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I’d say it’s been a rather interesting week, don’t you think? What a whirlwind. Over 200,000 combined views on the You Tube videos. I guess its official: Maddie is a star and no one gives a crap about me. Boy did I ever open up a can of worms. I guess I did know a little somethin’ somethin’. Before we get started, I want to direct you to a couple links regarding me breaking the “exclusive” news last week.

First, I did an online interview for a fellow blogger who writes about the “Bachelor”. The first part of that interview is at this link:

Part 1 of Reality Steve Interview

I think you’ll be entertained by it. Answers a few questions about myself and a little about this season. Part 2 is coming on Wednesday, so I’ll have that link up then as well. That’s when we get into the meat and potatoes part of this season. Well, as much as I can divulge.

I did a radio interview in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week that I’m still trying to get the audio from. Hopefully I’ll have that by Wednesday. One of the radio hosts is the entertainment reporter for the newspaper in Grand Rapids, John Gonzalez, and he went on the local television morning show last Friday to talk about, well, me. So with that said, it’s safe to say that John Gonzalez is the greatest entertainment reporter in North America. Period. Here’s the link to that video and the Grand Rapids column.

Now, onto another video. I didn’t want to post 3 videos because that was too much, so this is just one. I cover a little more in the column below it, but I think I got out the basics of what I wanted to say. Enjoy…

Lets start off by discussing the “exclusive” news I broke back on January 27th. I said I’ve got information of a shocking finale the “Bachelor” was going to give. I revealed last week what this shocker is: That the “After the Final Rose” show was taped back in January, and the outcome was that Jason dumps Melissa and is with Molly now. That point has never changed. Go back and read all my blogs. I’ve always stated I knew what the shocker was. And Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison backed it up in recent weeks by hyping the finale as such.

Here’s the problem with where we stand right now. All the stuff I’ve speculated about (planned from the beginning, Jason doing what he was told to do, etc), I can’t prove. I never said I could. But it doesn’t mean its not true. And ABC will never admit to it anyway, because that basically would put an end to the show as we know it. When I came out in January with my “exclusive” news, that news was the shocker about the ATFR 1 already being taped, Jason dumps Melissa, and is now with Molly. That’s the only “fact” in all of this. And on March 2nd, that will be proven correct. Too bad thats still seven days away, which just gives people more time to speculate, doubt, and throw out one billion new scenarios to take away the attention of what I spilled. HOW they go about getting to that outcome is beyond me, but now that its leaked, they will do their best to put a spin on it. But they can’t change the bottom line. Everything else is something I will believe til the day I die, that Jason was told to do this, and he was just following orders. Can I prove it? No. Will ABC ever admit to this? No. So the fact of the matter is, until there is a sit down interview with Fleiss/Jason/Melissa/Molly and one of them agrees to spill the truth about everything, this will all be he said/she said til the end of time. And that’s never going to happen. I’m fine with that.

But this is what I will believe from here on out based on the information I was given. Im presenting as much evidence as possible to back that up without revealing my sources. People can choose to believe along with me or not. Revealing my sources is just idiotic. Why would I do that? Hasn’t anyone ever told you something in confidence and said, “If this ever gets back to me, I will deny until I’m blue in the face?” Well, that’s basically the position I was put in here. There’s no reason for me to reveal anything about how I found out. If I told you in January there was going to be shocking finale, then tell you last week what that shocking finale was, then you see next Monday night Jason dumping Melissa and is currently seeing Molly, does it really matter who told me?

What I’m trying to do is present evidence of why I believe what was told to me is the truth without outing my sources. You can choose to believe them, or not. That’s completely up to you. There are just waaaaaay too many inconsistencies this season than what we are used to for this “Jason just broke up with Melissa because it wasn’t working so he decided to try with Molly” story that ABC is going to peddle on you. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Why was the ATFR rose filmed six weeks before the finale airs? They’ve never done this in 16 seasons. If everyone was in on this like a lot of you are suggesting, wouldn’t they have just taped it this weekend, a week before the finale airs, like they always do? If they’re plants then there’d be no reason to tape 6 weeks early because they would just be doing what they were told. Why risk having it get out? ABC did not plan for some smarmy, internet blogger to out the fact that the ATFR was filmed in January, and they’ll be the first to admit that. Which is why they thought they could get away with it. Well, they didn’t. They can’t change the fact Melissa was dumped in favor of Molly. Spin it however you want to, that’s what happened at the ATFR taping. Showing anything other than that, and they are lying to the public. Gee, imagine that?

If Jason wanted to break up with Melissa, why not just do it off camera like in past seasons? Really? It had to be during an “emergency” ATFR taping? Why not just tell her, “Look, things aren’t working out (for whatever reason), I don’t want to be with you any more.” But no, he waits til cameras are rolling, both girls are flown in for the taping, and THEN lowers the boom.

Let’s even play devils advocate here. Suppose Jason really did change his mind after dating Melissa for a couple months, had no contact with Molly whatsoever, and just decided it was over and he needed to tell someone. So obviously he calls someone at ABC and says, “Look, I don’t want to be with her anymore. What do I do?” Well, if they tell him, “I know! How about we film all this at an ATFR taping, so then we can really shock the audience since we’ve never done this before!” Why couldn’t Jason have just shot that down and said no. Said he refuses to do that to Melissa on camera. He could’ve. But he didn’t. Because I believe that was part of the plan. You don’t believe it? That’s fine. I do. And always will. Nobody twisted Jasons arm and forced him to break up with Melissa ON CAMERA. He could’ve done this on his own in private, and then done whatever he pleased with Molly.

What if ABC spins it to make it look like it was a mutual break up, or that Melissa dumped him? Then what? Well, if she never dumped him, I don’t know how they can make it look like she did. Mutual breakup? Ehh, I’ve heard that mentioned, but that’s not what happened. As for the latest theory that seems to be picking up legs, I want to address that right now.

Once again, I love all these people who are disputing what I say, saying I don’t know what I’m talking about, and have their theories as to what “really” happened. Yet, they post under a bogus name on message boards, there’s no email address, and you have no idea who these people are. Very credible. I’ve been at this for 7 years, and I’ve covered 15 “Bachelor” seasons. You know where to find me, and I answer any and all emails that come my way. Granted, I haven’t been able to as much this past week due to the overflow and numerous repetitive emails, but I’m pretty diligent in getting back to people.

So anyway, the latest theory is that during the finale in New Zealand, after Jason proposes to Melissa, the cameras keep rolling. Usually it just ends with the happy couple spinning and twirling around and kissing. But no, not this year apparently. The rumor has it that ABC kept the cameras rolling, had Melissa call home to her parents to tell them the news, and they were disapproving of it. Which then leads to the scene of Jason crying on the balcony and we leave “New Zealand” with a bit of a cliffhanger. Cue the ATFR, and that’s where Jason breaks up with Melissa because of her parents disapproval or something to that effect.

For sixteen seasons, we’ve been led to believe by those in charge of this show, that once the contestants return home, they are required to keep their mouth shut and not tell anyone what happened during their experience. Now, if you got sent home the first night, it’s accepted those people talk and say stuff, but they can’t really spoil much. But when you’re down to the final few, you aren’t even allowed to tell your family and friends what happened, publicly or privately. I’m sure some do, but you’re not supposed to. So now you’re telling me that not only does Melissa get to call home IMMEDIATELY after she gets engaged, but that they do it WITH THE CAMERAS ROLLING? Oh this is a doozy. Oh hell, I hope ABC shows that ending, because I think that’s more great proof to me believing this was set in motion from the beginning. Why would they completely break all the rules for Melissa, seventeen seasons into the show? It would make me think even more, “Well, the reason why they’re letting her do this, and the reason why they filmed it, is its allowing them to give Jason a reason for his ‘indecisiveness’ about the marriage, and maybe that he made a mistake.” Please, air that ending if its even possible. I’ll laugh my ass off.

Why are the contestants on this show so closely protected by ABC? Gee, I wonder? If everything was on the up and up, and there was not one bit of lying, cheating, editing, or manipulation done on ABC’s part, wouldn’t anybody be able to interview these people without ABC monitoring everything and them being careful about what they say? Why can’t I get a hold of Melissa the day after the finale airs and say, “Hey, It’s Reality Steve. Can I talk to you about your experience on the show?” And not just because I’m Reality Steve would they shoot me down, but also because they only let their contestants talk to certain people. And everything has to go through them. These people essentially sign their life over to ABC to control for the next year after their particular finale airs. Or two years. Not exactly sure of the longevity, but whatever the case, they are not allowed to just spill their guts about what really went on. Why do you think that’s the case? Because I believe they don’t want people to know what goes on “behind the curtain”, so to speak.

This show is currently 0-for-12 in producing a marriage from the final two people. I think this is something that’s being lost on a lot of people. How can you expect people to tune in to a show about love when you haven’t produced a marriage yet in twelve seasons? I think you’re asking the audience to take a giant leap with you. So, I believe there’s got to be another agenda heading into every season. And I believe this season it was, “Let’s do something we haven’t done yet.”

Also, one big thing to remember here that I never got to in the video. A lot of you are asking, “Why would Jason agree to this and how could ABC expect fans to be all right with it?” Remember, ABC did NOT expect this to get out. You were supposed to see engagement in New Zealand, ATFR dumping and seeing Jason start up with Molly, and then, I’m assuming, the Jason and Molly story with there being some sort of big surprise at the ATFR 2, either a proposal, or them telling us they’re engaged. You gotta remember a lot of you are forming your opinions after I’ve given you this stuff to think about. If I never would’ve told you this, you wouldn’t have been nearly as skeptical. Your thought process never would’ve been, “Why would Jason agree to this and how do they think this ending is something we want to see?” You weren’t supposed to know the “behind the scenes” stuff, per se. I exposed it and started putting doubt into peoples minds. Yeah, you would’ve been a little surprised at Jasons actions at the ATFR, but if you got your “He and Molly have currently started dating, and now they’re a happy couple” story at the ATFR 2, I think the reaction towards Jason wouldn’t have been nearly as negative. You’ll have seen Melissa would have moved on, so has Jason, and you wouldn’t react as angrily.

With all that said, one of the reasons I think ABC has not contacted me, or pulled the You Tube videos down is this: I’m a fly on their proverbial windshield. 11 or 12 million people watched the show last week. Obviously, I can’t tell you the exact number, but I’m guessing less than 1% of that viewing audience reads message boards, reads my site, or is digging for spoilers every day. There are waaaaaay more people who watch the show on Monday night, then don’t think about it for the next seven days until it comes on a again. Also, I’m not under contract with anyone. I’ve never worked for ABC, nor have I ever worked for a rival company. I’m not a former contestant, and I didn’t break any copyright laws. Just a guy and his dog talking into a camera expressing his opinion of what he believed happened this season. I really don’t see where I did anything wrong other than expose a secret (the ATFR taping) that they I’m sure didn’t want getting out. If that’s a crime, then send me to jail. But I highly doubt it is.

More to come later this week, including working on something very big that we’ve never had in the column before. So keep checking back for that. Until then, enjoy the next seven days, and don’t stress out too much. The madness will be over shortly. There isn’t anyone who wants March 2nd to come any faster than I do, believe me. Any questions, comments, emails, suggestions, maniacal diatribes about how I have no idea what I’m talking about, email me at And since I haven’t plugged it in a while, don’t forget to still join the “I Love Reality Steve” group on facebook. Take care. Talk to you shortly.



  1. dmason48

    March 6, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    I had never heard of Reality Steve until someone told me that he was predicting the outcome of the show, so I read what he had to say and though “how could he know this unless he knows someone on the production staff?”. And then it came to pass that he hit the nail on the head. Very impressive. So here’s my point: R.S. also stated that ABC/Fleiss, etc, were in on it, that it was staged. He was right about everything, so why wouldn’t he be right about that? Chris Harrison is from here (Oklahoma City) and was on local TV for years. He was known as a very nice, good person. It IS hard for me to believe he would have been in on something so dastardly, but you are correct, money and ratings rule in Hollywood, and he has a wife and two kids to take care of.
    On “Ellen” today, both Jason AND Molly seemed shocked that they were not booed. I would bet money that the audience was told to be polite and not boo. Jason is a Jerkface; Molly is Fish-Eyed @@
    Reality Steve, you are cool.

  2. navelman1952

    March 7, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    I have a question. How does a guy like Jason take so much time off work just to be on the Bachelor 2 times in a row? He took several months off to be on the Bachelorette and then more months to be on the Bachelor. He has a son to support and I understand he lives with his brother. The Bachelor said he was an account exective. That could mean anything and my guess is he was unemployed when he did the Bachelorette and Bachelor. Does ABC pay him to be on the Bachelor? If so they must pay well and in todays economy its hard to get a job. I am just curious how he survives all this time out of work and support a child. He must have bills to pay. Anyone got an answer to this please email me or post an answer here.

  3. ronmexico

    March 7, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Reality Steve…Question if you are reading this – everyone is buzzing now about Mindy from ROL bus trying out or Bachelor with mini me-brew jason and then opting for bret michaels on VH1. It is coming back that Mindy was contacted by some producers to come in for an interview and then possibly challenge Jillian if Melissa said no. It is a fact that Melissa turned it down and was the “planned” to be the next Bachelorette. You broke it first obviously, but from what we hear from our hollywood circle – mindy has flown a few times and was pretty normal and popular that she could help merge the two worlds. By the way Chris Harrison is from Oklahama City an has been known to be fond of the drink….i’ll bet they paid him in crown royal and copenhagen to keep his mouth shut. Steve – please check your sources – Mindy would be perfect, but it sounds like it is true she is being recruited. She is going home on Sunday’s episode of ROL, so there was plenty of time to contact her.

  4. dmason48

    March 8, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    And now comes the news that Melissa is replacing Nancy O’Dell on Dancing With The Stars. Melissa is, as you know, a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and has had ballet lessons, so I imagine she’ll do well. Her partner will be Tony, a professional who has been on the show I believe since the beginning. I hope she wins the tacky Disco Ball. Think Jason will turn to Molly and say, “I have to tell you that I’ve been thinking about Melissa….goodbye, Molly.”? He is and always will be a creep.

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