAnna are in love, and I’m just cyncial, well, I take pleasure in yesterday’s news and you’re damn right I’m gloating. This wasn’t a breakup after a long, hard, rocky road together. She dumped him because the facade was over. She was never nearly as into him as she led people to believe, and I think Host Chris and Jesse’s comments prove that. If all the DeAnna minions would just give me a nice, warm apology, I would stop gloating. But since I know that’ll never happen since these people are basically posting anonymously on message boards calling me out when my email address is readily available, I figured I come on here today and destroy your little princess for the fraud she is. Jesse did nothing wrong. You bet your ass I believe he’s in love with her. I said it once the show ended that she’s completely out of his league – he admitted as much in every interview they did, constantly saying how he couldn’t believe she picked him. However, he needs to back away from the “I’d give her a second chance” stuff. No dude. Drop it. She’s yesterday’s news. You don’t need a woman like that around.

Yes, people have MySpace pages and Facebook pages. And of course, if you’re in a relationship or married, usually you have a lot of pictures on there of your significant other. However, this show has had 16 seasons (12 Bachelors and 4 Bachelorettes), and this was the first time that the final couple started their own website afterwards. Both Jesse and DeAnna have MySpace pages, yet, they felt the need to still put up a page that posted every print interview they did, every radio appearance they did, where they were headed next, family photos, etc. Was that necessary if you weren’t out for publicity? Of course not. Do me a favor. Go to the “About Us” section on (once again, probably not a site that’s gonna be up much longer). What is the first sentence you see under there? I’ll tell you what it is in case you have difficulty reading what they printed in bold letters. This is ripped exactly from their website in the FIRST sentence they wrote in their “About Us” section:

DeAnna and Jesse are STILL ENGAGED and very much IN LOVE! What? Who writes that? Why not just be a normal couple, not announce where you were going or what you’ll be eating for breakfast, and just live your lives? Oh wait, I know why. Because you wanted to let the paparazzi know where you were at all times just in case you happened to be in a bikini on a beach or at a carwash and you could stage a fake photo shoot. Yeah, and they weren’t trying their damndest to prove to people they weren’t phony. Nice effort.

Look at DeAnna’s timeline regarding her feelings towards Jesse. When he first came out of the limo, she admitted she was not attracted to him and that he is not the type of guy she normally dates. Then six weeks later, she’s saying how much in love she was, that they were soulmates, and she was meant to spend the rest of her life with him. Then six months after that, she says “we’re two different people”. C’mon people. Do we need any further proof about this woman? It’s all right there in front of your face. She put on an act for the cameras and for the media to gain attention. In the interview I did with Jeremy, I even mentioned it then about how odd it was that she went from admitting to not being attracted to the guy, nor was he her type, to calling him her soulmate and the man to spend the rest of her life with after six weeks. It just seemed way too convenient for her. It’s almost like she chose the one who’d be the easiest to get rid of. She wanted so desperately to find someone after the Brad incident, that she probably tried to convince herself Jesse was the one, when in reality, she knew all along he wasn’t. Which is fine. Fourteen of these 16 couples have never made it, with Byron and Mary hanging on by the skin of their teeth. But just don’t go over-the-top and tell everyone how great your life is, and how this is the man of your dreams, etc. If they would’ve just taken the high road, said something to the effect of, “We’re gonna enjoy our time together and see where this goes”, I would not have come on here today ripping her a new one. But sorry, the situation called for it. And let’s not even get started about what this woman said over and over about what happened with Brad, only to come back and pull this. Talk about leading someone on. Hey pot, this is the kettle calling.

So in the final analysis, I’ll say this. You people need to listen to me more. I’ve said it a thousand times in this column, and I’ll say it another thousand times. If you actually watch this show for a love story, you have serious problems. There’s a reason I make fun of this show on a consistent basis, because that’s what it’s on for. Most people going on the show are using it to further their career in something. With that said, I actually think Jason might be our first Bachelor ever who isn’t, which is why I’m more looking forward to his season than any in recent memory. I’m very curious as to how it plays out. Sure, there’ll be women on there just looking to make a name for themself, but, it still could be a good season. Will we get a marriage? Who knows? But I’d say the odds are much better with Jason than any recent Bachelor or Bachelorette. Hurry up, DeAnna. Your 15 minutes are running out. I guess we’ll be seeing you doing extra work and print modeling for the next 5 years. Good luck with that.



  1. Katherine

    November 12, 2008 at 10:50 PM

    Ditto #49. Call me cynical, but I think this is only further proof that she was only out for TV exposure from the get-go.

  2. Kate

    November 13, 2008 at 1:23 PM

    Just read Charlie & Sarah are back together.

  3. Dusty

    November 13, 2008 at 4:54 PM

    MEanna is a just a hill billy wanna be. After a while no one will take her serious. You know what they say… you’ll never get the Hills outta that Billy!!!

    LOL AHHHHH Haaaaaaaaa

  4. Anna

    November 18, 2008 at 2:52 PM

    I didn’t think it would take long before Deanna would get tired of Jesse’s big watch, shredding, his nugs, and saying rad and that’s ridiculous all the time, it’s like Reality Steve said, can you see Deanna hanging out in a snowboard bong van, yeah me either.

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