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What I’m about to show you in these videos, and what I’m about to tell you in written word, is what you will see come Monday night, March 2nd, when the “Bachelor” airs their finale, plus “After the Final Rose” show. If you do not want to know anything ahead of time, I suggest you stop reading now. If not, then enjoy.

If you couldn’t look at the videos, then here is basically what’s in them.

My YouTube username is “RealitySteve24”. They are labeled “Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”, and they are all about 9 1/2 minutes long. Here are the links to the videos in case you need them:

The Bachelor Finale – Part 1

The Bachelor Finale – Part 2

The Bachelor Finale – Part 3




So here’s what I can tell you what went down in the finale:

Jason chose Melissa in New Zealand. No reshoots, no editing, no nothing. All you sleuthers figured it out from Day 1. Which you were supposed to. That’s why I said ABC knew exactly what they were doing when they released the hand with the freckles and the pinky ring and all that stuff. Do you really think they’d make it that easy for you to know he proposes to Melissa in the finale? Just because it was Melissa in New Zealand, didn’t mean you knew the final one now. There’s your love story that they want you to believe. From day one, they’re gonna make it seem like it was Jason and Melissa. She visits him in Seattle. They’re working on a relationship, she’s the lucky girl. But from the beginning, they’ve been planning a shocking ending. And that shocking ending happens to come at the expense of Melissa.

Right now, Jason and Melissa are not together.

The first “After the Final Rose” was filmed in late January. In the videos, I reference that it was filmed either Fri, Jan 23rd, or Sat, Jan. 24th. I’ve since been corrected. Pretty much the only thing I’ve been wrong about. It was actually done the Sunday before on the 18th. I found out a week later on the 25th, made some calls, sent some emails, and ran with this “exclusive” news on the night of Jan. 27th, as you can clearly see in the blog.

What happens at the “ATFR”? Jason ends his engagement with Melissa, and begins a relationship with Molly. I wasn’t there, I don’t know what was said, or who it was said to, but at the taping, Jason dumped Melissa (which will be shown on national television to us) and begins dating Molly. Was there a proposal to Molly? As far as I know, on that date back in January, there was not a proposal. But currently, as we speak, Jason and Molly are together and have been for a while (which I will get to in a minute).

The reason the 2nd “ATFR” was added? I’m guessing to tell us about Jason and Mollys relationship, probably let us know how great she is with Ty, get a reaction from Melissa, and, this is just a guess, but I think Jason will propose to Molly on the “ATFR 2”, if he hasn’t already. That’s complete speculation on my part. But the reason there’s an “ATFR 2” is because they need to update people on how Jason and Molly are doing.

ABC will present this whole scenario as Jason just changed his mind after thinking this over long and hard. I’m here to tell you I have every reason to believe he didn’t. This was all set in motion from the very beginning that there would be a storyline of: If you want to be with Molly, then you have to pick Melissa. We will have a breakup on the “ATFR”, where you’ll dump Melissa, and say you want to start dating Molly. That’s what you’ll get the night of the finale.

Here’s where I believe this whole story was fabricated.

This is a struggling franchise, we know that. They’re 0-for-12 in producing marriages. So they know people are already skeptical about watching this show to see a love story and an engagement. Well, what’s one thing they’ve never done in the series history? Have the “Bachelor” break up with the one he’s engaged to during the “ATFR”, AND, end up taking the final two girl back. In this case, Molly. So when I said ABC “Grew a brain and pulled a fast one”, I was referencing the fact they decided to show you Melissa getting the ring in early season previews thinking that they had given away the season. That was purposely done, so when he then breaks up with her, and gets back with Molly, that gives you the “jaw dropper” or “shocker”, since its never happened before. And don’t say you knew that all along, because no one did, other than a selected few. All you need to do is go back over past comments in my blogs to see how off everyone was with their guesses. Because when the Final Rose Ceremony ends, a lot of you would’ve said, “That’s it. We’ve known it was her all along. Where’s the drama?”

I’D SAY THAT’S PRETTY SHOCKING. Picking Melissa in New Zealand, dating her for two months, then taping the “ATFR” in January to break up with her only to get back with Molly. NO ONE had that scenario played out from the beginning. NO ONE. And how could you unless you knew the “ATFR” was taped in January? I did, which is why I ran with the information that I had.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Some of you might ask, “Why would Molly take him back?” Here’s where I can tell you where the season became a soap opera and is the best answer I can give you. From everything I’ve heard, I have been led to believe that this season was NEVER, EVER about Melissa. It’s always been about Molly. Jason and Molly’s connection was stronger than anyone elses in the house, everyone knew it, but they couldn’t just play that the whole season because it wouldn’t have been interesting. So they concocted a storyline of, “Let him pick Melissa, and let us have a break up on the ‘ATFR’, something we’ve never done before, AND have him start his relationship with Molly.” I’d say that’s shocking. Why? Because it’s never happened before, and this whole idea of Jason being “wonderful single dad looking for love” would never be disputed because, well, my God, Jason Mesnick would never agree to such a thing. Ummmmm, he did.

Some point during the season, it was established Jason and Molly were THE couple. I’ve been led to believe it was perfectly obvious to them that it was him and her, and Melissa was a distant 2nd. So what does the show do? Something they’ve never done before. They have the Bachelor dump his final one at the “ATFR”, and start dating the woman he dumped in the finale, which is Molly. But as you’ll see, I’m going to be right about everything else. So I find it incredibly believable, that Jason was approached with this scenario to generate, buzz, ratings, etc and he agreed to it. You ask what I couldn’t wrap my head around? Well, that Jason agreed to this. But hey, he was doing what he was told which would make for a bombshell of an ending to the season. Fleiss saying, “Just when you think it’s over, it’s not.” Well, here’s your proof. You’ll think it’s over when Jason proposes to Melissa in New Zealand, but its not since he dumps her two months later at the “ATFR” so he can start seeing Molly.

I feel horrible for Melissa. I really do. She was completely blindsided in this whole mess. She flys out to LA for an “emergency ATFR taping” (remember, the ATFR’s usually aren’t taped until a week before the finale airs. Why would they have to tape it in late January if the finale wasn’t airing til March 3rd? Because it was all part of the plan), at that taping, she’s thinking her fiancé is going to tell her he’s over Molly 100%, but not only does she not hear that, and this is big, Jason has been SEEING Molly ever since the show stopped taping in November. That’s right. While he’s engaged to Melissa, he’s getting weekends with Molly on the weekends Melissa isn’t visiting Seattle. You can choose to believe that Jason just changed his mind after two months of dating Melissa and believe the ABC story. I’m here to tell you the reason he changed his mind, is because he was seeing Molly behind Melissa’s back.

Read the contracts these contestants sign, and talk to anybody who has ever been involved with the show, once taping ends, these people, especially the “Bachelor” and the final two girls, are under lock and key. Everything they do is monitored. They don’t want what happens at the final rose ceremony getting out. So you’re telling me that Molly was able to visit Jason in Seattle just because “he was having second thoughts”, or, “that he missed her.” Please. Like I said, believe it if you want, but I don’t buy it. Jason was seeing Molly from the time the taping of the show ended, til the time the “ATFR” filmed in January. I think he tells this to Melissa during the taping, and if he does, more proof this was all set up from the get go.

Now on to some questions I’m sure you have.

Did Melissa know this was happening? At first, no, she didn’t. Talk about unlucky. How about showing up for the “ATFR” taping thinking your fiancé is going to tell you that he’s completely over his dumpee, only to have him turn the tables on you, dump you on the spot, tell you he’s been seeing this dumpee on the weekends that he wasn’t with you, and now all the sudden you’re completely blindsided, embarrassed on national television, and now become the dumpee yourself? Melissa did not see this coming. Unfortunately, she was a pawn in this game and I feel awful for her.

What’s Molly’s role in this? I think this is the million dollar question right now and I don’t know the answer to it. I don’t know if he told her at the Final Rose Ceremony everything that was going on. If I had to guess, I’d say no. I think they’d want an honest reaction from her. But honestly, I don’t not know the definitive answer to this question. I’ve been led to believe she wasn’t in on it. Everything points to Jason being approached by the producers with this storyline, and agreeing to go along with it for ratings purposes, since they knew this would be big.

So did Jason intentionally do that to Melissa knowing he was getting rid of her that whole time? Remember, I told you there was something I couldn’t wrap my head around? That was it. I had a hard time believing Jason would go along with this scenario, BUT EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE, says he has. Do I know for a fact? No. But I think its pretty clear what’s going on here. The guy just didn’t change his mind after dating Melissa for a couple months. This was a scenario put in place from the beginning of the season.

What about this great chemistry between Jason and Melissa? All manufactured. Did they like each other? Sure. You can see their chemistry because that’s what they want you to see. But just because you saw it, doesn’t mean it was there. Yes, they liked each other, but from all accounts, I’ve been led to believe that they people knew it was Molly very early on in the process. This season has never been about Melissa, it’s been about Molly.

Jason said in interviews he was engaged and happy? How do you explain that? Yes, he was. All those interviews were done the first week the show aired. Try and find me a Jason interview that was done AFTER the 1st “ATFR” was shot. So after Jan. 18th. You can’t because he hasn’t done one. And probably won’t do one. Why do you think Fleiss is saying things like, “Just when you think it ends, it doesn’t?” That’s because he already has the 1st “ATFR” in the can. It was shot in late January and Melissa got completely screwed. Although Fleiss will have you believe “this is human emotions, and Jason struggled with his decision and ultimately changed his mind.” Uh huh. Sure he did. How about Host Chris recently saying “It took a lot of guts for Jason to do what he did.” Some of you were confused as to why he said that. You shouldn’t be now. Took a lot of guts to dump Melissa on national television and start dating Molly. A lot of guts.

Ok, onto answering all the clues:

K Moon/Rebecca: It’s not so much the who, but the how. Him being with Molly isn’t that shocking. I mean, she was the final two girl after all. It’s the way it happened. I’ve already explained this clue and I think you know what I mean now.

Montreal: Some of you got it. Montreal is part of the famous WWF “Montreal Screwjob” (wikipedia it), but you had the wrong people playing the wrong roles. You all had the 25 bachelorettes as the actors, with Fleiss telling them what to do. Not the case. Fleiss and Jason were the ones doing the screwing and Melissa was on the receiving end. WHY DO YOU THINK I TOLD YOU TO READ MEGAN AND SHANNONS EXIT INTERVIEW? They admitted the guy was hard to read, acted like he didn’t pay attention, and asked everyone the same thing. That’s because apparently he wasn’t interested in getting to know someone else. The “Montreal Screwjob”, in short, was about a title match back in 1997 where the owner of the WWF and the challenger of the match, conspired together behind closed doors, to screw the champion out of his title. Essentially, in this case, ABC/Fleiss are playing the role of the owner of the company, Jason plays the role of the challenger, and Melissa is the champion. Melissa gets blindsided by everything and gets screwed. If you choose to believe that producers and Jason weren’t in on it together, then this clue meant nothing to you. However, I think its clear now what was going on.

2/3: Two meanings. First off, I told you I thought there might be leaks about what happens. Well, the two things I thought would get leaked were Jason and Melissa were broken up, and that he was with Molly. Wasn’t the full story. But the 3rd was most important was that that’s how it was supposed to happen. So the “2/3” clue meant, “Hey, even if you know 2 major things (Jason/Melissa breakup, Jason and Molly now together), you still didn’t know everything. There was a 3rd and VERY IMPORTANT factor, that being it was all planned in advance. This wasn’t “human emotion” taking over. If I hear that one more time, I’ll vomit.

The second meaning of “2/3” was probably the most important part that if you figured out, you might’ve been on to something. In every blog I’ve written since I broke the “exclusive” news, I NEVER SAID THE PHRASE “FINAL ROSE CEREMONY.” Go back and check. I always said “FINALE.” Why? Because the information I had had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 2 HR FINALE. I just knew it was Molly and Melissa, he chooses Melissa, proposes, puts a ring on her, and they spin around. It had everything to do with the “ATFR” that was taped already in January. 100% confirmed. Was I there? No, but I know it happened. And I know the basics of what happened there: He dumps Melissa and gets with Molly. Don’t know the order they were brought out, who he addressed first, did he cry, whatever. I just knew that it was a complete blindside to Melissa. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, that this was all planned at some point during filming. So the other meaning to “2/3” was that the “finale” is 3 hours long. You were all focused on the first two hours in regards to what I knew. You thought people left on their own. You thought Stephanie or Jillian was coming back. You thought all this stuff. My exclusive news had nothing to do with the finale itself, it had to do with the last hour of the finale, which was the “ATFR.” 2/3 meant you were concentrating on the first two hours of the finale when I was talking about the third hour.

Bird Flower: Rhymes with 3rd hour. Everything I knew from when I found out was about the 3rd hour of the show. I thought of this one Monday night. Pretty self explanatory.

One last thing to get to here. There was someone on my comment board who claimed they had gotten access to an email conversation between Melissa and Jason, which occurred after the “ATFR 1” took place. They came to me with this, forwarded me the email, and told me to look into it. I did. It has been confirmed that yes, it was legitimate. It was Jason and Melissas email addresses on there, and Melissa is basically confronting Jason for what he did, and Jason admits he was just doing what he was told to do. I am in possession of this email conversation now. I was going to repost it on the blog, because it basically verifies everything I’ve just told you (even Melissa admits she had an idea Jason was seeing Molly behind her back), but out of respect to the both of them, I will not print them. I already feel horrible enough for what happened to Melissa. The last thing she needs is to wake up this morning and see a private email conversation between her and Jason spread out all over the internet. Trust me, I’d love to get it out there to prove that Jason knew exactly what was going on from the beginning, but I think the videos and this column speak for itself. It’s up to you decide. You can choose to believe Jason was not complicit in this whole charade and that he truly loved Melissa, proposed to her in New Zealand, and after dating her for two months, decided he made a mistake. I’m just telling you, I don’t believe that’s what happened here. And when this finale airs in two weeks, you will see for yourselves.

Wow. Even when I think this is over, something tells me this is just the beginning. It’s been a wild ride, no doubt. Thanks for hangin’ with me and seeing this through. Unless Fleiss decides to re-shoot the “ATFR 1”, then this is what you will see come Monday night, March 2nd. Any questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, email me at I’m sure I will gather any questions that you have and post a column later this week. I apologize to emailers that I haven’t gotten back to recently, but this has gotten completely out of control. I’ve gotten way more emails than I could handle. I will try to do better in the future.



  1. jvd357

    February 28, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    There WAS an interview yesterday, Feb 27th on “The View” where Jason said he is engaged, in love and very happy.

  2. karid1014

    March 2, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    I cannot believe this well enough with his pitty story ! no wonder why his wife left him he deserved it !!!! That poor girl melissa I feel so bad for her but she will find a great guy and get through this. Jason was not good looking his personality was really more than anything and that’s in shambles – so now he’s got a nice body that’s about it – I feel bad for his son because I hope he will not treat woman like this someday !!!! That’s the real concern here !!!! What he’s put his poor little guy through just so Daddy could find “his soul mate and a mommy for him” i will never watch the bachelor again or the bachelorette it’s all fake and now your putting kids in the mix !!!! As a mother of 2 girls 2 yrs old and 1 yr old you guys should all be ashamed of yourselves !!!!

  3. dutcheees

    March 2, 2009 at 7:06 PM

    Great stuff RS. However a few candid thoughts:
    1. Jillian as the new “Bachelorette” is a bit of a “so what”. Yeah she is nice and “cutsey”, but she has no sex appeal and is very conservative. Nothing exciting about her to encourage any of us to watch a season that won’t spark any drama.
    2. Jason really embarrased himself throughotu this entire process. He showed that he is way to desperate to be attached\married and really did Melissa and himself a disservice.
    3. Bottom line, the hottest girl of all was Nikki. A shame she had such low self esteem or she would have been the favorite hands down.

    Anyway, enough with Jason, let’s bring on the fresh faces.

  4. april055

    March 2, 2009 at 10:35 PM

    Jason is such a jerk-can’t wait until molly dumps him.

  5. mdg

    March 3, 2009 at 4:20 AM

    Steve, I will tell you what happened here. The SoB, Jason, stated today that there was an “agreement.” If you don’t believe me, go back into the J.Kimmell show. An “agreement” is no less than a CONTRACT. So what he did was hold back, as you predicted, probably for a couple of million $$$. That is how creepy that Jason is, IMHO. Poor Molly. Molly should take one good look at Jason’s Dad — the chimp-like genes are very strong, and once Jason isn’t in the gym anymore, guess what poor Molly will wind up with!!! HA HA AND my blessings go to sweet Melissa!!!

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